Pain Invalidates?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I've kept an eye on a certain forum lately, and I've noticed this phenomenon that I've never really seen before. Maybe it's because I haven't been in court much. Maybe it's because I've never seen sex offenders go head to head with victims in a practically unmoderated forum. It's not like the comments on AZ, where we can moderate comments, and tell someone that they WILL NOT talk to a victim like that. It's full-on warfare.

This phenomenon is using the word "pain" as an insult. The sex offender activists very often "call someone out" by saying she or he is in pain. I could find you a thousand screen shots of it. It goes like this:

The victim expresses an opinion about the RSO laws. The RSO "blames" the victim for being in "pain" and "needing help," in order to try to invalidate what the victim is saying.

As if pain makes a person stupid, or less capable of having opinions, or less capable of being RIGHT.

And that's the reason they use it that way. They want to prove that they're right, no matter what it takes. If it takes resorting to using a victim's pain as a tool to try to turn that victim into someone with worthless ideas or opinions, so be it.

What they need to realize is that they're doing it all wrong. For many of us, pain keeps us going. Pain makes us strong. Pain focuses us. It's become familiar, after all.

But, using pain as a weapon? It's manipulative, immoral and it's disgusting. It's insidious, and it's designed to knock the victim back to a place where he or she feels helpless.

We're not, though. And we will prove it to you. Time and again, if we have to.

Sound familiar?

But we showed Empathy!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some people may wonder why we continue to focus on those we have dubbed the "blame gamers".

So I'm going to tell you a little more about one of them.

Along with her husband she is the founder and director of Roar for Freedom and her name is

Betty Price aka amber_leaf1957

She's married to a registered sex offender named Michael Price aka Kiokwus, who plead guilty to sexually assaulting his daughter and now makes these conflicting statements:
  1. "I didn't do it"
  2. "It has been over 20 years since I committed my crime"

Betty is Michael's biggest defender and was herself molested as a child. On two separate occasions by two different people. No one ever discovered the abuse and Betty never told. Now at the age of 50 Betty says she's glad she never told.

It is a well known fact that burying trauma is the least healthy thing a person can do. Furthermore, "not telling" enables the offender to continue their behavior. And while you cannot blame a child for that, I can't help but wonder if Betty's abusers didn't also abuse other children. Chances are that they did.

Betty - the child - didn't have the knowledge or the maturity to know she should have told. Not only for her own emotional well-being but to also protect other children. We can't blame Betty the child for that. But we can blame Betty the activist for presuming she's knowledgeable enough about this issue to be going into elementary schools "educating" children about sexual abuse. Especially when she routinely makes statements such as this:
I can tell you this. I am glad that 42 and 37 years ago, I did not know to tell what had been done to me. I often wonder if that is why I am not a victim. No one told me to be a victim, no one told me I had been victimized. I am glad that people I have forgiven did not have their entire lives destroyed because of a grievous mistake
Betty is a woman with such severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that the only thing she can leave her house for is to visit her therapist, "educate" children, or give speeches at rally's. Something about this doesn't sound right, does it?

So let's look at her mission statement:
ROAR is an organization with the mission of uniting victims/survivors, sex offenders, and their family and friends.

ROAR's major goal is toward Education and Prevention of sexual abuse.
This is a nation wide campaign to educate society about the truths, rather than the myths about sex offenders, recidivism rates, and the effects that laws and ordinances have on sex offenders, their children, future generations, and society in general. Also to teach children, parents, educators and other persons how to prevent Child Sexual Abuse and if not prevented teach the child what to do, rather than carry this on their little shoulders.
Then Betty shows up on this little blog HERE and makes this statement:
Roar for Freedom is NOT about changing the laws
So I just can't help but wonder then what she meant by this:
I have someone teaching me about lobbying. If no money changes hands, I can go lobby on our behalf and we don't have to worry about a whole bunch of things. One of which, would be paying a lobbyist tons of money that we do not have. This person has lobbied many times. I am learning as quickly as I can.
Or this:
I am doing us as a 501 c 4 so that we will be allowed to Lobby. That is something we will have to learn and there are many places on the internet to help us to learn it. Lobbying, of course, is our one way to fight the laws. There are others, but I feel we will get our point across better with a bunch of us lobbying.
Or hey, how about this one:
As for actual help, one thing I am hoping to get done is a large grant for Roar that we can use to help our members financially, when things get hard.
Betty is a liar, Betty is a deceiver and manipulator, Betty is going into elementary schools in West Virginia teaching your children about child sexual abuse. What do you think about that?
They can treat is as such because all of America will allow them. This is why we need conferences/rallies and going in to schools to Educate. We have to get the word out.
Before Betty and Michael escaped from Florida they held a rally in Palm Bay. They printed up a brochure to hand out. Betty tried desperately to get therapists to speak at the rally but alas:
When Mike and I left SOSEN and started ROAR, the two were not doing things alike at all. When Mike and I organized the Palm Bay Rally, I called all over trying to get a therapist to speak at the Rally. The reason each of them stated for not speaking at the Rally was that the SOSEN site showed too much anger and absolutely no empathy.
Betty learned. Now she speaks of empathy whenever possible. She uses the words on her website, and in her group but it's empty words. She's using that word because she believes apparently that saying it will reflect that they are empathetic to victims. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Mike has the pamphlet that we did for the Rally we organized in Palm Bay. We would want the information on there from the website stating our Goals, showing victim empathy, the U.S. DOJ statistics and links, the PO Box number and my phone number here.
Well I have the pamphlet too. I think you would be interested in some of the wording of it. It was double sided tri-fold. So a total of 6 columns. 5 of which were completely devoted to how sex offenders are suffering or will be suffering should the law they were lobbying against be passed. One column had a bit about how to talk to your child who has been sexually abused. Let's look at that one:
When it comes down to cases of sexual abuse, it involves each and every member of the family. While the government focuses on doing as much damage to the offender, IE, long jail periods, long probationary periods, GPS monitoring etc, the children can both see and hear what is going on.

You may find the children have an anger they cannot explain. They may blame themselves for what happened. Your job is assure them they did nothing wrong nor were they the cause of what is going on. Utilize these feelings and teach the children to express what they feel inside, verbally, in pictures or written down. It is a very striking portrayal of the damage the government has caused under the guise of "saving the children". It shows those who need to know best just how their saving the children excuse has not worked, rather has adverse effects they don't even take into consideration.

And let's not forget the statistics she claims to "educate" people with. Straight off her 'educational' pamphlet:
96% of sex crimes committed by someone other than a previously known sex offender – Department of Justice, 1994
Betty didn't get that statistic from the DOJ. We talked about that statistic HERE and HERE. No she got it from the eadvocate website. And when someone showed up in her group and tried to explain about that website, this is what happened:
Please visit the following and educate yourself:
It's in no way a objective source of information, its written by an offender who feels the laws have gone too far. He's just angry and distorts and manipulates information, showing only one side of the story and twisting to suite his goals. It's a source of misinformation not knowledge, although it is a real good case study about how offenders think they have it too hard and how offenders think everyone else is the problem
Betty Price:
I don't believe I have ever met such an ignorant person!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the links below. They have very good information. I also have a DVD three parter with a therapist in FL $!).00 and a Booklet for $5.00 s&h $6.95 They all have loads of information.
And then....McNulty was banned.

Betty the child sexual abuse "educator" makes comments like this
I was molested by two people, I was not molested by the 550,000 registered former sex offenders.
Seemingly oblivious to the at least 550,000 victims of those 550,000 RSO's. She also said:
I too was molested twice as a child by two different people. At 6 and at 10. I am a Survivor. You should have seen Dan Abrams face when he interviewed us and I told him I was molested twice as a child. He was speechless for a few seconds. Then he said, "Then you married a sex offender?" I told him, "Yes, he wasnt the one who molested me."
Once again, seemingly oblivious to the one he had molested.

Then her friend shows up to help her. They generally travel in packs. r_nite1 aka reallyconfuzzled1 says
I speak as a victim who regrets the offender was ever reported. And this was 25 years ago. My family was more 'victimized' by the 'justice system' and 'Child Protective Services' than we were by the offender. There is no way I would report today knowing that in addition I would be 'victimized' by society.
The truth is, HE was the offender. Against his own child.

Or what about Stephen Savner aka Product of the Past who said
Go into an elementary classroom today and the curriculum is somewhat different. Now they teach kids about stranger danger, sexual diseases and bad touches from Uncle Carl. Things that used to be our jobs as parents. When did we give the government our power over our own children's upbringing?
And who also said
Sometimes I feel very guilty for having brought him into this world with the position that I am in. Knowing that someday he will have to know what his father did. I feel ashamed when I look into his trusting eyes and see the unconditional love he has for me, knowing that I once abused that trust in another child...........There are those who will say, "He never said one word about how he harmed his victim!" This is true. I have become very weary of that topic.
I wonder how much he has learned after being convicted of molesting a 5 year old child. And why is he on gaming sites posing as a 16 year old?

We could look again at Shirley Lowery, as painful as that is. If you can bear it take a look at this and read how she believes "Jesus was a Pedophile"

You see, they are all the same. Shirley Lowery, Betty Price, Jan Kruska. They are "me, me, me" people. "Oh, you say you've been hurt? Oh, surely there are worse things that could happen to someone....get over it, stop being a like me a survivor...and besides more people are killed by drunk drivers therefore raping babies must be ok"

These are the people behind the upcoming rally in Ohio. And congrats to Betty Price who received a nice donation and will be able to make it to the Columbus Ohio Rally after all. It should be interesting to hear what she has to say. Hope to see you there.

Graphics courtesy of Jacey

SO Clear Media Defends Pedophile Activism

Friday, May 09, 2008

Where that persons only crime, was to simply express a point of view
So says Thomas Madison of SO Clear Media about Flickorna, while condemning's Wikisposure project. Tom's complaint is that by writing about/quoting people expressing pro-pedophile views, it's somehow a violation of their 'right to free speech.'

See below for more:

Politics & Pederasty, Part II

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I wrote, back on Friday, December 7th of last year, that a particularly annoying Left Wing radio - ahem - "personality" in the San Francisco Bay Area was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of using the Internet to send and receive child pornography. His lawyer had said that the case stemmed from an "error of judgment" Ward made when he spent a few days in 2004 looking at pornography images and exchanging images with other adults when doing research for a book on hypocrisy. Imagine that.

Hypocrisy? Hold that thought. Because today, May 7th, local San Francisco news had this to say about Mr. Bernie Ward:

The ABC 7 I-Team has confirmed Bernie Ward will change his “not guilty” plea to child pornography charges tomorrow afternoon in Federal Court. Ward’s attorney, Doron Weinberg, would not tell us exactly what his plea will be, but Ward has two options – “guilty” or “no contest”.

ABC 7 Legal Analyst Dean Johnson explains, on the criminal side, they have the same result – the judge writes down “guilty”. A “no contest” plea helps Ward if there were a civil suit; it’s not an admission of liability.

After Ward’s appearance tomorrow, he will have to report to the Probation Department, which will prepare a pre-sentencing report. He’ll have to return to court for sentencing at a later date.

On May 7, 2008, it was reported by Ed Baxter on KGO's morning news program that Bernie Ward will plead guilty on May 8, 2008 in federal court to the child pornography charges. Mr. Ward stated that he was doing so "on the advice of his attorney."
Bernie, a word about "hypocrisy," dude: you should do your level best not to perpetrate actions worse than those of which you accuse the government and political parties.


"Think if you can"

Monday, May 05, 2008

So speaks Bennie Walton.

A big HT to OperationSoRoarFul for passing on this juicy comment left by Bennie Walton

Benoliwal, you see is a sex offender activist. Whether following in the footsteps of all the others or whether they are following in his is yet to be determined. The point is what he's saying.

He believes that the problem with people who prey on children is all the fault of the parents and children who go where they don't belong. Bennie instructs us all to "think if you can"

OKAY. We will.
Expressions in one way or another made by parents who can’t and won’t take responsibility for their own children and what they are doing to get propositioned in the first place by strangers on the Internet.

There are sayings of irresponsible parents, vigilantes, and legislators who have taken up the banner of vigilantism.
To get propositioned in the first place? What? Bennie goes on to tell us that if children get on the internet and go to age-inappropriate sites that apparently they deserve whatever they get. If their parents are neglectful or irresponsible parents well it's their fault. WA LA Let's be sure and plant all the blame exactly where it belongs here........the victim.

Who cares about balanced laws and equity, surely not the vigilante, nor the parents who want to blame everyone else for their lack of control over their children? If children, under the age of 13 are propositioned on the Internet by strangers, then the question bares asking, what are these young children doing in places on the Internet where they do not belong? It isn’t the fault of the sex offender, or the pedophile, it is the fault of clueless and weak parents and guardians.
I'm thinking that with Bennie's line of reasoning a few other questions needs answers as well. If a child gets molested in the park, or the restroom or the department store or his coach's car, well what the hell was he doing there in the first place? If a child is molested by his teacher what the hell was he doing being at school? If a child gets molested in his home by a pedo-parent or an uncle or cousin or neighbor or friend of the family, what the hell was he thinking being in the home of a pedophile in the first place? "It isn't the fault of the sex offender or the pedophile"

Granted there are bad parents out there. There are also good parents. And whether a childs parent is good or bad they don't deserve to be molested. And while there are a lot of things you can do to try and minimize the chances that something like that will happen to your child nothing, absolutely nothing is fail proof. We cannot lock our children up inside our homes with dead-bolts and bars on the window. We cannot keep them on a leash no more than 5 feet from our presence. And stupid activists should not be trying to make other people responsible for their own actions. Period.

Derek Logue
My victim was a follower. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships...I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her.
Shirley Lowery
Parents are passing their warped views on to their children. Children are taught that anything inappropriate that happens to them is the fault of someone else.
Lindsay Ashford
Of course, such activity has been declared illegal in most places and Sugar and Spice clearly states this, but it certainly would not do to have children learning that their parents, schools, churches and lawmakers are lying to them when they say that all intimate touching is ‘bad touch’
We must work with children in order to counter-indocrinate them, so that they don’t grow up to have the appalling values of the adults of today.
Susan McHolland
I blame whatever is causing this country to forget its values and the constitution itself - I blame the ignorant, uneducated public who by either the poor state of our system of justice, politics, education, and morals, or by their own choice, throw themselves gleefully into the realm of the “sheep mentality” which is becoming so prevalent in our society today
Jan Kruska
"The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles....."
Many young people prefer consciously to have their own secrets. They make their own choices and do not want to be protected. ‘Don’t treat me as a child’, they say. It is their right to have this freedom. The freedom to say no and the freedom to say yes
And speaking of IPCE, I wonder if Jan Kruska has tried to sue them yet for posting her entire article in their newsletter. IPCE: International Pedophile and Child Emancipation. On the other hand. Perhaps she just gave them permission, they do appear to promote the same goals after all.

Meet Gabriel James MacIsaac ~ Flickorna

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Gabe MacIsaac, is a pedophile who is a long time member of and administrator of the forums at Butterfly Kisses. He is very much a part of the effort to groom little girls into believing that sexual relationships with adults is perfectly okay. Flickorna is closely associated with several other known pedophiles, Holokittynx, Sybil, and Khandi, who assist him with running the Butterfly Kisses website, and Xalex, an ex-administrator from the same site.

Flickorna's AoA is of little girls from the ages of infants to 15, but states that he likes older girls at times, if they are "really beautiful". He has posted that he often fantasizes about finding a girlfriend who is around the age of 13 or 14 and loving her for many years to come, even as she grows older, as long as she understands that his attractions to little girls will never change. He is also known to post about specific little girls on whom he has crushes. In addition, he states that he currently has a YF, a little girl who is only 5 years old with whom he is in love.

He states that he spent 5 days in jail for having sex with a 13 year old when he was 20 years old. He has volunteered at middle schools and other places where he had access to children. It seems that he is obviously a pedophile to the people who know him in person, because he whines often that his "relationships" with little girls are frequently "ruined" by other people.

He says that his family knows that he is a pedophile, and that even his family doctor knows, and recommended therapy for him, but he wouldn't go.

This is a dangerous pedophile who molests children within minutes. Any child who is near him is in danger of being molested.

Flickorna says:

About two years ago, a young homeless couple came to live with me. It was winter and they slept on the living-room floor without paying rent. I especially loved their little daughter. I played with her a lot during those months. I sort of fell in love with her. One day I lay her on her back and licked her clit a little bit. I liked doing that. It felt really nice.

I often daydream of licking little girls. Little girls are so sensual. I can't see any reason why showing such an act of affection is considered wrong by so many people. I am especially attracted to girls age 3 through 13.

Please visit Wikisposure for the full story of
Gabriel James MacIsaac AKA Flickorna

Be warned that the article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Graphics courtesy of Jacey

That Happy Place

Friday, May 02, 2008

There's a filthy pedophile going by the nickname Zlurker. He's one of the worst of the worst. He's an abusive husband and father.........and he's addicted to pictures of little girls. He fantasizes about having sex with little girls. He can't stop talking about his desire for little girls.
My main LG fantasies though are 'D', 'E' and 'G'. I really like 'G' when it involves removing her diaper first
When your AOA dips into the nepi range, changing diapers is not such a miserable chore as it might otherwise seem
I do not think we need to feel bad about giving in to the charms of beautiful girls. If we do not, then someone else will anyway
I regularly fantasize about the daughters of my neighbors, friends, cousins and co-workers. If I had nieces in my AOA I am sure I would fantasize about them as well
Knowing how and when to make eye contact with the parents accompanying the LG is a skill at which I have become quite proficient
We could mention that it was reported in Relapse prevention with Sex Offenders
"the longer sexual fantasies are maintained and elaborated on, the greater the chance that the behavior will be acted out in real life"
"the more individuals engage in fantasy, the more motivating and more detailed the rehearsal may become, and the more able the individuals are to convince themselves to act out the behaviour in real life"
Zlurker is quite concerned about AZ sharing the search terms that child porn seekers who visit us use. It apparently worries him a lot. That's how filthy pedophiles are, they worry about the wrong things. Instead of worrying about what we're doing over here at Absolute Zero United, he should be worrying about how he can best get the help he so desperately needs.....before it's too late.

Who are these men? These men who search for:
  • pedo 8yo fuck porn
  • lolita pedo porn galleries
  • dark evil kiddie pedo sex videos
  • pre teen, video, rape,
  • young girl hard pedo rape videos
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Tony Guerra
a 21 year old employee at Disney World has plead guilty to multiple child pornography charges. Tony was searching for "hardcore videos involving babies". The seizure of his computer led to:

Robert Leslie Metz a 54 year old man who was trading cp with Tony. In fact, during just one chat session in which they discussed having sex with 1 and 2 year old children, they traded over 1,000 images. Robert was in possession of over 20,000 child porn images, including infants, toddlers, many of which were of a sadistic nature in which children were tied and bound. One image in particular was of Metz molesting his own infant daughter. Robert also confessed to molesting his other two daughters when they were 6 and 8 years old. He told authorities that he looked at these images as a way he could "go to a happy place"
Computer examination determined that from Aug. 6 to Sept. 29, Metz distributed 16,537 images of child pornography to people in the United States, England, Amsterdam and Germany
Robert is facing a 40 year federal sentence under his plea agreement.

Andrew Neston 21 years old was also trading child porn with Tony Guerra. He was in possession of more than 6,500 images of child porn, including pictures of bondage and sadomasochism involving girls ages 7 to 14. He was recently sentenced to 20 years in federal prison under a plea agreement.

Those are just a few of who these men are. Scumbags, perverts, pedophiles and absolutely without a doubt child predators. And while I've been accused of being "angry" I can't help but wonder who could know about these things and NOT be angry? What my accusers obviously don't understand is that my anger is cold and calculating. It is directed at those who prey on children, and defend, promote and enable those who do. If you are one of those people I only have one suggestion:


Brisson & Spurling