Teacher Accused Of 'Sexual Contact' With Student

Monday, November 27, 2006

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. -- An English teacher at Trabuco Hills High School was free on bond Monday while authorities investigated allegations that she had "substantial sexual contact" with a male student, a sheriff's spokesman said.

Alyssa Ann Johnson, 31, of Tustin, was arrested Wednesday evening at her home by sheriff's investigators, who received word of the allegation through officials at the Mission Viejo school, said sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino.

"We heard about it through school social services," he said. "He took an English class from her.
Amormino declined to release any additional information that could identify the youth, other than to say that he is "older than 14 and younger than 18."

Johnson, who was booked on suspicion of oral copulation, posted $50,000 bond and was released on Thanksgiving Day, Amormino said.

Johnson has been placed on administrative leave from the job she held about four years, the spokesman said.

Farrah Emami of the Orange County District Attorney's Office said the case has not yet been presented to her office for charges.

Although it's not as common, women molest and abuse children too. A lot of the time the suspicion is written off as part of normal child care duties and hygiene. Also, when women abuse teenage boys, men often think of it as 'cool' or laugh it off saying how 'lucky' the boy is.

By denying that women molest young boys, these young men are not helped in understanding that sex between adults and children is wrong. When it's okay for a 30 year old female to take a 14 year old boy as a lover, why should it be considered wrong for the boy when he turns 30 to take a 14 year old girl as a lover?

It's time to stop giving these female teachers a 'slap on the wrist'. They are abusing kids. They are abusing their power and they are criminals. They deserve the same punishment as a man who abuses young girls.

Rookieeeee make sure you spell it right ....

He can't say he wasn't warned. and he can't say he wasn't arrogant and obnoxious. Heck he even won our most repulsive visitor to AZ award, he won it fair and square.

He's out now. Thanks to Velocity and Iluv2surf . Follow the links for the full story and a picture of

Of course he's whining about it on BoyChat. But we know what that means, don't we? And besides Rookieeee, I do believe you had an in-your-face pedologues episode where you said:
The anti's know who I am. I know they know who I am. I've suspected it for quite a while now, actually. And they seem to think that by outing me I'm going to stop making this podcast. Hmm, they're sadly mistaken. Not only do I know that they know, but I WANT them to know that I know. And I want them to know that they're simply the most chicken shit little pieces of self-righteous scumbags on the face of the earth. They think that they can break me, blackmail me, threaten me, scare me?

Well, I have a message for them: "KISS MY ASS". I just might be one little broke college student from so-cal, I might even be a perverted pedophile who lusts after children, but at least I have my dignity. If you out me, I'm free. And there's nothing that could stop me from continuing head first into this, because you would have already done what I fear most.

You got your wish Rookieeeee. Now shut up about it and go crawl into a pedo hole somewhere where you belong. If you're lucky you might get to hide awhile before the Feds getcha.

It's Who You Know

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A 53 year old man faces up to 81 years in prison for posting pornography (with children as young as 6) on the internet multiple times and winds up with a 10 month sentence.


Because he is active politically with friends in the system.

What is really sad is all the community leaders rallying to him, writing letters saying what a great guy he is, how active in the church and community. What party he was involved with isn't that important, but what is important is that connections allow him to get off with a slap on the wrist.

The Price of Perversion or Gimme Gimme Gimme

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lindsay Ashford that smiling, weasely, nauseating scumbag is at it again. Gimme Gimme Gimme he begs. As always, he needs money. And he always has a scam, of one sort or another. It may be trying to use someone's good name....against their will. Or it may be nickel and diming pedo-pals, but you can always bet on one thing for sure. It's always to benefit himself.

Now Lindsay is hiding out in another country, one maybe like, oh, say Panama for example. Stuff is cheap and little girls are even cheaper. Or should we say easier to molest. Either way he needs money because you see, he's just not very marketable in the employment arena. He calls it The Price of Honesty and whines:

Since 2002, Puellula/HFP has been committed to presenting the truth about pedophilia (girllove, childlove, amaros — whatever you want to call it). For nearly five years I have managed to offer all of the resources to you completely free of charge. I have donated literally thousands of hours of my time to ensure that the many facets of our sexual orientation are brought to light in the hope that others will have their thoughts and perceptions of us challenged.

The cost of this public stance has been enormous. There are many job opportunities that have been denied to me and I have lost jobs as a direct result of who I am. Existing clients have cancelled work with me and potential clients have declined to work with me upon discovering who I am. In short, my public advocacy of pedophiles and pedophilia has exposed me to unending uncertainty and insecurity. Whilst I am not threatened with having my service terminated by my web host, I am threatened with being unable to pay the rent, the electric bill and other living expenses.

Therefore, I am appealing to all of you who value my work and wish to see it continue to make a financial contribution to my efforts. In return, I give you my assurance that I will never give up this worthy fight and will continue to give my utmost to sharing the truth with the world.

I hear all you pedo's out there, the ones who haven't yet learned your lesson, pulling out your checkbook. Well, there's a sucker born every minute to be sure. But if you don't believe he's manipulative, go back and read that statement of his very very carefully. Especially the part about how he's donated thousands of hours to the maintenance of his own personal website of which you have no say so or control of. Yeah be sure and read that part. And then if you still feel compelled to support his sorry self, well there's only a few ways you can send him money you know. Paypal won't be involved in any activity which even remotely supports pedophilia, so that's out. You'll have to send him cash, or wire it to him. Better go check out Western Union and see what's required. The next thing you know we'll have girl chatters trying to figure out how to use pigeons or some other non-traceable means for pedo-exchange. Sheesh.

Remember though, don't send any money to Todd. He's no longer the money collector. He has this nasty little habit of ... er ... confiscating funds.

The Giving Of Thanks

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I am thankful for:

- The existence of a blog such as Absolute Zero;
- My ability to be on the AZ team;
- To have been solicited to become a member of AZ;

- That we are: "A community of individuals pledged to fight paedophiles on the web. We are committed to the safety and emotional well-being of all children."

- That I have made new friends in the form of Christopher, Stitches 77, Daydreamer of Oz, Sues, Anti Pedophile Mother and all the wondrous members of the AZ Team;

- Our ability to be centered on our goal and not deterred by the minions of darkness.

It is an honor to write for Absolute Zero, and to "fight the good fight."

If we do not speak up for children -- then who will?

May the blessings of the season find us, our families and our children safe, happy, at ease, relaxed, and able to experience the wonders of childhood insulated from the corruptive forces constantly nipping at our heels.

And you know what I mean.

"I enter upon my eightieth year, with thanksgiving to God for all the blessings and mercies which His providence has bestowed upon me throughout a life extended now to the longest term allotted to the life of a man; with supplication for the continuance of those blessings and mercies to me and mine, as long as it shall suit the dispensations of His wise providence, and for resignation to His will when my appointed time shall come."
-- John Quincy Adams, July 11, 1846 on his 80th birthday


Missing teen ***SCAM***

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

UPDATE: This is a scam, please see this page for information. I apologize for the information being posted without a better check on it.

We have a Deli manager (Acme Markets) from Philadelphia, Pa who has a 13 year old daughter who has been missing for 2 weeks.

"I am asking you all, begging you to pleaseforward this email on to anyone and everyone you know, PLEASE. My 13 year old girl, Ashley Flores, is missing. She has been missing for now two weeks. It is still not too late. Please help us. If anyone anywhere knows anything, please contact me at:

HelpfindAshleyFlores@yahoo.comI am including a picture of her. All prayers are appreciated!! "

What If?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

What if?

What if there were a perfect world?

What if that world existed in which children could grow up completely sheltered from reality?

And what if an amount of reality didn't truly exist?

What if we didn't have to write these posts?

What if we could just let our children play?

What if the photo above wasn't honey to the hovering bees and worse?

This photo does absolutely nothing for me; but I suspect it will make the day for any number of male pedophiles.

It might make their day, their night, their fantasies.

Two boys for you?

What do you think? What do you feel?

Here is your honey; write on.


Nashville raid ends girl's captivity as a sex slave

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Crossposted from MyBlog.
She is known in federal court documents only as "S.M.C."
At the age of 13, they say, she was smuggled into the U.S. from Oaxaca, Mexico, the first leg of a horrific journey that led her to a Harding Place area apartment.
There she was beaten, raped and forced into a life of prostitution — an ordeal requiring her to have sex with as many as 40 men a day.
This week federal authorities said they arrested two people and charged them with the sex trafficking of children. Juan Mendez and Cristina Andres Perfecto, both of Nashville, were named Thursday in a complaint filed in federal court in Memphis.Federal officials in Memphis, who began the investigation, and Metro police, who assisted in a raid at the Harding Place area apartment last week, said it is the first case to their knowledge involving children smuggled into the country to be forced into the sex trade.
"Obviously, we're concerned about it, and it's certainly our intention to keep this investigation going," said Lee Anne Jordon, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's office in Memphis.
Investigators will be as aggressive as possible to stop the trafficking, Jordon said.
Federal authorities said it's too early to tell how large the ring was or whether all perpetrators have been found.
The girl, now 15, is the only juvenile victim identified, Jordon said. However, court documents say the victim's cousin and other women also have been forced to sell their bodies. Like the teen, officials said, they were lured to this country by a promise of honest jobs in the U.S. so they could send money back to their families.
In an interview Friday, Mendez's wife said she didn't know anything about the charges and that she had not seen her husband in more than a week.
"I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm not going to let him run around with other women," Maria Rita Hernandez said through an interpreter outside her apartment on Hickory Trace Drive in south Nashville.
She said she has lived in Nashville for the past five years and that she and Mendez have two children, ages 5 and 1.
It was a series of raids at Memphis brothels that led federal authorities to Mendez and Perfecto, FBI agent Randy Thysse said.
After the raids, a man the girl had befriended who ran a brothel in Memphis tipped off federal authorities about the trafficking ring and about the girl.
They found her after Smyrna police received a tip. Afterward, she was taken into the custody of the state Department of Children's Services.
She is now in a foster home of Spanish-speaking people and will get counseling and any other treatment she needs, DCS spokesman Rob Johnson said."Under the circumstances, given all that's happened, this girl's doing well — all things considered," he said.Eventually the goal will be to reunite her with her family, but DCS investigators will be looking closely at the circumstances that led her to this country, he said.
Court documents say that in August 2005 Perfecto went to the girl's family of farm laborers in a rural area of Mexico. She told them that Mendez, her boyfriend, could help the girl get a job as a waitress in a Nashville restaurant.
She assured the girl's family that she would make enough money to send some back home.
Perfecto, authorities said, told the girl that she and Mendez would have to pay smugglers $3,000 to get her into the United States and that she would have to repay that once she started working.
Perfecto and the teenager were captured twice by the U.S. Border Patrol but eventually were able to make it to the United States. Once in Nashville, she met Mendez and was taken to an apartment at 5099 Linbar Drive.There, court documents allege, Mendez raped her and threatened to kill her family if she did not work as a prostitute. She was 14 at the time.
The girl told investigators that she was a virgin when she arrived in Nashville and described the rape as very painful.
Two weeks later, court documents say, Mendez took her to a Kentucky brothel and forced her to have sex with 14 people on the first day. Afterward she was sick with a headache and severe pelvic inflammation and had to be hospitalized for several days.
Mendez let her rest for two weeks after her release from the hospital but then forced her to work as a prostitute in Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Birmingham, Ala., and other cities, the federal documents say.
She was never allowed to leave unescorted and never ran away because she was afraid for her family, the account says. Authorities arrested 29 people, 10 of whom have been indicted, federal officials said.Last Saturday agents with the bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement took Mendez and Perfecto into custody.
A 2004 federal Department of Justice report estimates that between 14,500 and 17,500 people annually in the U.S. are victims of human trafficking, either forced to work as prostitutes or laborers.
An international relief organization with a hub in Nashville will begin training Metro police next year to investigate sex trafficking.
"It's very new for us to have on our radar in Tennessee, but" sex trafficking is "not a new thing," said Amber Beckham, coordinator for World Relief's Network of Emergency Trafficking Services. • From the Tennessean.

Good Neighbors.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Outraged residents beat rapist to death

Johannesburg, South Africa

A man died from injuries sustained when he was beaten by outraged Motherwell residents after he raped a five-year-old girl, Port Elizabeth police said on Tuesday.

Captain Verna Brink said the child's mother had told elders in the community about the rape, which took place on Saturday. The community was then mobilised to take action against the alleged rapist on Monday.

"They beat him with sjamboks and their fists while others held him down," said Brink.

Police dispersed the crowd and took a badly injured 35-year-old Mhleli Phali, along with the girl's mother, to the police station.

"Phali confessed to raping the girl on Saturday. He said he told her to go to the shop for him and when she came back he raped her in his home and threatened to kill her if she told anyone," said Brink.

He also told police he had given her 50 cents before sending her home.

Police did not take him into custody as he had sustained severe injuries. He later died while being transported to the hospital, said Brink.

"The mother is being questioned because she did not report the rape to the police immediately and took matters into her own hands, but no arrests have been made."

The five-year-old girl has since received medical attention and social workers have been called in to assist with counselling.

Nuff Said......

Cyber Crimes Against Children

Monday, November 06, 2006

This article appearing in the Chattanooga Times Free Press offers a frightening glimpse into the pervasive nature of child sexual exploitation online. Specifically:

according to FBI statistics showing a 1,789 percent increase in child sexual exploitation cases between 1996 and 2006.

Five recent child pornography cases are highlighted by the author; two of the admitted offenders were schoolteachers while a third was a chaplain for the local Juvenile Justice Center.

In light of this discouraging information, I would encourage each of you to visit the link below.

Light A Million Candles

Information about the initiative:

The innocent victims of Internet child abuse cannot speak for themselves.

But you can.

With your help, we can eradicate this evil trade.

We do not need your money.

We need you to light a candle of support

The purpose of the initiative:

This petition will be used to encourage governments, politicians, financial institutions, payment organisations, Internet service providers, technology companies and law enforcement agencies to eradicate the commercial viability of online child abuse.

They have the power to work together. You have the power to get them to take action.

Please light your candle today.

Internet Operation leads to pedophile arrest

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A man who was sexually abusing a young girl in his home was arrested after he transmitted images of the assault via the Internet to an undercover detective, police said Thursday.

The girl, a preschooler, was rescued two hours later in what Toronto police's child exploitation unit said was its first case of observing a live assault.

"My first reaction was that I wanted to reach through the monitor and grab the child," said Detective Paul Krawczyk, the undercover officer who witnessed the alleged assault Sunday.

He alerted police in St. Thomas, a city in southwestern Ontario where police believed the man lived, and they were able to track him down in two hours.

"To see this child and look that child in the eyes and realize that the child was live somewhere, being abused, we had to save the child right then," Krawczyk said at a news conference. "The minute we realized what was happening, we went as fast as we could."

Software Program Aids Hunt
Krawczyk belongs to Toronto's Child Exploitation Section, acclaimed for its work tracking down child pornographers on the Internet. Microsoft teamed with the detectives last year to launch a software program designed to help police forces around the world hunt down child porn Internet traffickers.

"The message to all pedophiles and people who want to sexually exploit children on the Internet is that we are on the Internet 24/7, we know where you are and we will find you," Krawczyk said.

Krawczyk, who was posing as an online pedophile, said he established a relationship with the man in an Internet chat room for pedophiles in January.

After the detective gained his trust, the suspect on Sunday sent still images recorded on a Web cam, which were transmitted in "real time" to a private site, which Krawczyk declined to disclose.

"I can't get into exactly what the program is," Krawczyk told The Associated Press, "but you see the images immediately. I was talking with him and, I can't get into the details of what were in the pictures, but I knew that it was happening live."

Cause for Arrest
He said the identity of the 34-year-old man was not being released to protect the girl. He declined to say whether the suspect was related to her.

Krawczyk said the girl was safe with family members and getting medical care.

The man's bail hearing was set for Tuesday and he faces 10 charges of sexual assault and the production, possession and distribution of child pornography.

Krawczyk said that although he had established a relationship with the suspect last January, it was not until Sunday, when he observed the live assault, that police had cause to arrest him. He would not say how he tracked the suspect down to St. Thomas.

The Child Exploitation unit is credited with helping Florida police locate a young girl who had appeared in a series of sexually explicit photographs taken at a Walt Disney World hotel.

Copyright 101

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Amongst so many other things, copyright laws seem to be something the paeds just can’t seem to grasp. I first became aware of this phenomenon when reading this thread on the Visions of Alice forum.

You see, a member was concerned about possible copyright breaches when paedophiles steal photos from online albums and upload them to VoA. Well of course the other members jump in to share their infinite wisdom regarding copyright.

We see the typical bizarre justifications:

Raccoon states:

Breaking a law that is not working in the best interest of the general population is not a crime but an act of civic duty.

F.P.J. Mask shows typical paedophile disregard for anyone else:

Yes, it would break these people’s hearts to see their family pics on a site like this. But we can’t cave in.

Childdriver, well…..

Somehow I thing if a lea were to break into my computer and trump up some criminal charge, I’m pretty sure copyright infringement would not be what they come up with.

Ok these sorts of demented rationalizations were expected. But what wasn’t anticipated was the complete misinterpretation and lies that followed. See, Lawndog thought he’d set them all straight:

There is a “limited use” clause in the copy right law that says for the sake of promotion or review a portion of copy righted material may be used. One could argue that the posting of pictures from modeling or other copy righted sites is done to review what is seen there, ie “Sandra looks really hot in this picture”

Well it was a good effort anyway, wasn’t it? Considering their capacity for thought and intelligence, I thought it was pretty decent.

What Lawndog is referring to is known as the doctrine of fair use contained in section 107 of the Copyright Act which does allow for the use of portions of copyright work. Poor Lawndog failed to realize that an ENTIRE picture really doesn’t qualify as a portion; it is therefore excluded from any protection under fair use. There is no exact measure of what portion of a particular work may be copied, courts determine whether each individual case is a matter of fair use or not. In making this determination, the courts will consider the following:

a. Purpose & character of the use
b. Amount & substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole.
Copyright Office

I think perhaps they all sensed that Lawndog’s reasoning was skewed however they follow up with even more ridiculous crap. Apparently the idea that gained the most support is the one that follows.

Frederick starts us off with:

I fall into the category of: “If you post something on the internet, it becomes public, ‘nuff said.”.

Even more amazingly, a moderator on the board known as Hedonist supports this completely absurd notion:

If the pictures in question are on a site to be shared with the general population, it falls under the laws of public domain.

You don’t really know whether to laugh or cry do you? For anyone out there who believes the above rubbish, I would suggest you read this page which addresses common copyright myths. As the author states,

Nothing modern and creative is in the public domain anymore unless the owner explicitly puts it in the public domain. Explicitly, as in you have a note from the author/owner saying, “I grant this to the public domain.” Those exact words or words very much like them.

I personally find it pretty frightening that one of the people charged with maintaining the ‘legality’ of that site can make such brazenly stupid false statements with no understanding whatsoever regarding the law he refers to and advises users on.

In any case, my interest in this topic has been piqued once again. You see these poor unfortunates think they actually have a copyright claim against Perverted Justice.

After PeeJ posted a screenshot of a repulsive forum discussion, D really does give it his best shot:

Both GirlChat and Heirophant now have copyright claims against PJ and their hosting provider. The former has a copyright on the design of the screen, and the boilerplate text. H. of course owns his own words. Everyone who replied has a copyright to their subject lines.

I was originally going to provide a detailed explanation of why this falls under fair use and therefore none of them actually have a valid claim. But I don’t really think that is necessary; can you guess why?

they’d have to slither out of the toybox and show the world what they really are to file a suit against PeeJ

So instead I’ll leave you with Daydreamer’s Top 10 Copyright Lessons For Paedophiles:

1.Your opinion of the law is entirely irrelevant.

2.You need moderators who understand the laws they are advising you on.

3.Your opinion that a civil suit against you is unlikely does not mean it won’t happen...

4.It doesn’t matter whether a copyright notice is visible or not, the pictures are still protected.

5.Attempting to shield your words behind an extensive copyright notice does not preclude others using it under the terms of fair use.

6.A screenshot or preview IS fair use.

7.Stealing an entire picture is NOT fair use.

8.Public domain is not a literal phrase. By your line of reasoning, this - that car is in the public domain (street) therefore its now public property - would make perfect sense. Dumbasses, get a clue.

9.You will never bring a copyright suit against PeeJ because you cannot afford for Xavier to find out who you are.

10. I invite and encourage any paedophile who thinks they have a copyright claim against me to file a suit and meet me in court :)