International Boylove Day - 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Updates from Evil-Unveiled for International Boylove Day:

Chuck-les AKA Charles Feriend

"Actually there are some boys attracted to adult males and adult penises. While it's obviously not the norm, it does happen. I happen to know this for a fact. My own long time SYF had a fascination for mine."

MK-II AKA Marco Cianciulli AKA Mark David Chanley

"Every other group, drug crimes, violent assaults, DRUNK DRIVERS, and the lot... have reoffense rates at least 6 times higher (most are more) than that of Sex Offenders. Yet, because of media hype and the panic that they cause over it, SOs are branded as if they were lepers."

Cjgreen AKA Cody Wardill a pedophile who posts a lot at BoyChat. He also hangs out in chat with many of the other pedophiles online. Though he doesn't post explicit material on the open forums, he does share pictures with the other pedophiles via email.

Richie Wright, AKA Vapingdroid a bit worse than a pedophile apologist. Richie is someone who believes that if an 8 year old female child gets pregnant it is her fault.
It also appears Anonymous has been carrying out an aggressive series of Denial of Service attacks against many popular pedophile websites to mark the occasion:
Happy International Boylove Day!