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Pedophiles justify their sick and twisted existence by saying things like, “I love children. I would never harm a child. I love children more than their parents do.”

NO, you don’t love children MORE than their parents do. You love them DIFFERENTLY – in other words, SEXUALLY. You sick perverted scum.

I am tired of pedophiles trying to convince us that they are harmless. They post comments about how they see young girls and boys on the street and what a thrill they get from seeing them, or even getting to talk to them. How their smiles excite them and brighten their day.

Then they talk about the worries they have when they get a job with a young child involved. They brag about how cool it is that the parents don’t even know they are a pedophile and being put in charge of the child.

None of them admit to committing a crime or physically attacking a child. But how far is the leap between lusting after a child and acting on those lustful urges?

We need to be a Neighborhood Watch Group. All of us. Pedophiles are everywhere and they are everybody. In today’s world, evil monsters don’t look evil, they look like everyone else.

This means we all have to watch people’s behaviors. And don’t just look the other way. Do something about it!

When I drove by a local Middle School (grades 6-8) a couple of years ago, I saw a man sitting in a car alone. He was parked on the street at the far end of the grassy field looking through binoculars at the young boys and girls running around in their PE shorts.

I immediately got his license plate and gave it to the people in the school’s office. They in turn got a group of administrators to converge on this car. The man was startled by their appearance. He produced a police ID and told them that he was on duty doing surveillance on a house on the other side of the field. The school officials took his name and badge number down.

OK, so the guy was a cop. So what?! Cops are pedophiles too. This one turned out not to be, but what if he was. What if I didn’t bother to get someone’s attention and report his suspicious behavior?

What if he wasn’t a cop, but just a local guy sitting there checking out the kids? Does that make him a criminal? No. But it does make him a pedophile and he needs to be monitored. Pedophiles will say that ‘monitoring’ them is harassment. I say spending hours watching young children romp in the park is sick and perverted.

One Small Step (In the Right Direction)

The governor of Missouri signed a sweeping piece of legislation designed to protect children. It is a 46 page law, but what is of interest is this tidbit.

At the heart of the new law is a life sentence for anyone who rapes or sodomizes a child less than 12 years old. And unlike so-called “life” sentences in some states, this sentence will really stick: Offenders will not become parole eligible until they spend at least 30 years behind bars.

Good for Missouri, and the many other states that have passed similar laws.

H/T Little Miss Chatterbox

Chatterbox also points out that these laws still need to be passed in Vermont, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Arkansas, Tennessee, Idaho and North Dakota. If you live in any of these states I urge you to contact your Governor about protecting the children in your state.

Breaking News - Jessica Lunsford

Confession Of Man Accused In Fla. Girl's Slaying Tossed
POSTED: 8:40 am CDT June 30, 2006
UPDATED: 9:35 am CDT June 30, 2006
ORLANDO, Fla. -- The confession of a man charged with kidnapping, raping and killing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford isn't admissible in court, but the discovery of her body can be used as evidence, a judge ruled Friday.
Full Story Here.

Profile of a 'Phile

First of all... introductions are in order.
"Hi. My name is AFSister, and I'm a Pedophile Hater".
Phew... that wasn't hard at all! Many thanks to Drunken Samurai for the invite to post here. My "normal" blog is My Side Of The Puddle. It's more of a diarist blog- I write about things that are on my mind. Sometimes it's political, sometimes it's personal. But everything I care about ends up on that site somehow. I guess that's why I write about my boys so much. I've always been afraid of someone snatching them and using them to fulfill some sort of sick fantasy about children. That's why when DS told me about this site, I knew I had to be involved.

When my first son was born, he was such a beautiful baby that people used to stop me and ask when I was going to put him in modeling. Some mistook him for a girl, and would say "she's going to have boys knocking down your doors every night." I know he's my child, so I'm biased... but he really is beautiful. My second son is extremely cute too, and the most outgoing person I've ever been around. I swear, that kid's never met a stranger. The combination of beautiful children and no fear of strangers has always put me on alert when I'm out with them, or when they're outside alone.

I'm not paranoid, but I am alert. The problem is... Who do you look out for? What do pedophiles look like? That's the scariest thing of all, because they look pretty damn normal. I came across an article today, entitled "Profile of a Pedophile", which was extremely enlightening, and frightening, all at the same time. According to Tammy Ruggles' article, pedophiles "aren't confined to our Catholic churches. They are in Protestant churches, synagogues, and mosques. Some of them are teachers, counselors, scout leaders, truck drivers, factory workers, and youth ministers. In fact, they are wherever children can be found, irrespective of age, race, education, occupation, class, social standing, or income."

She goes on to profile common pedophile characteristics we should all be aware of, including:
1. Being popular with both children and adults.
2. Appearing trustworthy and respectable, with a good standing in the community.
3. Singling out children who seem troubled and in need of attention or affection.
4. Rarely forces or coerces a child into sexual contact. Usually through trust and friendship. Physical contact is gradual, from touching, to picking up, to holding on lap, to kissing, etc.
5. Are primarily (but not always) male, masculine, better-educated, more religious than average, in their thirties, and choose jobs allowing them greater access to children.
6. Are usually family men, have no criminal record, and deny that they abuse children, even after caught, convicted, incarcerated, and court-ordered into a sex offender program. The marriage is often troubled by sexual dysfunction, and serves as a smokescreen for the pedophile's true preferences and practices.
7. Are often, but not always, themselves victims of some form of childhood sexual abuse.
8. A female pedophile usually abuses a child when partnered with an adult male pedophile, and is often herself a victim of chronic sexual abuse.
9. Some pedophiles recognize that their behavior is criminal, immoral, and unacceptable by society, and operate in secrecy.
10. Some are quite open and militant about their practices and advocate the normalization of pedophilia under the guise of freedom of speech and press, and uses innocuous language like "intergenerational intimacy."

I'm not putting this out there to scare anyone, or make you paranoid. I'm posting this to make sure we are all more aware of our surroundings and who is interacting with our children. Be aware. Keep our children safe.

Outros Ein Morsi El Polvo

Thursday, June 29, 2006

we have gathered enough information to immediately move into a Code 82. See email for full details

The Plague

Just some random thoughts from Australia's foremost forensic psychiatrist in the area of sex offenders, Bill Glaser, in referring to child sex abuse:

  • If we had some sort of plague or epidemic which affected one in four girls, one in eight boys, there would be a national outcry about it and we would be setting up national coordinated efforts to deal with the problem as we have with modern day epidemics such as HIV.

  • He goes on to define pedophilia as: a persistent deviant sexual interest in children manifested by thoughts, fantasies, behaviours of sexual contact with kids that’s lasted for an extended period of time.

  • Despite the implications of its Greek etymology, paedophilia is not a love of children but a lust for them. The sole aim of the paedophile is to sexually abuse children. Any display of care, affection or friendship towards the victim is always secondary to this.

  • There are some who say that we are becoming unnecessarily panicky about child sexual abuse. The evidence is that we have not panicked enough.

  • Probably the lies that we tell best are the ones that we tell ourselves so we know that paedophiles are very good at practising cognitive distortions which is a very fancy Yankee term for telling lies, that you want to believe and you end up believing. So many paedophiles do convince themselves that their activities with the victims are educational, are helpful to them, are necessary for their development.

  • It has often been said that paedophiles tend to be “good with children”. That is precisely what makes them so dangerous; this “goodness”is difficult to differentiate from (say)“good” parenting. One has to talk with many victims at length to realise how insidious and how overwhelming has been the influence of an offender on all aspects of their lives.

  • An incest offender is simply a paedophile who sometimes abuses his own children or young relatives.

  • The measure of successful treatment is not that of a happy perpetrator but rather of a safe victim.

  • And most of all,we have to understand the how and the why of paedophilia: the subtle, bizarre and cruel ways in which seemingly blameless and upright men insidiously cripple the most vulnerable members of our society. We have possessed that understanding for a long time; we have ignored it for too long.

  • Ref: Here
    Ref: Here

    Equal Punishment?

    Wednesday, June 28, 2006

    I gotta get to bed, so I'll make this short. A local man was sentenced to 120 years for possession/distribution of child pornography, yesterday. When I say local, I mean local. He was from my town. That hits close to home. Way too close. But it begs a question... why are some people getting off on probation for raping kids, while this guy gets 120 years?

    FYI: Some of the kids (in the pics) were HIS OWN. Yeah, that's pretty sick. He deserved all of the 120 years of his sentence. I am not disputing that, in any way. What bothers me is that people who have done much worse get slapped on the wrist and return to society, and some of them then rape and kill innocent children.

    Yes, child porn is WRONG. It deserves a stiff sentence. I am just dumbfounded as to how a child rapist gets probation, while someone who possesses pics gets 120 years. A flaw in the justice system? I think so. If it were up to me, I'd hang them all...

    Another Intro

    I call myself the Shoprat and my blog is The Educated Shoprat. That was originally a bit of good-natured ribbing from a co-worker that I found myself taking pride in. I am pleased, proud, yet humbled to be part of this. You will be hearing more from me soon.

    Poor Dominic

    For some reason TODD and his cronies think they can invent a fictitious character named Dominic and fool unsuspecting people. Dominic, being just your average John Doe, knowing nothing about pedophilia and hearing of the money returned to Todd Nickerson from Save the Children, well he was just appalled and decided to investigate. Lo and behold he discovers that Absolute Zero wasn't started because of the harassment from pedophiles.....oh was started simply to harass and threaten with death innocent bystanders. The pedophiles who are just soooo good and pure and angelic. The ones who know best how to care for our children. And we dear friends are bigots and nazi's.

    I knew Todd was stupid, I just didn't realize he was THAT stupid. Absolute Zero had nothing to do with the return of their advertising money they sent to Save the Children. (Although we would have, had it not already been taken care of when we heard of it) Furthermore, anyone can see right through poor Dominic. Save the Children has been alerted to your fake "non-pedophile" letters of support, Todd.


    Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    I just wanted to take a second and say hello to y'all, and I am one of the new Contributors at Absolute Zero. My name is Christopher and I run a blog here.

    I also wanted to say that I'm proud to be part of the team!

    Internet providers to combat child porn

    Internet providers to combat child porn

    By ANICK JESDANUN, AP Internet WriterTue Jun 27, 12:35 AM ET

    Five leading online service providers will jointly build a database of child-pornography images and develop other tools to help network operators and law enforcement better prevent distribution of the images.

    The companies pledged $1 million among them Tuesday to set up a technology coalition as part of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. They aim to create the database by year's end, though many details remain unsettled.

    The participating companies are Time Warner Inc.'s AOL, Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO - news), Microsoft Corp., EarthLink Inc. and United Online Inc., the company behind NetZero and Juno.
    Ernie Allen, the chief executive of the missing children's center, noted that the Internet companies already possess many technologies to help protect users from threats such as viruses and e-mail "phishing" scams. "There's nothing more insidious and inappropriate" than child pornography, he said.

    The announcement comes as the U.S. government is pressuring service providers to do more to help combat child pornography. Top law enforcement officials have told Internet companies they must retain customer records longer to help in such cases and have suggested seeking legislation to require it.

    Full Story here.

    The Pedophile Voting System

    **Ya'll may have to forgive me for cross posting this... but I was just dying to share it:

    Some people will vote along party lines in 2008. Some will vote according to faith, others according to the issues that weigh most on their minds. Some will just vote according to whoever makes the best promises.
    It is strange how people will get to making their choice about which person they to lead the Nation, and although I have heard a varied amount of reasons for why people choose one candidate over the other, this by far is the most disturbing, sickening and utterly repulsive reasoning in the history of voting:

    I have decided to predict the next president not by the candidate’s political views, savoir-faire and fund-raising prowess but by something completely different. I have decided to make my prediction based upon what lovely First Daughter we can look forward to watching grow up for four to eight years. To give the older candidates a fighting chance, I have decided to evaluate granddaughters as well, but granddaughters will not be weighted as highly since we cannot expect to see First Granddaughters as often as First Daughters.

    That is taken directly from the site of self acclaimed paedophile Linsday Ashford. Yes, the very same Ashford that I recently disclosed had attempted to use a children's charity to further his disgusting and demented corruption of children. (See both links)

    What is particularly disturbing about this evaluation of the children of political leaders is that he has added to the insult by posting photos of the children, thus jeopardizing their safety as his minions ponder what deviant actions they could commit against these innocent children.

    The list is gathered from both parties and includes images and information on the children/ grandchild of: Senator John Edwards, Governor Mark Warner, Senator Joseph Biden, Senator Tom Daschle, Senator Barack Obama, Senator Chris Dodd, Senator George Allen, Senator Sam Brownback, Governor Mitt Romney, Senator John McCain, Senator Rick Santorum, Representative Mike Pence, and Vice President Dick Cheney.

    In case the whole thing with Save the Children, (see earlier posts) didn't tip you off to the fact that I tend to be a "little blogger with a big mouth" that feels it's important to inform people of what is going on, then this next part should quickly pass the message through.

    I spent the day calling campaign offices about this situation. First, because as a citizen I believe that it is my job (and yours) to keep our leaders informed of the dangers lurking around their children. I may not care for someone's political stand... but I care about the safety of their children. Secondly, I was really interested in knowing just how these people felt when the tables where turned. So often it seems that many ignore the problems of pedophilia, child molesters and the like when they are sitting safely behind their Washington desks. If we can wake them up to remind them about how we feel intimidated and concerned when the child molester moves in next door, by showing them that even their children with all their security around, can be attacked by the likes of Ashford and his minions, then perhaps they will come to be more understanding when making laws, signing bills and doing their jobs we elected them to.

    What amazed me the absolute most was the response from Senator Barack Obama public relations guy, who informed me that not only was he not willing to react to this, not willing to make a statement on it, but that he really wasn't that concerned. I can only hope that his boss would have taken a different stand on it. Although, perhaps it was the fact that Obama's children were "in the lead" in Ashfords predicted election results that clouded his better judgment.

    By far the best reaction, and the most concerned came from Senator Rick Santorum's office, and his Chief of Staff was truly a pleasure to talk to, despite the fact that our discussion evolved around the most disturbing and disgusting man on the Internet.

    Adding onto the "pedophile voting" disgrace is the fact that there is potential for these predators to reenact their "donation" plot yet again... only this time it appears that they intended receiver of the funds returned by Save the Children will be someone's campaign funds. In response one member of the child molesters forum suggested that they should write and complain to Senators that their money was returned. The answer he received back?
    Instead of writing to Senators to complain, offer to donate to their campaigns... I think that they *will* take the money

    Nothing like polluting campaigns even more. Although, I have to wonder just which Senator would be willing to accept funds from an organized group of scum child molesters? If nothing else, it would certainly perk up the nightly news a bit, heh? And perhaps, then our leaders will be more in-tune to listening to people when it comes to helping protect our children against these predators.

    Terrorist Funding

    Pedophiles are not collecting money just to try and wash their reputation with organizations like Save the Children. They are collecting it for more sinister reasons as well. If you have a look at the "Support of Activism" page, you will see that a lot of these pervert websites have banded together to collect money for "activism".

    If you look down the page a little ways, you will see what they mean by "activism". Item number one: legal defense of people accused of child molestation! Item number two: legal defense of child sex offenders! In other words, the same pedophiles who claim to "care" for children are collecting money to help those who have victimized them! They are funding domestic terrorism!

    The perverts are smart enough not to be collecting those funds in the United States. No, they are collecting that money in Holland. Now, I have gotten a lot of criticism from Dutch people about my comments about the Dutch legal system and I even took some of those comments down as a result. My main reason is that a lot of Dutch people showed me that they do not support the efforts of perverts like Norbert de Jonge and were against his pervert political party. Now, I hope the Dutch will lean on their politicians to freeze the bank accounts of the MARTIJN organization which is the pervert club that is collecting the dough.

    We can also do something about this from here. We need to lean on our politicians to cut the flow to these bank accounts too. Just like they trace any other form of terrorist funding, we need to make sure they are tracking what money from this country is being directed into those accounts. Then we need to hold those people accountable for their actions!

    I Believe…

    Monday, June 26, 2006

    Some of you may already know me as Sues. But a brief introduction is in order for the rest of you. I live in Southern California. I work night shifts as a Respiratory Therapist at a hospital here. I don’t sugar coat anything, I just tell it like it is. I have a strong and fierce loyalty and belief in what’s right and what’s wrong. I am not afraid to act and to stand up between good and evil. This may sound a bit dramatic, but we no long live in a nice and cozy world. Life is tough. Life is messy and you have to get in there and do what needs to be done.

    I Believe...

    I believe in right and wrong and in standing up for what’s right. I believe in doing the right thing – even when no one is watching. I believe that those in positions of authority and power have a huge responsibility to those under them- not the other way around. I believe in the basic values of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and patriotism.

    I believe that each person is responsible for what they say and write, especially if they are threats or criminal acts. If you post a comment on a blog, then you will take responsibility for those comments and suffer the consequences, whether you want to or not.

    I believe children are to be cherished, nurtured, encouraged, and protected. NOT abused, attacked, ruined and neglected.

    I believe in monsters. Real monsters that live and breathe and stalk our children. There are monsters who do not hide away in the dark. They prowl in the light of day, hiding in plain site.

    I believe in wiping these monsters off of the face of the earth so that no one has to live in fear.

    Children have the right to innocence without the threat of harm. They have the right to live and grow in a safe and loving environment free of abuse. Adults have the responsibility to watch over and care for children and their well being- putting these responsibilities above their own needs and desires.

    Our country’s laws are not to be broken. If you cannot abide by the law, then we will gladly help remove you as a threat and place you in the care of Bubba – the big black dude who is looking for a new cell mate to play with.

    Pedophiles should not only be kept away from children, they should be eliminated from society all together.

    So to all the pedophiles out there:

    I will stand together with all of our friends and comrades here at Absolute Zero and make sure that you are locked up and removed as a threat from the rest of us. And to quote what I wrote and posted earlier (because it also applies here in this forum):

    I will not back down. I will not be intimidated by you or anyone else. I will be diligent. I will be strong. I will fight you until there is no breath left in my body to fight with anymore, and if you take me out then my brothers and sisters will rise up and take my place.

    You will find no shelter here, no sympathy or help. You think that you can fool us and take advantage of us. You are wrong. We will find you wherever you are. We will hunt you down and bring swift and fierce justice upon you.

    Know that we are America. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. Those words actually mean something to us. We stand by them and stand up for them. You can never comprehend what that means until you have faced it. And face it you will.

    Be afraid. Look over your shoulder. I will not stop. Ever.

    The Dangers of Pedophilia

    We've all heard the horror stories of child abductions and molestations and understand the very clear danger of something like this happening to one of our children. but my interest here is how this gang of psychologically handicapped people, by their mere words I am a pedophile harm society as a whole.

    I've read lots of news stories such as a recent one from Australia, in which no one is allowed to take photographs of their children at school functions because of things pedophiles have done. Pedophiles say this is another example of parents hysteria.....but normal people say that it's yet another example of how they have harmed society. They restrict our rights as parents and they restrict our childrens freedoms by their very existence and continued attempts to go mainstream.

    Take their recent failed attempt to use the Save the Children organization for example. They think, they say that we don't care for children, or we would just be grateful the money was donated at all. Obviously, they continue to underestimate us. That we could so quickly see through to their real motives must have been shocking to say the least. (Considering how they think we are ignorant, repressed people who require them to educate and enlighten us). So they go on a raging spamming mission of our blog. Yawn. They are so transparent.

    But this is an example of why we must never be silent. Stopping their underhanded technique to abuse the good name of Save the Children, was a small victory for children, and yet it was a much larger victory in the scheme of things. When you realize that every step you take in slowing down that growing snowball hurtling down the mountain....takes us one step further in our mission.....Inform.......Expose.....Silence.

    Now personally I've had some of these creeps ranting Expose? Expose what? I'm not breaking any laws!
    So I will say this very clearly so that the more dense among you sexual deviants reading this will understand........... I want to expose what you are, I want to expose your beliefs, your desires and your evil mission. I want to stop you from attaining your goal.

    I understand that you squabble amongst yourself....what is the correct way...blah blah blah. But this is to our favor. Those of you who say you would never harm children, associate yourselves with those that would (and have). You can't even agree amongst your own what is right and wrong. As a group you have no moral compass, there is no cohesive voice. How can you possibly think you can spread a message of love/no harm for children?

    I also understand that you don't like me posting your comments here. That doesn't surprise me. I do however have a solution for you. Close your message boards and blogs to the public. Silence yourselves to the rest of the world....otherwise I will continue to use your own words against you. I realize of course that you also post our words in your deviant little holes of iniquity. What you don't realize however is that it doesn't harm us. Our mission is much more damaging to you. Normal people read this blog and they tell others....and they tell others....

    Now, the psychopath Demosthenes, if you remember is the one who thinks that if children 'consent' it should be acceptable to give them drugs that would stop their physical development. He doesn't like what happened over Save the children, he thinks he knows why, but then he has lots of strange ideas.
    They had some great loss of an adult love as a child, or had it withheld from them completely, and now they are jealous of any child that does have it. The most disturbing part of it all is that while they are actively parading around and shouting about the evils of us, the truth is that they harbor secret hatred of children for having the love that they feel that they deserve, and us for giving it to children whom they wholely undeserving.

    (stitches shakes head in disbelief)

    Yes, they have lots of ideas about why we stopped their donation. None of them are true, I might add. But this one just takes the cake. Enigma would like to use propoganda to purposefully mislead people in a twisted Machiavellian campaign to raise money and change society's perception by founding a charitable organization with a sinister ulterior motive.
    Yes, that's where the battle needs to be fought. In the field of public relations, not public education. The average Joe isn't smart enough to question the sources of most of the information he takes in. But when he knows the information is coming from pedophiles, he's "smart" enough to automatically assume it's self-serving bullshit. So we need to educate indirectly, with or without his conscious cooperation, and in a way that makes the antis look like the freaks. Believe me, it can be done. Anything can be spun the way we want it to look.

    Why not register a non-profit organization called something like American Council for Sexual Values? It's a nice friendly name that sounds like it'd have a message a lot of antis want to hear. Of course, there's no explicit mention of just what kind of "sexual values" this organization would be advocating.

    Use it as a mouthpiece for studies done by folks like John Money, Judith Levine, Rind et al., and so forth. It's cheap to set up a non-profit organization, and as such, it could receive donations. Those donations could be used to fund political action committees, buy advertising on network television and newspapers, you name it. Nothing blatantly pro-pedophilia, of course. Just press releases such as "Studies show effect of sex during childhood can be positive." and "Correlation found between late age of first sexual experience and trouble with relationships in adult life." Get it into the public's consciousness that way, and that'll open the door a crack.

    Is it dishonest? Yes. Is it manipulative? Yes. Is it mind control? Yes. Is it all the things we accuse them of doing against us? Yes. But we can't say we believe in our cause and then say we have to leave certain options off the table. If we really believe in what we're doing, if we really believe it's for the good of the children, then just as they will use any means at their disposal, so must we. If we want to win, we'll have to do what works, not what's fair or nice.

    Have they spent so long with distorted thinking that they believe they can get away with this? Only if we let them. Only if we remain silent. We cannot afford to stand back and hope someone else does the work. As for me, I knew very little about this issue before these creeps had a go at my daughter....But now that I've seen....I can't not see. I'm like a duck on a junebug, like white on rice, in fact this is how I look.
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Scoot over and make a little room...

    I wanted to take a quick moment and thank Stitches for extending an invitation to guest post here. And to introduce myself to the rest of you.

    I've been blogging for just over a year, at Lost in Lima Ohio which is a crime blog focusing on crimes against children, sexual predators, among other things. I also guest blog at two other sites, so between blogging, working and playing with my three little ones... I keep quite busy. I'm hoping to be able to contribute as much as I can to this newest endeavor- blogging here with you. Just be willing to forgive my absence in case I go MIA every now and then.

    And lastly, for now anyways, let me explain my stand against pedophiles:
    The Girllovers mission is one in which they seek to justify their deformed views on children; they wish to normalize the sexual exploitation and abuse of children for their own personal benefit; they have long wanted to put a face on paedophilia that would make it more acceptable, that would be able to hide the damage that they callously cause by their heinous abuse of children. Well, it can not be done. They can not justify the raping of a four year old. They can not normalize their desires to use a child as a object of sexual gratification, and they can not hide the results of their actions once they take them. Children are not sexual objects put on earth to feed their demented urges.

    For as long as they continue to endorse it, people will be willing to stand up and fight against it. And, in the end, we will win this fight. Because we understand that the childhood of millions depend upon it.
    Questions, comments or tips can be sent to

    A brainless brick wall answers all questions

    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    I seem to be having a problem lately with a certain little pest called Twilight. First of all, the poor kid thinks I'm a man. (rolls eyes) Secondly he feels that if we will just let him EXPLAIN, then we would all be understanding, and loving and tolerant and yadda yadda ya.

    As if we haven't already heard it before. ahem

    So I'll let Twilight himself explain our blog and our purpose, in his own words from his own blog. Of course he's describing US, seems kinda strange doesn't it?

    The fact is that their thinking patterns are so different from ours as to be beyond our understanding. . . . . . . . I have decided to start up a movement to "out" these people and show them that they cannot hide from society- justice for their actions will be done. . . . . . . . While the ones haven't offended yet (or so they claim), it's surely only a matter of time.

    So, okay Twilight, let's stop hiding your Mommy problems, your desparate little secrets and horrors of the soul. Let's get it out in the open, how about it?

    Here's a story: When I was watching War of the Worlds (great movie) with my family, there was a scene that made me roll my eyes. It's when the fat, ugly dishevelled guy comes on-screen and starts giving Dakota Fanning wierd looks. I was thinking "Here we go again".

    However, I was surprised and a little shocked when my Mother turned to me and said "they wouldn't put a paedophile in the movie, would they?"

    The odd thing was, she sounded genuinely frightened at the prospect. Killer aliens she could handle, but she was acting as if the potential paedophile was Freddy Kruger. So is this what many people are really feeling when they look at us? Fear? Is that what my Mother would feel towards me if she knew my secret?

    Yes Twilight I have listened to your words, and I found these to be so important I'll share them here for all to see. We here on Absolute Zero may just take a bit of your advice:

    If we don’t do something about this it’s just going to continue. Maybe it will get worse, maybe it won’t, but it will never stop..........Because it’s our right. It’s our right to be able to say what we want...........we need to fight back withour words and our ideas.......

    The obstacles in our way aren’t strong and they aren’t organized. The reason they win is because we let them win. But if we join together and oppose them, we can start something they can’t stop. That’s why I urge anyone reading this to speak, to shout if you have to- start a blog today, now. On it, say whatever you want, no matter how un-orthadox or strange it might seem.

    They can force one of us to retreat, they can force 10 of us. But what about a hundred of us? What about thousands? What about a million?

    Thank you Twilight Sky for making my work so easy. Now carry on with your campaign to harass me and try my patience. I have plenty of it and I'm laying in wait for you.

    Counting my lucky stars

    Living in Japan has proven to be a unique experience. The culture is much different, and the food is amazing. Okinawa is blessed with an extremely low crime rate. Crimes against children are extremely rare.

    It is not uncommon to see very small children walking the city streets by themselves. The local population is very patient and helpful with them. Every citizen seems to look out for the kids. If a child is doing something wrong, a total stranger won't hesitate to scold them.

    I consider myself very lucky to be raising my children in such a great community. I have no hesitation about letting my kids play outside on their own. Living on a military base adds another level of security.

    Many communities at home don't enjoy this level of security. Children are vulnerable to all manner of predators. I still have to closely monitor my children when they use the internet, or play video games online. That's just common sense. They've both received detailed classes at school about online predators.

    Perhaps I'm blessed, but I don't take lightly the wonderful environment that is Okinawa. Pity that more countries are not this healthy for kids.

    A (not so) Formal Introduction

    Saturday, June 24, 2006

    The 4th Horseman has arrived. Daydreamer has invited me to be a part of the team. I accepted. What was she thinking? Either way, I'm here. For those of you who are unfamiliar with me, I'll give you a quick run down.

    My "style" is a bit rugged and unorthodoxed. I am usually short, to the point, and in your face. I say what is on my mind, whatever it may be. I have a satirical sense of humor. I am blunt. I am brutally honest. I am real. Don't like it? Too bad. I am here to make a point, not to win a Pulitzer. I have no time for "Political Correctness", which is an oxymoron, anyway. I will not learn to "tolerate" deviant behavior, especially that which is harmful to children. I will no longer be silent. Silence is a form of (indirect) submission. I will not submit, I will not falter, I will not waiver. I am here to make some noise, and I have reached the point of "Zero Tolerance".

    I recently made the mistake of thinking some of these pedos could be helped. They simply used that as a way to try to lure me in. To make me "understand" them. Ha. What I learned is that if they take pride in being what they are, they are most likely past the point of no return. There is no help for them. However, there was one (who I will not name), who I think was crying out for help. He actually seemed somewhat ashamed, rather than proud. He admitted that he is not normal. I sincerely hope that he can overcome his illness, before he harms a child. To give credit where it is due, he was able to admit that he is screwed up. Strange as it may sound, that takes strength. Those who find pride in being demented are clearly weak. Nature once had a way of weeding out the weak. "Political Correctness" changed that. Thank you, Marx and Lenin.

    I'm done with the introduction. I want to post a comment from a pedo with my responses, now. I hope this clarifies where WE stand...

    (The following is from a comment dropped by "Elminster Trueheart")

    You need to get a clue. Here, allow me to help. My replies are in blue.

    On 6/24/06, Elminster Trueheart <> wrote:
    Oh, I apologize.. I had not seen the rules, I had just seen the part that said you were "..committed to the safety and emotional well-being of all children."
    We are.

    Apparently that isn't at all true and you are just here to poke and jape pedophiles.
    I wouldn't poke you with a stick.

    I find that I cannot find anything to say that would not be offensive to that ideal, since your interests and ideals are too narrow for actual activities that could truly make any impact whatsoever.
    Activities that could make an impact on what? Destroying a child? I guess I'm too narrow minded to get it. I can think of an "impact" that I'd like to see, but we won't get into that.

    As far as making sweeping assumptions, generalizations and justifications, that's kind of amusing coming from somebody who sees people who are attracted to children, or even cares about them in a way more comfortable than you would like, and those that force, rape and murder kids, as one and the same.
    One and the same? What's the difference? Some have acted, some have not. That is the only difference. There is also nothing "amusing" about it.

    Think about it rationally. My post has generalizations, then again it was meant to be a comment to a blog not a doctoral thesis. I took time out of my day to attempt to provide a bridge to gap some differences, and better ideas for time other than just attacking others. It just goes to show that it sucks being on the defensive, instead of doing something constructive.
    It sucks to be you, I guess. Nobody is attacking anybody. There is no bridge that will ever be built between this gap. As far as doing something constructive... I wish you would. Stop wasting our time and yours by trying to convince us that you are normal. I'd tell you to seek help, but you have already made it clear that you don't want help. You want us to cave in. Not. Gonna. Happen. Not ever.

    Hate and derision won't ever have any positive impact on your self-commissioned effort "to the safety and emotional well-being of all children."
    Tell it to Bubba when he is giving YOU the anal probe. That is enough "positive impact" for me.

    I said I wouldn't post again, but the "warning" issuance seemed like an attempt to bait, or perhaps at least engage me in some sort of discussion or debate. But if all your mission is, is to flame and decry pedophiles who speak out on the internet, then you do have that full right.. Just as they have full rights to thier points of view. I just wanted to point out that if your main mission was to help children, your time and energy is probably best spent dealing with other, more direct issues.

    No flaming here. The warning means just what it says. There is nothing to debate or engage. More direct issues? I tell my own children how to "directly" deal with the likes of people like you, should they ever be so unfortunate.

    May God have mercy on you. He knows I won't.

    -The Drunken Samurai

    Save the Children fiasco

    Lindsay Ashford and Todd Nickerson sent a donation they'd collected from pedophiles to Save the Children, we all know about this of course. We've seen Lindsay's Press Release
    In response to these donations, Todd Nickerson, from whose home the donations were sent in, has received letters from the charity, thanking us for the “compassionate gifts” made and were signed by Carolyn Miles, the organization’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.
    We are glad that Save the Children, despite the prevailing antipathy against girllovers, has seen fit to accept our gifts and in so doing recognized our commitment to aiding the empoverished children of the world and enabled us to do so.

    Most people donate money NOT to receive recognition. This was purely a marketing strategy for these people. The money they collected could just as well have been going for an advertising campaign. Their motive was to be able to say that Save the Children accepted THEM If they wish to help children so much, let them send their money anonymously. Money works just as well that way doesn't it? Would they withhold the money if Save the Children won't accept it from pedophiles who wish to use that fact to further their agenda? And they call US sick?

    Now, what they want to do, if they get their donation back is to have a mass lobby campaign to congressmen.. Of course, some of those like the little girls in his heart pervert thinks otherwise, Instead of writing to Senators to complain, offer to donate to their campaigns... I think that they *will* take the money, hehe...

    Here's my word............if you care about children and want to donate money, send it in as an anonymous donor.........not with the end motive being the use of such donation as a propoganda tool.

    Turning Back the Perverts

    Friday, June 23, 2006

    It seems that uber perverts Lindsay Ashford and Todd Nickerson are at it again. Nickerson, Ashford and their buddies have been trying to give themselves a 'good face' by donating money to charity! Yep, they managed to scrounge up over a thousand dollars that they sent in to Save the Children. What's worse, Save the Children accepte the money and sent them a thank you letter, that they are now trumpeting as a 'success' ( I can hardly believe that Save the Children could have known that these folks were scumbags, but they are claiming that they said so.

    BUT! Thanks to bloggers such as Rose DesRochers and LILO, Save the Children has now realized their error and are sending the money back! Good for them! Now these perverts will know that their cash is most certainly not welcome.

    Unfortunately, this is not where it ends. Ashford, the ringleader of this pathetic bunch, has decided to start exploiting the daughters of our politicians by plastering their pictures all over his site. I cannot understand how this has been allowed to remain for so long ( Aren't there laws against this kind of nonsense? And I wonder if these girls' daddies know about this shameful display. I bet they dont - and that they'll be hopping mad when they find out. You can all help us out with this. If the children of your Senator or Representative appears on this site, why not phone them up and tell them. I am sure they will be grateful to you for your concern.

    Help Protest IBLD June 24, 2006

    Join us in protesting pedophiles' International BoyLove Day:

    Pedophiles (worldwide) celebrate their "love" of children with proclamations and by lighting blue candles on June 24. Some do it in public places, and others, in private.

    Typically they will leave a leaflet or message along with their blue candles. The message will most likely be similar to this:
    I am a boylover. I am not a molester, an abuser, or a rapist who forces boys to submit to his physical lust. These are the false images that the media would have you believe about boylovers, but these are not me. I love boys as I love life itself, and would never hurt a boy or force him to do anything not of his own choosing.

    But there is a sickness sweeping the world, a madness that has grotesquely distorted the love and caring for boys that I was born with into something criminal and repugnant. For decades now, I, and countless others like me, have quietly endured persecution and lived hidden lives. But we no longer will be silent, we will not allow lies and hysteria to define who we are, at long last we will speak for ourselves

    We ask that you protest this repugnance by burning your own candle. A white one for the innocence of childhood. Also place this graphic on your own personal site if you wish. Show your support for children!

    How to project Peter Pan Syndrome

    Thursday, June 22, 2006

    Peter Pan Syndrome can be used to describe manipulative, immature men trapped emotionally in childhood. As if that's not twisted enough, some of them now dream of projecting this on to children. Take the case of Demosthenes , an admitted militant style pedophile.

    Demosthenes started thinking about children with growth hormone disorders, and his twisted, sick mind came up with a plan.....yeah, give them suppressive drugs on purpose and keep them in childrens bodies forever. Of course, only if they consent......

    Doesn't Add Up

    Tuesday, June 20, 2006

    If it isn't bad enough when they think you're looking:

    Yay!! More fun today!!!

    Oh, please. We don't let children "choose" to smoke

    We should.

    or drink;

    We should.

    don't let them "choose" to quit school;

    We should.

    don't let them "choose" to drive a car;

    We should.

    don't let them "choose" to join the military;

    We should.

    don't let them "choose" to get a job.

    We should.

    Right along with those goes they don't get to "choose" to get boned by Daddy's bowling buddy.

    Well, again, we should.

    Posted by lgsinmyheart to DebateCrime

    It certainly is when they think you're not:

    KIDS being anti-pedo
    Posted by AtosW on 2006-June-20 14:33:03, Tuesday

    Lately there's been some "discussion", well more like pointless and brainless ranting, about the dutch "pedophile party" on some gaming forums i'm on where there are lots of 11-15 year old members. Basically almost everyone who's responding thinks everyone remotely connected to that party should be assaulted with machine guns or dropped an atomic bomb on top of.Of course only the ones who are against it would reply, because anyone who isn't totally opposed wouldn't dare to do it, and i know they are just self-righteous Internet Tough Guys who would never dare doing anything to anyone in reality, but the amount and variety of people signing up against this surprises me.Now i'm never surprised to see adults say stupid things about pedophiles, and even younger people over 18 or so often have the same tendency. But why are posters THAT young so angry about it? Why do you think this is? It is after all THEIR rights that they are pushing for...
    Re: KIDS being anti-pedo
    Posted by Ritter on 2006-June-20 15:33:12, Tuesday
    In reply to KIDS being anti-pedo posted by AtosW on 2006-June-20 14:33:03, Tuesday

    Maybe the kids enjoy eating hamburgers and pepperoni pizza, and don't think that free train rides is sufficient to balance out political vegetarianism?On a more serious note, your post is a typical example of what happens when you spend too much time in the online BL community and reading Nifty stories. Believe it or not, most young children are NOT anxious to have sex with adult men, though it is safe to say that most teenage boys would not cry foul if they had sex with an attractive adult female. The Dutch Pedophile Party needs to reconsider its marketing strategy. Besides, why should children believe anything other than what their entire society tells them about pedophilia?
    Well, it is not difficult: most kids are imbeciles
    Posted by Santi on 2006-June-20 15:17:26, Tuesday
    In reply to KIDS being anti-pedo posted by AtosW on 2006-June-20 14:33:03, Tuesday

    Yes, that is true. How I know? Simple: most people are imbeciles. Hence, most kids are imbeciles.Followers, brainless idiots that follow propaganda. Idiots that are born not to think, but to be manipulated.Yeah, they look better, no doubt. So?Are you one of those boylovers that wonder "how come this former YF became an idiot as a teenager?" Well, he was always an idiot, but you were oblivious to the fact.As scant as smart adults are, so are kids.Kids are a little bit more open minded that adults because they have not been so heavily indoctrinated, but that does not make them thoughtful geniuses. Boys will be boys, and stupids will be stupids.Santi

    These are the people 'campaigning' for children's rights?

    Behind the Scenes Act II

    Monday, June 19, 2006

    One thing I've noticed about online pedophiles and their arguments for acceptance is that they all say the same thing as if repeating by rote. "I love children. I would never harm children." But they say something else behind the scenes when in a milieu of acceptance and encouragement.

    They need the public persona of being kind, gentle people to further their cause. They need tolerance for their deviancy and aberrational thought processes. They need us to tell them they are okay. But why would they need those things? THIS sums it up the best way:
    Well, lets face it.... With all those new laws coming into existence trying to "out" us all to the entire world, with names, pictures and addresses being published all over the place.... Well, when that happens to someone, his life is as good as over.

    Without public acceptance of them, they cannot progress to their ultimate access to children's bodies without fear of repercussion.

    Pedophiles deny use of child pornography, yet behind the scenes, they give tips to one another on how to hide it, which websites not to trust and how to avoid getting caught. They make in depth rationalizations of why child pornography should be legal and their reasons for using it. Some of the most common justifications I've seen have included......Looking at it may prevent someone from actually acting upon their thoughts. And Not having access to it may encourage one to act out their thoughts

    And yet, according to Sandberg & Marlatt in D.R. Laws (Ed.) Relapse prevention with Sex Offenders p 81:
    The internet provides a supportive environment in which to discuss fantasies of sexual activity with children in a context which routinises, sanitises and normalises sexual contact with children. While it can't be said with any certainty that all individuals who access child pornography will progress towards hands-on offences, the longer sexual fantasies are maintained and elaborated on, the greater the chance that the behavior will be acted out in real life.

    This idea is further expanded upon by Ward & Hudson A self-regulation model of relapse prevention. In D.R. Laws, Remaking Relapse Prevention with Sex Offenders: A Sourcebook
    Child pornography typically depicts children smiling or with neutral expressions. Rarely, are any signs of discomfot illustrated. As such, these images serve to reinforce pro-offending, thinking, and justify adults sexual interest in children. Therefore, the more individuals engage in fantasy, the more motivating and more detailed the rehearsal may become, and the more able the individuals are to convince themselves to act out the behaviour in real life.

    Child pornography, ranging from the brutal to the seemingly innocuous photos of children posed in underwear or swimsuits, are easily available. But quite difficult it can be to apprehend the producers of such. By focusing instead on the apprehension of the customer, the market for such filth will be quickly eliminated.

    In Queensland Australia, (story HERE)the recent passage of a law giving police the power to force suspected pedophiles to turn over computer passwords, sparked a discussion within an online pedophile CHAT . Their solutions ranged from having software that would wipe your hard drive when a fake password was entered, to remote controlled injection of acid into the hard drive, and lots of other wacko solutions in between.

    The question remains then, if they would never harm a child, never exploit a child, What do they have to hide? And why, if you dig deep enough, do you find that such a large percentage of them are convicted sex offenders of one type or another and/or constantly worrying about the possibility of arrest? Why?

    A.C. Salter in Treating Child Sex Offenders and Victims wrote:
    Individuals who have committed sexual offences against children usually present with distorted cognitions, or offence-supportive beliefs, about sexual activity with children. Cognitive distortions are used to excuse offending, minimise harmful outcomes, or attribute responsibility for the offending behaviour to someone or something else. Because cognitive distortions are present from fantasy to post-offending they are crucial targets for intervention. Offence-supportive beliefs are similarly found in individuals who access child pornography. Here, the content of the distorted thinking typically revolves around seeing child pornography as a victimless crime and denial of the possibility of progression to hands-on offences.

    See the following examples of Cognitive Distortions:
    • Minimising Extent
      • “I only went there once”
      • “I didn’t look at pictures of young children, they were 14–15 y/o”
      • “They weren’t sexually explicit pictures”
    • Restricted View of Harm
      • “I was only curious about how a child might look”
      • “I was only looking, it’s not like I actually touched a child”
      • “It’s only pixels on a screen”
      • “I’m just collecting information"
    • Justifying
      • “It must be OK it’s all over the net"
      • Child pornography is legal in some countries”
      • "Some children are married and having babies before they turn 16”
    • Blaming Others
      • “My wife lost all interest in sex so I looked somewhere else”
      • “The guys at work showed me where to find it. I wouldn’t have gone looking for it on my own”.
      • “They shouldn’t let it be here if they don’t want me to look at it”
    • Blaming External Factors
      • “I was under pressure and just wanted a distraction”
      • “I was trying to make a point against unfair censorship laws and went too far”
      • “It was a political statement. It wasn’t about sex”
    • Denying Planning or Setting Up the Offence
      • “It just happened”
      • “I just stumbled across it”
      • “I was looking for adult pornography and it came up on the screen”
      • “I don’t know why they keep emailing me this stuff”
    • Fantasy is OK
      • “What’s in my head can’t hurt anyone”
      • “It’s not like I’m actually touching, I’m just thinking about it”
      • “Just because I’m thinking about it doesn’t mean I’d ever do it”
    • Poor Me
      • “I really like children and everyone reads more into it”
      • “Why is everyone so upset? I was just looking at pictures”
      • “They’re all assuming it means I want to have sex with kids”
    Whether you produce child pornography or only view it, you are GUILTY of the exploitation of the most vulnerable and easily manipulated among us. Our children.
    Do not be taken in by their rhetoric!
    If you truly care for children, you cannot possibly be aware of this issue without asking yourself....Who is that little girl? Who is that little boy? I don't know about you, but that's the question that haunts me.

    UK Update

    After the horror that is Craig Sweeney - released early from a 3 year term for sexually assaulting a 6 year old - abducted and severely assaulted a 3 year old girl - there has been significant public outrage in the United Kingdom.

    The mother of the 3yo, Home Secretary John Reid and junior constitutional affairs minister Vera Baird have all come out in the media stating their dissatisfaction with the leniency of his sentence.

    Minister Gerry Sutcliff is being dispatched to the US to investigate Megan's Law - with a view to similar law being introduced in the UK - tentatively titled Sarah's Law. This would enable concerned citizens to check via postcode if there is a known sex offender (including paedophiles) living in an area.

    In addition Home Secretary John Reid has changed jurisdiction of Hostels where released offenders are housed to ensure that paedophiles are not housed near schools.

    More information here and here

    A worthy cause

    Those of you that are unfamiliar with Jessica's Law, please visit Campaign For Child Safety: Jessica's Law. Not only can you learn more about this important legislation that cracks down on child predators, but you can help it along as well.
    You can sign state petitions, make donations, and keep up on the latest news regarding the passing, or lack of passing, of this type of law in various states. To date, many states have come on board with similar laws that impose mandatory harsh sentences for child predators.
    It is truly a worthwhile effort. Go take a peek today.

    Why abnormality is gaining acceptance

    Saturday, June 17, 2006

    Why on earth would something as monstrous as pedophilia possibly gain any ground? Why would the perpetrators even try to argue for acceptance? It's quite simple really. The current climate of political correctness encourages it.

    All things that have been traditionally frowned upon are gaining acceptance. Regardless of how harmful, or deviant they may be, the bad things in life are growing. Media, television, celebrities, and politicians are all doing their part to push a climate of "tolerance," "progression," and all manner of other buzzwords that only add up to one thing: The erosion of true moral values. This is not an obvious offensive maneuver either. It's a well planned, well executed, propaganda campaign.

    Many people and agencies have done everything in their power to push acceptance of all things that rational adults know are wrong. It should come as no surprise that every whacko with a problem views this as their opportunity to gain acceptance. A stray thought process in a nutjob's head may go something like this: "Uhhhhh, everything my parents taught me was wrong is now ok. Uhhhhhh, I bet I can get my deviant ways to be okay now too."

    Politicians that claim to support traditional values have sold themselves out to the highest bidder. They are more concerned with getting votes, than getting the job done. The media is pushing ahead with the erosion of our values. Hollywood? They've been glorifying all things despicable for years.

    As long as voters just sit back and let it continue, our culture will remain on a downward spiral. There is voter apathy on both sides of the ailse. Left, or Right, doesn't matter when it comes to something as horrid as pedophillia. An atmosphere of "don't lash out against that, it's mean and insensitive to do so," is running rampant all around the world. Political correctness may have started out as an idea that was based on good intentions. Well, we all know what's paved with good intentions. PC has snowballed into a huge beast. If someone publicly decries something that we've all been taught is wrong, they are labeled as being insensitive, or intolerant.
    Parents now face unique challenges. There are far more ways for a child to be lured into danger today than in the past. Predators can utilize email, chat rooms, online gaming, and a host of other forums, to stalk our children. They are allowed to do this under the guise of free speech and tolerance.
    Are we too far over the edge to change this? Perhaps. It is certain that it won't change if the average folks continue in their apathetic ways.


    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    More fun! BNP site has a stab at us yeehee!Posted by Winston101Smith on Thursday, June 15 2006 at 05:41:47pm


    I was just browsing through my favourite blogs and came across a comment that led me to the blog I will quote at length below. Saying this isn't going to make me any friends, but, after being astounded that paedo's are trying to gain sympathy for their position instead of being shamed, and after looking at their techniques, their game plan reminds me of homosexuals. Now yes yes, pedophilia is inherently abusive while homosexuality merely spreads disease and is unpleasant, im just saying that it used the same trick to become accepted... Even venerated... So it does work.It seems the owner and several associates of this new blog are taking it very seriously, and they are looking for more British contributors and, I guess, researchers. I think this would be a brilliant job for a woman with kids, just as some of the amateur detectives of terrorists online are wives of soldiers, but whoever you are, take a look at the site and see if you think you have anything to offer.. If it stirs strong feelings of protection, anger and/or hate in you than I suggest that you should give them an e-mail.This is a part of her post about why she first set up the blog;"This site has been set up in response to an attack made upon me. Recently I made a brief post regarding Dutch paedophiles who are hoping to form a political party. A group of paedophile activists found this and immediately began trying to use my blog as a platform to push their agenda please accept us and say we're ok. When I said this would not happen and began moderating comments, the true trouble began. I was bombarded with emails of many descriptions. These ranged from mere "explanations" of why I am wrong in stating that paedophilia is not acceptable to more threatening and hateful comments.......When I originally made that post, I never imagined the fight that would ensue. However, it came to me and I gladly accept. We will never be forced into silence or acceptance.

    This blog is to serve as a resource and forum for those concerned with this issue. We will diligently gather worldwide resources for those affected and endeavour to raise awareness regarding paedophilia through regular research and updates. Sexual assault is not the only type of child abuse. We are dedicated to combating all forms of child abuse and exploitation.

    "How about that! Its the "I see you, and I raise you" attitude. I like it, and you couldnt ask for a much nobler cause.

    I know who this sounds like - don't you?
    Is there any possibility we could use these bigots to our own good?
    Can we use them to further our cause?

    Behind the Scenes

    Why do pedophiles rationalize, justify, make excuses and blame? I suppose they must to be able to live with themselves. And I suppose one can convince themselves that anything is 'okay' if they want it bad enough.

    Why can we all recognize rationalization so easily and they can't? Perhaps because they've become so accustomed to thinking this way that it becomes normal to them.

    Here's some examples
    In the first case we have an obviously violent MAN Known as DebateCrime/Winston Smith/Lepidopterist. It's no small wonder that this guy has been thrown out of so many groups and message boards. HERE he attempts to apologize after his previous tirade was deleted by the moderator.
    I am ashamed of writing such filth. I blame those pigs and others like them for what I wrote

    That doesn't sound like remorse to me. That's typical abuser type behavior. Listen, you can almost here it now.............."Well Honey I'm sorry I blackened your eye, knocked out 2 teeth and broke your arm. But you made me do it"


    Here's an example of THAT
    Most (90% to 98%) child molesters are "situational offenders"

    Uh, huh. Right. As in

  • your neighbors kid

  • your co-workers kid

  • your friends kid

  • your kids friend

  • So when SilentWar made that statement here, I found it quite interesting. HERE'S
    a good example of it in action.
    most of the LGs i know, i met through one of the following ways:

    * Schoolmates of my doughter,
    * Friends' doughters and young cousins/sisters,
    * Roleplayers, and -
    * Friends of the above three categories

    Now pedophiles would have you believe that they love children. In fact some of them claim to love them more than their own parents. They say they would never harm a child. They say they don't want to have sex with a child, they are merely sexually attracted to them. "Why won't you believe us"? they plead. "Oh and by the way, you should do away with age of consent laws because even 3 year olds like it"
    They argue two conflicting points at the same time, and somehow believe they are intelligent, rational, logical people. Ok so then how do you explain THIS?

    We need to live our lives the way we want to with the girls we love and adore. It is their smiles and their love towards us that should be on our main agenda. I don't give two fucks if society hates me and wants to have me locked away or shot in the head, I know what the laws are, and I will swerve around them to make myself and the girls I meet as happy as possible.

    or THIS

    Then perhaps we move on to younger audiences??... i.e. posting on teen forums to more open-minded people before they actually become twisted and screwed up and sick like the antis are...

    or THAT
    Dominate by terror, hold them personally responsible for the effects of the counterphilanthropic advocacy they promote, track them in search and destroy missions, make alliances in the community until the ranting lunatics are reviled and excluded, and show them up every chance you get with better debate skills and a stronger message.'s what's worked so far. Oh, and most importantly - do not submit. Seek, destroy, befriend, and occupy turf.

    or the OTHER
    Now, that brings us to another matter--forcing society to accept our perspective and accept us. I am getting to the point where I believe it is time we took serious action. I think the time for us to rise up in force and risk our lives for our cause is at hand. I am prepared to do so if others will join me. I no longer care about reasoning with the antis--I agree that, for the most part, they cannot be reasoned with. Viva la resistance!!!

    Now this one's a DOOZY
    I asked the following questions on one of those anti-blogs once after someone stated (with nothing to back it up) that children are not "physically or emotionally" ready for sex.

    * How is an 8-year-old boy not ready "physically" to receive oral sex from a man or from a woman?

    * What emotional preparation is needed in order for a willing young girl to be ready to have her naked body gently stroked, massaged, kissed, or licked by a man or a woman?


    And then we HAVE
    my new doubt is if I should talk to "be"(11), my crush, about sex, ...... don't know...... the other day she showed me an interview of one of her fave actors, only the part when he said "I had sex for the first time at 17" she said that's gross!!
    I'd be glad to teach her what she should know about it but I'm scared of her parents realizing I am telling her that. I could swear their parents don't even mention a word abouit the subject to her.. sad.

    any ideas of how can I educate her?

    And he got a REPLY
    There are books, at least in English, that are intended for teens (and they would be fine for an 11-year-old) that provide a decent, relatively unbiased view of sexuality. You could help her to get her hands on such a book.

    Very good. Encouragement. Never mind that she's not interested, ahem. Just educate her and she will be.

    These rationalizing pedophiles insist they are NORMAL while stating that they know they aren't.
    We all know why we're here: because we are adults that find children attractive. We hope to see a society where we are allowed to express those feelings without fear of persecution, as long as we are caring and responsible towards the children we are attracted to. But can children reciprocate those feelings of attraction?

    I understand that my pedosexuality has to do with unresolved childhood issues that prevented me from "maturing" in certain ways. That's why I'm still only attracted to children (the age I was when I got "stuck") and not adults. So if you have to be "mature" yourself in order to be physically attracted to adults, how can any actual children can be physically attracted to adults?

    My answer is Get help and grow up!

    But the answer he GOT
    Try being 44 and still want to be attractive to lgs. Its very hard. I have
    to win them with my personality first.

    Anyone who has had the pleasure of being with young children knows how inquisitive children can be. And very pleasant it is to be on the receiving end of that interest.

    Not to be OUTDONE
    I am regularly stared at by LGs and occasionally jump on the webcam and hook up with kids.....What's most important is to be, and act, more like a member of their peer group than just another adult.

    Of course they have NOTHING to be ashamed of.
    I feel obsessed all the time. Whenever I have a chance to spend some time with a little girl, any little girl, my thoughts are always about whether or not I should try to strike up a relationship with her. I always want to, and then I feel guilty
    I don't know how to just be around little girls without desperately wanting, being paralyzed by fear of discovery, and then crushed and frustrated when nothing happens.
    All I can feel is frustration, bitterness, anger, and shame for being this way. How can I not be obsessed? Nothing else is important in life. Little girls are my heroin, and I am an addict.

    And can you say WTF?
    One of the great arguments I hear out there is that "children aren't emotionally ready for sex"...but what's being emotionally ready for that? It comes off as slightly (and by slightly I mean extremely) hypocritical, given that hookers get picked up every night, and one night stands happen to, oh, pretty much everyone. Where's the emotion in that? Do I have to be emotionally ready to hire a hooker and screw her?

    I repeat WTF????

    Cyber Tipline

    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    One of the most useful links you'll find in the sidebar is the Cyber Tipline. This is run by the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children in conjunction with the FBI, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, state and local law enforcement , and Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces.

    Their site contains a wealth of information regarding ways to combat child pornography and exploitation. Their tip line is 1-800-843-5678. This is a toll-free number available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

    If you see something illegal on the net, please let them know as soon as possible.

    We have been in contact with a member of their team. Their advice ties in closely to the advice given to Bushwack at the conference:

    Speak up!
    Once it is reported, it will be investigated
    Be patient. Often they will spend months gathering evidence on these people to ensure a conviction.

    Conference today.

    Back from a very eye opening conference on "Crimes and our Roles" This was not an open conference; it was only available through the Cops and Clergy program.
    There were about 30 people in the room we had 4 different speakers, 1 lawyer, 2 detectives and 1 from the Internet crime unit. (My Bud)
    The first speaker Detective (R.G.) talked mainly about Prostitution and the effect on the area, the crime statistics and how civilians can help curb this problem, very interesting and some good information. He had some video clips and some slides showing the growth of the problem here in our City.
    The other Detective (B.W.) He focused his speech in the pedophile area. He had a slide showing the area in which I live with dots showing the areas of convicted Child Molesters. (Megan’s Law) He showed several statistics and spoke at length about the problem, He also noted that this behavior is increasing and our law enforcement is FULLY ENGAGED in this. He talked about the internet and countermeasures in place and also displayed a few “Fugitives pictures” for some reason he looked right at me and say’s “Please do not apprehend this guy, just call us.” I wondered why?
    This where I got to ask a questions
    Bushwack “With Megan’s Law we are informed of their locations and by the map you show there are several schools and churches near where they reside, have there been any re-offenders or Pedophile Crimes in those area’s?”
    Mr. W. "There have been offenders of their parole or probation and I’ll tell you that a large majority of the child molesters do commit the act again after they are released. Our laws are far from perfect but it’s the best we got. We try to keep tabs on these folks as best we can. This is why we need you guys. Talk to our kids let them know about these people in our community and how to avoid them.” “Report suspicious activity, and be vigilant in our Neighborhood watch program”. Again he says “we don’t need vigilantism we can handle it if we get a reportWTF? I think my wife tipped them off.
    Next came a friend of mine, he is a wealth of knowledge in the internet crime arena.
    He spoke about fraud and ID theft and protective measures for a short time. And then came the whole reason I went to this conference.
    He had a computer hooked up to a large screen and he warned us about some of the things he was going to show. After all of the recent issues we have been having with the Pedofreaks I felt pretty sure I was numb to anything he would show. WRONG
    He put up some sights that make the freaks we have been dealing with look tame. Some very sick stuff and a couple of the women in the room were openly shocked, 2 of which left the room. He produced statistics and “Descriptions” of what is a crime. He had some slides of known Pedophiles and their “Internet names” To my surprise a Familiar name came up on the screen. He opened it up for Q&A at this point, a few questions were asked by some others in the room. “What can we do” type questions. His answer was “to bring things found on the web to their attention (He gave us an email link) and to be patient it takes time to track these people”. But when they get them they have a 98% conviction rating.
    Then I got to put in my two cents, I had previously been told of the agenda of this meeting, so I brought some of the information that I found yesterday and from some other sources on a disc. My question was “define a pedophile crime on the net, I am a blogger, I have my own site and a group of us have been fighting some of these pedofreaks in the blogsphere” His answer was well I’d have to look at some of the sites and”….I stopped him and took the disc up to the podium. (He kind of snickered and said, “I figured it was a set up.”) He wasn’t connected to the Internet so he couldn’t open up any links however; I had several screen shots, pictures and actual pages downloaded. He opened up a few and said
    “Most of these fall under the freedom of speech banner, they are allowed to say what ever they wish to say, as long as no action is taken, except this one, (Pictures of minors in suggestive poses wearing underwear) falls into child porn and can be prosecuted as such”. He opened it up and exploded the view of the text.
    This got a large laugh from the audience because the first two posts on the page were about me.
    At this point I pointed out several links he should investigate and also some site meter info and gave him the disc. I also informed the room of the Absolute Zero blog.
    A lot of information was shared and I found out there is a large amount of money going into protecting our kids from the pedofreaks.
    The lawyer made a brief speech regarding the Law and definitions of pedophile or molestation crime.
    He finished with this “Do I think we can do more? Hell yes. But because of the nature of the crime against kids, they do not know it has occurred right away, it might take months before they know. KIDS NEED TO BE AWARE OF WHAT IS A CRIME and report it to people like us in the room. Talk to our kids, information can save their lives.
    I was treated to a quick tour of the Internet crime office and learned a few things.
    I’ll elaborate a little later.

    Bottom line, The Pedophiles inundating our blogsphere have a right to their opinion. It is up to us to expose that opinion and the purveyors of that sickness.
    The ones like, Little green olives, my pedo attraction and the freak known as Vlad have created an illusion in their mind that this behavior is ok. We must shout it from the rooftops that it is not. Visit Perverted Justice. They do some good work.

    Why Fight Pedophiles?

    Upon joining this blog, I began asking myself why the fight against pedophiles is important and relevant to society. I browsed the openly-pedophile network of blogs and realized that their goal is to gain legitimacy in the eyes of non-pedophiles. In other words, they want to reveal their tendencies and not be automatically labeled as child abusers. At first glance, this doesn't seem all that menacing.

    Nevertheless, there are a few crucial points and assumptions that render their cause objectionable. Their argument, that their attraction to children doesn't make them child sex offenders, rests on the assumption that not all pedophiles seek physical contact with children. While this could be true, we must examine what the ultimate goal is for pedophiles.

    Pedophiles are attracted to children sexually. They are aroused and probably fantasize about intimate encounters with children. Therefore, it can be assumed that their ultimate goal is to have physical pleasure with a child. I'll use parallel reasoning to further illustrate this point. A chocolate lover is someone who is attracted to chocolate, in the sense of consumption. Does that make a chocolate lover a chocolate eater? Most likely. The desire to have chocolate will very likely lead to this chocolate lover having a piece of chocolate at some point. This is true of most human desires.

    The human desires which don't always get fulfilled are few. For example, someone is who enraged about a violent crime perpetuated upon his family may have the desire to kill the person responsible. The desire to get revenge may be so strong that it is almost impossible to negate. However, the fear of retribution, namely being punished by the courts, forces the person to do otherwise.

    How does this relate to pedophilia? At this time, it is illegal for an adult to have improper (as defined by state laws) physical contact with a minor. For this reason, many pedophiles resist the urge and keep it repressed. These pedophile bloggers are attempting to make their impulses into a particular social discourse by opening dialogue and, possibly, gaining acceptance of their condition. If this would occur, would children continue to be protected from sexual exploitation by pedophiles? Granted, pedophilia may never be legalized, but would empathy toward pedophiles evaporate their fear of the legal system?

    I admit this is a worst-case scenario. However, I pose this question to the pedophile bloggers: How can you guarantee that pedophiles won't exploit and abuse our children?

    I don't think they can. This is why the fight against pedophile-activists is a good and necessary one.

    Besides, we don't want guys like this walking around our neighborhoods:

    AZ Directive

    To stay in tune with our zero tolerance policies and the on-going attempts and persistance for non-compliance with our policies.The pedophiles who will not conform to society and the total disregard for rules in general.We are enacting the delete on site directive.This is not a platfrom for pedophiles to justify their mental disorder. Lestat A.K.A. Crimson Vampire and Twilight and the Green olive freak can be debated at their own websites,if you can stomache it.

    That is all
    The Administration

    Pedophile progressions.

    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    Absolute Zero,
    What a great title, it is exactly the amount of compassion I feel for the person that seeks sexual gratification from a child. I hear the “Oppression of free speech” argument from some of them. I hear the “We are oppressed” from a few of them. I looked around a little and found out some interesting things.
    Definition of oppression; prolonged cruel or unjust treatment. The state of being subject to such treatment or control, mental pressure or distress.
    With that in mind we should know that children under the age of 11 derive no gratification from a sexual act. In other words when a pedophile engages in a sexual act with a child under that age, the gratification is a one-way street.
    Does that not fall under the oppression flag? Who again is the oppressor?
    When a child has had to endure a pedophiles selfish urge, the damage done to the child will take years to overcome and our illustrious pedophile just moves on to the next victim. Now we have determined the true oppressor.
    Lets look at the Pedophiles that are using the “I have the urge but I’ll never act on it” reasoning. This is a scary one indeed. Lets look at this in phases.
    Phase 1. How many years did they have the “Urge” before they started speaking out about it? For the sake of argument lets say, 2 years. No harm yet.
    Phase 2. They decide to “Voice” their “Urges” in a public, yet anonymous forum.
    Still no harm, however they have graduated in their urges from silence to a voice.
    Phase 3. After a period of time talking about it, the next step will be to “Stalk” or “Peep” or possibly talk to a child. Still no real harm done because the pedophile has not “Acted” on the “Urge”
    The next phase in this progression will likely be the last for some victim. But it will be the first for the pedophile. Eventually the freak will be caught in this phase of his “Sickness.” Time for the cure!
    There is something seriously wrong with a lifestyle choice that is even hated and punished by the dregs of society in our prisons. A pedophile’s life expectancy in prison is extremely short. Funny thing about the prison guards, most are young, getting ready to be sheriffs and have kids. Which mean they are less than sympathetic to the likes of the pedophile. They will mention the conviction to inmates and turn their backs.
    Murderers and rapists and just the cream of the crop in our correctional facilities do not like poison in their prison. In a cons mind a pedophile is the lowest criminal in the yard and will eradicate it with extreme prejudice.
    Bottom line, all of the pedophiles that frequent these blogs or have their own up, have gotten to Phase 2 and have probably been there for a while.
    I do not pretend to know the Pedophile mind; but addiction is universal. If a little is good, more is better. Pedophiles arguing a point like this is futile at best, all we can hope is they either get help or get caught before any harm is done to our children.

    Pedophiles and On-line Gaming

    Do your kids play a lot of games on-line? On-line gaming is a huge market there are literally hundreds of games available for on-line play.The gaming community consists of more than a million people,probably millions.The Vast majority are young adults from 18 - 35 years old but kids lots of kids are under 18 years old and play them night and day.

    On-line gaming which I am a member of all have there own little community within the game expirience itself. Which consists of a main site which is operated by the producers of the game itself,this site contains support topics,rules,FAQ's forums ect. ect. Then there are user created fansites usually if the game is a good game there will be tons of support and fan sites.

    The reason for this article is to make aware to parents about these sites and and On-line gaming itself ,you see there are also predators at these sites although they may be game enthusiests they are predators none the less I will be focusing on one such predator that plays among your children in the vast anonymous world of on-line gaming.

    This particular predator is a freak by all definitions of the word.He not only is a pedophile.He believes he is a Vampire as well,Yeah I said vampire.He goes by the user name Viamund the rake and is a member of NAMBLA(I will not link this site) and lives in Toronto Ca.He has unsuccessfully tried to publish a 67 page book about vampire boy love something or other.

    He plays 3 on-line games D&D,Gothador and Ravenblack I have infiltrated all 3 game sites and found him on 2 of the 3 forums going by the name Viamund.And yes I did expose him to the forums he has been outted as a pedophile at these anonymous gaming sites.

    Just knowing that freaks out there such as Viamund the rake is enough to make you want to puke,this individual has lost all touch with reality and tops the Pigs suggestion list for Duel proceedure CASTRATION/LABOTOMY Congradulations

    Seek Help Now!

    First off, I would like to thank everyone for putting this site together, as well as for letting me be a part of it. I feel this is one of the most important blogs on the Internet right now, and I’m honored to a part of it.

    The way I look at this is that there are two types of pedophiles: the ones who act on their urges and the ones who have yet to act on their urges. Both types are equally dangerous due to the fact that their urges cause them to be a potential threat to our children. Those who have already acted on these urges need to be found, arrested, and prosecuted as swiftly as possible. Those who have not acted on those urges must seek treatment immediately. Saying that you don’t need help is the same as a heroin junkie saying that he needs no help. There are plenty of resources to assist you.

    These pedophiles that insist on using the Internet to promote and celebrate their abnormal attraction to children must be silenced. These individuals can instead be using their blogs to offer support to those who are fighting these urges, but they insist on prolonging the problem.

    Obscene Material and First Amendment

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Freedom of expression has contributed much to the development and wellbeing of our free society. In the exercise of the First Amendment right to free expression which everyone enjoys, sex may be portrayed, and the subject of sex may be discussed, freely and publicly. Although material is not to be condemned merely because it contains passages or sequences that describe or depict sexual activity, the courts have consistently held that the right to free expression does not extend to material which is obscene.

    Obscene depictions of sexual conduct are subject to federal criminal laws regarding importation, transportation and distribution. CEOS works with the 93 United States Attorneys' offices around the country and investigative agencies to enforce these statutes. The United States Supreme Court, in Miller v. California, 413 U.S. 15 (1973), established a three-part test for determining whether a depiction is obscene:

    1. Whether the average person would find that the work, taken as a whole and applying contemporary community standards, appeals to the prurient interest;

    2. Whether the work depicts or describes sexual conduct in a patently offensive way, when applying contemporary community standards; and

    3. Whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

    Regardless of the prevalence of sexually explicit images in society, in the media, and on the Internet, the Miller test remains the standard by which depictions of sexual conduct are judged.

    More information available HERE

    File a complaint HERE