Friday, June 30, 2006

Pedophiles justify their sick and twisted existence by saying things like, “I love children. I would never harm a child. I love children more than their parents do.”

NO, you don’t love children MORE than their parents do. You love them DIFFERENTLY – in other words, SEXUALLY. You sick perverted scum.

I am tired of pedophiles trying to convince us that they are harmless. They post comments about how they see young girls and boys on the street and what a thrill they get from seeing them, or even getting to talk to them. How their smiles excite them and brighten their day.

Then they talk about the worries they have when they get a job with a young child involved. They brag about how cool it is that the parents don’t even know they are a pedophile and being put in charge of the child.

None of them admit to committing a crime or physically attacking a child. But how far is the leap between lusting after a child and acting on those lustful urges?

We need to be a Neighborhood Watch Group. All of us. Pedophiles are everywhere and they are everybody. In today’s world, evil monsters don’t look evil, they look like everyone else.

This means we all have to watch people’s behaviors. And don’t just look the other way. Do something about it!

When I drove by a local Middle School (grades 6-8) a couple of years ago, I saw a man sitting in a car alone. He was parked on the street at the far end of the grassy field looking through binoculars at the young boys and girls running around in their PE shorts.

I immediately got his license plate and gave it to the people in the school’s office. They in turn got a group of administrators to converge on this car. The man was startled by their appearance. He produced a police ID and told them that he was on duty doing surveillance on a house on the other side of the field. The school officials took his name and badge number down.

OK, so the guy was a cop. So what?! Cops are pedophiles too. This one turned out not to be, but what if he was. What if I didn’t bother to get someone’s attention and report his suspicious behavior?

What if he wasn’t a cop, but just a local guy sitting there checking out the kids? Does that make him a criminal? No. But it does make him a pedophile and he needs to be monitored. Pedophiles will say that ‘monitoring’ them is harassment. I say spending hours watching young children romp in the park is sick and perverted.
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