Terrorist Funding

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pedophiles are not collecting money just to try and wash their reputation with organizations like Save the Children. They are collecting it for more sinister reasons as well. If you have a look at the "Support of Activism" page, you will see that a lot of these pervert websites have banded together to collect money for "activism".

If you look down the page a little ways, you will see what they mean by "activism". Item number one: legal defense of people accused of child molestation! Item number two: legal defense of child sex offenders! In other words, the same pedophiles who claim to "care" for children are collecting money to help those who have victimized them! They are funding domestic terrorism!

The perverts are smart enough not to be collecting those funds in the United States. No, they are collecting that money in Holland. Now, I have gotten a lot of criticism from Dutch people about my comments about the Dutch legal system and I even took some of those comments down as a result. My main reason is that a lot of Dutch people showed me that they do not support the efforts of perverts like Norbert de Jonge and were against his pervert political party. Now, I hope the Dutch will lean on their politicians to freeze the bank accounts of the MARTIJN organization which is the pervert club that is collecting the dough.

We can also do something about this from here. We need to lean on our politicians to cut the flow to these bank accounts too. Just like they trace any other form of terrorist funding, we need to make sure they are tracking what money from this country is being directed into those accounts. Then we need to hold those people accountable for their actions!
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