The Pedophile Voting System

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

**Ya'll may have to forgive me for cross posting this... but I was just dying to share it:

Some people will vote along party lines in 2008. Some will vote according to faith, others according to the issues that weigh most on their minds. Some will just vote according to whoever makes the best promises.
It is strange how people will get to making their choice about which person they to lead the Nation, and although I have heard a varied amount of reasons for why people choose one candidate over the other, this by far is the most disturbing, sickening and utterly repulsive reasoning in the history of voting:

I have decided to predict the next president not by the candidate’s political views, savoir-faire and fund-raising prowess but by something completely different. I have decided to make my prediction based upon what lovely First Daughter we can look forward to watching grow up for four to eight years. To give the older candidates a fighting chance, I have decided to evaluate granddaughters as well, but granddaughters will not be weighted as highly since we cannot expect to see First Granddaughters as often as First Daughters.

That is taken directly from the site of self acclaimed paedophile Linsday Ashford. Yes, the very same Ashford that I recently disclosed had attempted to use a children's charity to further his disgusting and demented corruption of children. (See both links)

What is particularly disturbing about this evaluation of the children of political leaders is that he has added to the insult by posting photos of the children, thus jeopardizing their safety as his minions ponder what deviant actions they could commit against these innocent children.

The list is gathered from both parties and includes images and information on the children/ grandchild of: Senator John Edwards, Governor Mark Warner, Senator Joseph Biden, Senator Tom Daschle, Senator Barack Obama, Senator Chris Dodd, Senator George Allen, Senator Sam Brownback, Governor Mitt Romney, Senator John McCain, Senator Rick Santorum, Representative Mike Pence, and Vice President Dick Cheney.

In case the whole thing with Save the Children, (see earlier posts) didn't tip you off to the fact that I tend to be a "little blogger with a big mouth" that feels it's important to inform people of what is going on, then this next part should quickly pass the message through.

I spent the day calling campaign offices about this situation. First, because as a citizen I believe that it is my job (and yours) to keep our leaders informed of the dangers lurking around their children. I may not care for someone's political stand... but I care about the safety of their children. Secondly, I was really interested in knowing just how these people felt when the tables where turned. So often it seems that many ignore the problems of pedophilia, child molesters and the like when they are sitting safely behind their Washington desks. If we can wake them up to remind them about how we feel intimidated and concerned when the child molester moves in next door, by showing them that even their children with all their security around, can be attacked by the likes of Ashford and his minions, then perhaps they will come to be more understanding when making laws, signing bills and doing their jobs we elected them to.

What amazed me the absolute most was the response from Senator Barack Obama public relations guy, who informed me that not only was he not willing to react to this, not willing to make a statement on it, but that he really wasn't that concerned. I can only hope that his boss would have taken a different stand on it. Although, perhaps it was the fact that Obama's children were "in the lead" in Ashfords predicted election results that clouded his better judgment.

By far the best reaction, and the most concerned came from Senator Rick Santorum's office, and his Chief of Staff was truly a pleasure to talk to, despite the fact that our discussion evolved around the most disturbing and disgusting man on the Internet.

Adding onto the "pedophile voting" disgrace is the fact that there is potential for these predators to reenact their "donation" plot yet again... only this time it appears that they intended receiver of the funds returned by Save the Children will be someone's campaign funds. In response one member of the child molesters forum suggested that they should write and complain to Senators that their money was returned. The answer he received back?
Instead of writing to Senators to complain, offer to donate to their campaigns... I think that they *will* take the money

Nothing like polluting campaigns even more. Although, I have to wonder just which Senator would be willing to accept funds from an organized group of scum child molesters? If nothing else, it would certainly perk up the nightly news a bit, heh? And perhaps, then our leaders will be more in-tune to listening to people when it comes to helping protect our children against these predators.
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