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Monday, June 26, 2006

I wanted to take a quick moment and thank Stitches for extending an invitation to guest post here. And to introduce myself to the rest of you.

I've been blogging for just over a year, at Lost in Lima Ohio which is a crime blog focusing on crimes against children, sexual predators, among other things. I also guest blog at two other sites, so between blogging, working and playing with my three little ones... I keep quite busy. I'm hoping to be able to contribute as much as I can to this newest endeavor- blogging here with you. Just be willing to forgive my absence in case I go MIA every now and then.

And lastly, for now anyways, let me explain my stand against pedophiles:
The Girllovers mission is one in which they seek to justify their deformed views on children; they wish to normalize the sexual exploitation and abuse of children for their own personal benefit; they have long wanted to put a face on paedophilia that would make it more acceptable, that would be able to hide the damage that they callously cause by their heinous abuse of children. Well, it can not be done. They can not justify the raping of a four year old. They can not normalize their desires to use a child as a object of sexual gratification, and they can not hide the results of their actions once they take them. Children are not sexual objects put on earth to feed their demented urges.

For as long as they continue to endorse it, people will be willing to stand up and fight against it. And, in the end, we will win this fight. Because we understand that the childhood of millions depend upon it.
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