Thursday, June 15, 2006

More fun! BNP site has a stab at us yeehee!Posted by Winston101Smith on Thursday, June 15 2006 at 05:41:47pm


I was just browsing through my favourite blogs and came across a comment that led me to the blog I will quote at length below. Saying this isn't going to make me any friends, but, after being astounded that paedo's are trying to gain sympathy for their position instead of being shamed, and after looking at their techniques, their game plan reminds me of homosexuals. Now yes yes, pedophilia is inherently abusive while homosexuality merely spreads disease and is unpleasant, im just saying that it used the same trick to become accepted... Even venerated... So it does work.It seems the owner and several associates of this new blog are taking it very seriously, and they are looking for more British contributors and, I guess, researchers. I think this would be a brilliant job for a woman with kids, just as some of the amateur detectives of terrorists online are wives of soldiers, but whoever you are, take a look at the site and see if you think you have anything to offer.. If it stirs strong feelings of protection, anger and/or hate in you than I suggest that you should give them an e-mail.This is a part of her post about why she first set up the blog;"This site has been set up in response to an attack made upon me. Recently I made a brief post regarding Dutch paedophiles who are hoping to form a political party. A group of paedophile activists found this and immediately began trying to use my blog as a platform to push their agenda please accept us and say we're ok. When I said this would not happen and began moderating comments, the true trouble began. I was bombarded with emails of many descriptions. These ranged from mere "explanations" of why I am wrong in stating that paedophilia is not acceptable to more threatening and hateful comments.......When I originally made that post, I never imagined the fight that would ensue. However, it came to me and I gladly accept. We will never be forced into silence or acceptance.

This blog is to serve as a resource and forum for those concerned with this issue. We will diligently gather worldwide resources for those affected and endeavour to raise awareness regarding paedophilia through regular research and updates. Sexual assault is not the only type of child abuse. We are dedicated to combating all forms of child abuse and exploitation.

"How about that! Its the "I see you, and I raise you" attitude. I like it, and you couldnt ask for a much nobler cause.

I know who this sounds like - don't you?
Is there any possibility we could use these bigots to our own good?
Can we use them to further our cause?
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