The Dangers of Pedophilia

Monday, June 26, 2006

We've all heard the horror stories of child abductions and molestations and understand the very clear danger of something like this happening to one of our children. but my interest here is how this gang of psychologically handicapped people, by their mere words I am a pedophile harm society as a whole.

I've read lots of news stories such as a recent one from Australia, in which no one is allowed to take photographs of their children at school functions because of things pedophiles have done. Pedophiles say this is another example of parents hysteria.....but normal people say that it's yet another example of how they have harmed society. They restrict our rights as parents and they restrict our childrens freedoms by their very existence and continued attempts to go mainstream.

Take their recent failed attempt to use the Save the Children organization for example. They think, they say that we don't care for children, or we would just be grateful the money was donated at all. Obviously, they continue to underestimate us. That we could so quickly see through to their real motives must have been shocking to say the least. (Considering how they think we are ignorant, repressed people who require them to educate and enlighten us). So they go on a raging spamming mission of our blog. Yawn. They are so transparent.

But this is an example of why we must never be silent. Stopping their underhanded technique to abuse the good name of Save the Children, was a small victory for children, and yet it was a much larger victory in the scheme of things. When you realize that every step you take in slowing down that growing snowball hurtling down the mountain....takes us one step further in our mission.....Inform.......Expose.....Silence.

Now personally I've had some of these creeps ranting Expose? Expose what? I'm not breaking any laws!
So I will say this very clearly so that the more dense among you sexual deviants reading this will understand........... I want to expose what you are, I want to expose your beliefs, your desires and your evil mission. I want to stop you from attaining your goal.

I understand that you squabble amongst yourself....what is the correct way...blah blah blah. But this is to our favor. Those of you who say you would never harm children, associate yourselves with those that would (and have). You can't even agree amongst your own what is right and wrong. As a group you have no moral compass, there is no cohesive voice. How can you possibly think you can spread a message of love/no harm for children?

I also understand that you don't like me posting your comments here. That doesn't surprise me. I do however have a solution for you. Close your message boards and blogs to the public. Silence yourselves to the rest of the world....otherwise I will continue to use your own words against you. I realize of course that you also post our words in your deviant little holes of iniquity. What you don't realize however is that it doesn't harm us. Our mission is much more damaging to you. Normal people read this blog and they tell others....and they tell others....

Now, the psychopath Demosthenes, if you remember is the one who thinks that if children 'consent' it should be acceptable to give them drugs that would stop their physical development. He doesn't like what happened over Save the children, he thinks he knows why, but then he has lots of strange ideas.
They had some great loss of an adult love as a child, or had it withheld from them completely, and now they are jealous of any child that does have it. The most disturbing part of it all is that while they are actively parading around and shouting about the evils of us, the truth is that they harbor secret hatred of children for having the love that they feel that they deserve, and us for giving it to children whom they wholely undeserving.

(stitches shakes head in disbelief)

Yes, they have lots of ideas about why we stopped their donation. None of them are true, I might add. But this one just takes the cake. Enigma would like to use propoganda to purposefully mislead people in a twisted Machiavellian campaign to raise money and change society's perception by founding a charitable organization with a sinister ulterior motive.
Yes, that's where the battle needs to be fought. In the field of public relations, not public education. The average Joe isn't smart enough to question the sources of most of the information he takes in. But when he knows the information is coming from pedophiles, he's "smart" enough to automatically assume it's self-serving bullshit. So we need to educate indirectly, with or without his conscious cooperation, and in a way that makes the antis look like the freaks. Believe me, it can be done. Anything can be spun the way we want it to look.

Why not register a non-profit organization called something like American Council for Sexual Values? It's a nice friendly name that sounds like it'd have a message a lot of antis want to hear. Of course, there's no explicit mention of just what kind of "sexual values" this organization would be advocating.

Use it as a mouthpiece for studies done by folks like John Money, Judith Levine, Rind et al., and so forth. It's cheap to set up a non-profit organization, and as such, it could receive donations. Those donations could be used to fund political action committees, buy advertising on network television and newspapers, you name it. Nothing blatantly pro-pedophilia, of course. Just press releases such as "Studies show effect of sex during childhood can be positive." and "Correlation found between late age of first sexual experience and trouble with relationships in adult life." Get it into the public's consciousness that way, and that'll open the door a crack.

Is it dishonest? Yes. Is it manipulative? Yes. Is it mind control? Yes. Is it all the things we accuse them of doing against us? Yes. But we can't say we believe in our cause and then say we have to leave certain options off the table. If we really believe in what we're doing, if we really believe it's for the good of the children, then just as they will use any means at their disposal, so must we. If we want to win, we'll have to do what works, not what's fair or nice.

Have they spent so long with distorted thinking that they believe they can get away with this? Only if we let them. Only if we remain silent. We cannot afford to stand back and hope someone else does the work. As for me, I knew very little about this issue before these creeps had a go at my daughter....But now that I've seen....I can't not see. I'm like a duck on a junebug, like white on rice, in fact this is how I look.
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