Why abnormality is gaining acceptance

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why on earth would something as monstrous as pedophilia possibly gain any ground? Why would the perpetrators even try to argue for acceptance? It's quite simple really. The current climate of political correctness encourages it.

All things that have been traditionally frowned upon are gaining acceptance. Regardless of how harmful, or deviant they may be, the bad things in life are growing. Media, television, celebrities, and politicians are all doing their part to push a climate of "tolerance," "progression," and all manner of other buzzwords that only add up to one thing: The erosion of true moral values. This is not an obvious offensive maneuver either. It's a well planned, well executed, propaganda campaign.

Many people and agencies have done everything in their power to push acceptance of all things that rational adults know are wrong. It should come as no surprise that every whacko with a problem views this as their opportunity to gain acceptance. A stray thought process in a nutjob's head may go something like this: "Uhhhhh, everything my parents taught me was wrong is now ok. Uhhhhhh, I bet I can get my deviant ways to be okay now too."

Politicians that claim to support traditional values have sold themselves out to the highest bidder. They are more concerned with getting votes, than getting the job done. The media is pushing ahead with the erosion of our values. Hollywood? They've been glorifying all things despicable for years.

As long as voters just sit back and let it continue, our culture will remain on a downward spiral. There is voter apathy on both sides of the ailse. Left, or Right, doesn't matter when it comes to something as horrid as pedophillia. An atmosphere of "don't lash out against that, it's mean and insensitive to do so," is running rampant all around the world. Political correctness may have started out as an idea that was based on good intentions. Well, we all know what's paved with good intentions. PC has snowballed into a huge beast. If someone publicly decries something that we've all been taught is wrong, they are labeled as being insensitive, or intolerant.
Parents now face unique challenges. There are far more ways for a child to be lured into danger today than in the past. Predators can utilize email, chat rooms, online gaming, and a host of other forums, to stalk our children. They are allowed to do this under the guise of free speech and tolerance.
Are we too far over the edge to change this? Perhaps. It is certain that it won't change if the average folks continue in their apathetic ways.
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