Pedophiles and On-line Gaming

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Do your kids play a lot of games on-line? On-line gaming is a huge market there are literally hundreds of games available for on-line play.The gaming community consists of more than a million people,probably millions.The Vast majority are young adults from 18 - 35 years old but kids lots of kids are under 18 years old and play them night and day.

On-line gaming which I am a member of all have there own little community within the game expirience itself. Which consists of a main site which is operated by the producers of the game itself,this site contains support topics,rules,FAQ's forums ect. ect. Then there are user created fansites usually if the game is a good game there will be tons of support and fan sites.

The reason for this article is to make aware to parents about these sites and and On-line gaming itself ,you see there are also predators at these sites although they may be game enthusiests they are predators none the less I will be focusing on one such predator that plays among your children in the vast anonymous world of on-line gaming.

This particular predator is a freak by all definitions of the word.He not only is a pedophile.He believes he is a Vampire as well,Yeah I said vampire.He goes by the user name Viamund the rake and is a member of NAMBLA(I will not link this site) and lives in Toronto Ca.He has unsuccessfully tried to publish a 67 page book about vampire boy love something or other.

He plays 3 on-line games D&D,Gothador and Ravenblack I have infiltrated all 3 game sites and found him on 2 of the 3 forums going by the name Viamund.And yes I did expose him to the forums he has been outted as a pedophile at these anonymous gaming sites.

Just knowing that freaks out there such as Viamund the rake is enough to make you want to puke,this individual has lost all touch with reality and tops the Pigs suggestion list for Duel proceedure CASTRATION/LABOTOMY Congradulations
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