Poor Dominic

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

For some reason TODD and his cronies think they can invent a fictitious character named Dominic and fool unsuspecting people. Dominic, being just your average John Doe, knowing nothing about pedophilia and hearing of the money returned to Todd Nickerson from Save the Children, well he was just appalled and decided to investigate. Lo and behold he discovers that Absolute Zero wasn't started because of the harassment from pedophiles.....oh no....it was started simply to harass and threaten with death innocent bystanders. The pedophiles who are just soooo good and pure and angelic. The ones who know best how to care for our children. And we dear friends are bigots and nazi's.

I knew Todd was stupid, I just didn't realize he was THAT stupid. Absolute Zero had nothing to do with the return of their advertising money they sent to Save the Children. (Although we would have, had it not already been taken care of when we heard of it) Furthermore, anyone can see right through poor Dominic. Save the Children has been alerted to your fake "non-pedophile" letters of support, Todd.
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