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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

If it isn't bad enough when they think you're looking:

Yay!! More fun today!!!

Oh, please. We don't let children "choose" to smoke

We should.

or drink;

We should.

don't let them "choose" to quit school;

We should.

don't let them "choose" to drive a car;

We should.

don't let them "choose" to join the military;

We should.

don't let them "choose" to get a job.

We should.

Right along with those goes they don't get to "choose" to get boned by Daddy's bowling buddy.

Well, again, we should.

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It certainly is when they think you're not:

KIDS being anti-pedo
Posted by AtosW on 2006-June-20 14:33:03, Tuesday

Lately there's been some "discussion", well more like pointless and brainless ranting, about the dutch "pedophile party" on some gaming forums i'm on where there are lots of 11-15 year old members. Basically almost everyone who's responding thinks everyone remotely connected to that party should be assaulted with machine guns or dropped an atomic bomb on top of.Of course only the ones who are against it would reply, because anyone who isn't totally opposed wouldn't dare to do it, and i know they are just self-righteous Internet Tough Guys who would never dare doing anything to anyone in reality, but the amount and variety of people signing up against this surprises me.Now i'm never surprised to see adults say stupid things about pedophiles, and even younger people over 18 or so often have the same tendency. But why are posters THAT young so angry about it? Why do you think this is? It is after all THEIR rights that they are pushing for...
Re: KIDS being anti-pedo
Posted by Ritter on 2006-June-20 15:33:12, Tuesday
In reply to KIDS being anti-pedo posted by AtosW on 2006-June-20 14:33:03, Tuesday

Maybe the kids enjoy eating hamburgers and pepperoni pizza, and don't think that free train rides is sufficient to balance out political vegetarianism?On a more serious note, your post is a typical example of what happens when you spend too much time in the online BL community and reading Nifty stories. Believe it or not, most young children are NOT anxious to have sex with adult men, though it is safe to say that most teenage boys would not cry foul if they had sex with an attractive adult female. The Dutch Pedophile Party needs to reconsider its marketing strategy. Besides, why should children believe anything other than what their entire society tells them about pedophilia?
Well, it is not difficult: most kids are imbeciles
Posted by Santi on 2006-June-20 15:17:26, Tuesday
In reply to KIDS being anti-pedo posted by AtosW on 2006-June-20 14:33:03, Tuesday

Yes, that is true. How I know? Simple: most people are imbeciles. Hence, most kids are imbeciles.Followers, brainless idiots that follow propaganda. Idiots that are born not to think, but to be manipulated.Yeah, they look better, no doubt. So?Are you one of those boylovers that wonder "how come this former YF became an idiot as a teenager?" Well, he was always an idiot, but you were oblivious to the fact.As scant as smart adults are, so are kids.Kids are a little bit more open minded that adults because they have not been so heavily indoctrinated, but that does not make them thoughtful geniuses. Boys will be boys, and stupids will be stupids.Santi

These are the people 'campaigning' for children's rights?
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