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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why do pedophiles rationalize, justify, make excuses and blame? I suppose they must to be able to live with themselves. And I suppose one can convince themselves that anything is 'okay' if they want it bad enough.

Why can we all recognize rationalization so easily and they can't? Perhaps because they've become so accustomed to thinking this way that it becomes normal to them.

Here's some examples
In the first case we have an obviously violent MAN Known as DebateCrime/Winston Smith/Lepidopterist. It's no small wonder that this guy has been thrown out of so many groups and message boards. HERE he attempts to apologize after his previous tirade was deleted by the moderator.
I am ashamed of writing such filth. I blame those pigs and others like them for what I wrote

That doesn't sound like remorse to me. That's typical abuser type behavior. Listen, you can almost here it now.............."Well Honey I'm sorry I blackened your eye, knocked out 2 teeth and broke your arm. But you made me do it"


Here's an example of THAT
Most (90% to 98%) child molesters are "situational offenders"

Uh, huh. Right. As in

  • your neighbors kid

  • your co-workers kid

  • your friends kid

  • your kids friend

  • So when SilentWar made that statement here, I found it quite interesting. HERE'S
    a good example of it in action.
    most of the LGs i know, i met through one of the following ways:

    * Schoolmates of my doughter,
    * Friends' doughters and young cousins/sisters,
    * Roleplayers, and -
    * Friends of the above three categories

    Now pedophiles would have you believe that they love children. In fact some of them claim to love them more than their own parents. They say they would never harm a child. They say they don't want to have sex with a child, they are merely sexually attracted to them. "Why won't you believe us"? they plead. "Oh and by the way, you should do away with age of consent laws because even 3 year olds like it"
    They argue two conflicting points at the same time, and somehow believe they are intelligent, rational, logical people. Ok so then how do you explain THIS?

    We need to live our lives the way we want to with the girls we love and adore. It is their smiles and their love towards us that should be on our main agenda. I don't give two fucks if society hates me and wants to have me locked away or shot in the head, I know what the laws are, and I will swerve around them to make myself and the girls I meet as happy as possible.

    or THIS

    Then perhaps we move on to younger audiences??... i.e. posting on teen forums to more open-minded people before they actually become twisted and screwed up and sick like the antis are...

    or THAT
    Dominate by terror, hold them personally responsible for the effects of the counterphilanthropic advocacy they promote, track them in search and destroy missions, make alliances in the community until the ranting lunatics are reviled and excluded, and show them up every chance you get with better debate skills and a stronger message.'s what's worked so far. Oh, and most importantly - do not submit. Seek, destroy, befriend, and occupy turf.

    or the OTHER
    Now, that brings us to another matter--forcing society to accept our perspective and accept us. I am getting to the point where I believe it is time we took serious action. I think the time for us to rise up in force and risk our lives for our cause is at hand. I am prepared to do so if others will join me. I no longer care about reasoning with the antis--I agree that, for the most part, they cannot be reasoned with. Viva la resistance!!!

    Now this one's a DOOZY
    I asked the following questions on one of those anti-blogs once after someone stated (with nothing to back it up) that children are not "physically or emotionally" ready for sex.

    * How is an 8-year-old boy not ready "physically" to receive oral sex from a man or from a woman?

    * What emotional preparation is needed in order for a willing young girl to be ready to have her naked body gently stroked, massaged, kissed, or licked by a man or a woman?


    And then we HAVE
    my new doubt is if I should talk to "be"(11), my crush, about sex, ...... don't know...... the other day she showed me an interview of one of her fave actors, only the part when he said "I had sex for the first time at 17" she said that's gross!!
    I'd be glad to teach her what she should know about it but I'm scared of her parents realizing I am telling her that. I could swear their parents don't even mention a word abouit the subject to her.. sad.

    any ideas of how can I educate her?

    And he got a REPLY
    There are books, at least in English, that are intended for teens (and they would be fine for an 11-year-old) that provide a decent, relatively unbiased view of sexuality. You could help her to get her hands on such a book.

    Very good. Encouragement. Never mind that she's not interested, ahem. Just educate her and she will be.

    These rationalizing pedophiles insist they are NORMAL while stating that they know they aren't.
    We all know why we're here: because we are adults that find children attractive. We hope to see a society where we are allowed to express those feelings without fear of persecution, as long as we are caring and responsible towards the children we are attracted to. But can children reciprocate those feelings of attraction?

    I understand that my pedosexuality has to do with unresolved childhood issues that prevented me from "maturing" in certain ways. That's why I'm still only attracted to children (the age I was when I got "stuck") and not adults. So if you have to be "mature" yourself in order to be physically attracted to adults, how can any actual children can be physically attracted to adults?

    My answer is Get help and grow up!

    But the answer he GOT
    Try being 44 and still want to be attractive to lgs. Its very hard. I have
    to win them with my personality first.

    Anyone who has had the pleasure of being with young children knows how inquisitive children can be. And very pleasant it is to be on the receiving end of that interest.

    Not to be OUTDONE
    I am regularly stared at by LGs and occasionally jump on the webcam and hook up with kids.....What's most important is to be, and act, more like a member of their peer group than just another adult.

    Of course they have NOTHING to be ashamed of.
    I feel obsessed all the time. Whenever I have a chance to spend some time with a little girl, any little girl, my thoughts are always about whether or not I should try to strike up a relationship with her. I always want to, and then I feel guilty
    I don't know how to just be around little girls without desperately wanting, being paralyzed by fear of discovery, and then crushed and frustrated when nothing happens.
    All I can feel is frustration, bitterness, anger, and shame for being this way. How can I not be obsessed? Nothing else is important in life. Little girls are my heroin, and I am an addict.

    And can you say WTF?
    One of the great arguments I hear out there is that "children aren't emotionally ready for sex"...but what's being emotionally ready for that? It comes off as slightly (and by slightly I mean extremely) hypocritical, given that hookers get picked up every night, and one night stands happen to, oh, pretty much everyone. Where's the emotion in that? Do I have to be emotionally ready to hire a hooker and screw her?

    I repeat WTF????
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