Saturday, June 10, 2006

This site has been set up in response to an attack made upon me. Recently I made a brief post regarding Dutch paedophiles who are hoping to form a political party. A group of paedophile activists found this and immediately began trying to use my blog as a platform to push their agenda please accept us and say we’re ok. When I said this would not happen and began moderating comments, the true trouble began. I was bombarded with emails of many descriptions. These ranged from mere ‘explanations’ of why I am wrong in stating that paedophilia is not acceptable to more threatening and hateful comments.

It became clear to me that the only actions on my part that would be considered acceptable to them would be to shut up and run away scared or to stop moderating comments and fill my blog with their outrageous claims, insults and worse.

There are a few factors which preclude me from posting their comments here at present. However below you will find a mere sampling of the many comments left about me on their public discussion forum:

Posted by slvrspun on Saturday, June 3 2006 at 01:26:19am
Even extreme irony, even when it is pointed out right in front of them, even in their non-frothing moments, even under threat of pain or death. Some people are just fucking stupid, and the best responses are to either avoid them and not waste one's own time, or to disable them or kill them.
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The fury increased as the days passed and I did not post their comments:

Posted by Minstrel on Wednesday, June 7 2006 at 05:32:37am:
When this bitch finds that she's a lone rock, with her support all washed away, surrounded by non-pedos who are unsympathetic to her message of hatred, then she'll shut up without anyone having to waste any effort on her.

Posted by LGsinmyheart on Wednesday, June 7 2006 at 03:45:00am
Anyway, I believe we should continue to send her comments, as many people as possible, as often as needed. Why???
There are three possible options:

1) She continues to censor us; for which everything she says about us will not be anymore than crying wolf and not showing the evidence. Yes, people can do that for a loooooong time and suceed; but eventually it gets boring for the audience. So the more she claims "hate letters, hate letters, hate letters", the more paranoid and void of arguments she will look, even to fellow antis, and they will desert her.

2) She gets tired and stops the censorship. ===> we win.

3) She gets tired and abandons the project, seeing that we will NOT stop from at least trying to express the truth. I disagree with Minstrel (and Heinlein) in this: often truth needs to be repeated, even over and over. If she only gets fan mail, she might not get tired - if she gets opposition, even if she censors it, her liver is going to suffer a little. And I like the prospect of antis' livers to suffer.

End result whatever happens: we win!!

Posted by Debatecrime on Wednesday, June 7 2006 at 02:23:22pm
She is just a nasty bitch that likes to use the lie that she is being bullied as a weapon against anyone she hates. Much like the way all evil women have been taught to behave. In terms of equality, she is nothing more than the thug called "helldog" that keeps posting erroneous IPs on my blog. Nothing more than thugs.

Yes is a rich thing to hear a bitch say, 'they are bullies' .. isn't that typical???

Posted by Debatecrime on Tuesday, June 6 2006 at 06:05:04am
Just take a look of her pic' - it's on my blog!
Would you hit that?

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When I originally made that post, I never imagined the fight that would ensue. However, it came to me and I gladly accept. We will never be forced into silence or acceptance. This blog is to serve as a resource and forum for those concerned with this issue. We will diligently gather worldwide resources for those affected and endeavour to raise awareness regarding paedophilia through regular research and updates. Sexual assault is not the only type of child abuse. We are dedicated to combating all forms of child abuse and exploitation.
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