Conference today.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Back from a very eye opening conference on "Crimes and our Roles" This was not an open conference; it was only available through the Cops and Clergy program.
There were about 30 people in the room we had 4 different speakers, 1 lawyer, 2 detectives and 1 from the Internet crime unit. (My Bud)
The first speaker Detective (R.G.) talked mainly about Prostitution and the effect on the area, the crime statistics and how civilians can help curb this problem, very interesting and some good information. He had some video clips and some slides showing the growth of the problem here in our City.
The other Detective (B.W.) He focused his speech in the pedophile area. He had a slide showing the area in which I live with dots showing the areas of convicted Child Molesters. (Megan’s Law) He showed several statistics and spoke at length about the problem, He also noted that this behavior is increasing and our law enforcement is FULLY ENGAGED in this. He talked about the internet and countermeasures in place and also displayed a few “Fugitives pictures” for some reason he looked right at me and say’s “Please do not apprehend this guy, just call us.” I wondered why?
This where I got to ask a questions
Bushwack “With Megan’s Law we are informed of their locations and by the map you show there are several schools and churches near where they reside, have there been any re-offenders or Pedophile Crimes in those area’s?”
Mr. W. "There have been offenders of their parole or probation and I’ll tell you that a large majority of the child molesters do commit the act again after they are released. Our laws are far from perfect but it’s the best we got. We try to keep tabs on these folks as best we can. This is why we need you guys. Talk to our kids let them know about these people in our community and how to avoid them.” “Report suspicious activity, and be vigilant in our Neighborhood watch program”. Again he says “we don’t need vigilantism we can handle it if we get a reportWTF? I think my wife tipped them off.
Next came a friend of mine, he is a wealth of knowledge in the internet crime arena.
He spoke about fraud and ID theft and protective measures for a short time. And then came the whole reason I went to this conference.
He had a computer hooked up to a large screen and he warned us about some of the things he was going to show. After all of the recent issues we have been having with the Pedofreaks I felt pretty sure I was numb to anything he would show. WRONG
He put up some sights that make the freaks we have been dealing with look tame. Some very sick stuff and a couple of the women in the room were openly shocked, 2 of which left the room. He produced statistics and “Descriptions” of what is a crime. He had some slides of known Pedophiles and their “Internet names” To my surprise a Familiar name came up on the screen. He opened it up for Q&A at this point, a few questions were asked by some others in the room. “What can we do” type questions. His answer was “to bring things found on the web to their attention (He gave us an email link) and to be patient it takes time to track these people”. But when they get them they have a 98% conviction rating.
Then I got to put in my two cents, I had previously been told of the agenda of this meeting, so I brought some of the information that I found yesterday and from some other sources on a disc. My question was “define a pedophile crime on the net, I am a blogger, I have my own site and a group of us have been fighting some of these pedofreaks in the blogsphere” His answer was well I’d have to look at some of the sites and”….I stopped him and took the disc up to the podium. (He kind of snickered and said, “I figured it was a set up.”) He wasn’t connected to the Internet so he couldn’t open up any links however; I had several screen shots, pictures and actual pages downloaded. He opened up a few and said
“Most of these fall under the freedom of speech banner, they are allowed to say what ever they wish to say, as long as no action is taken, except this one, (Pictures of minors in suggestive poses wearing underwear) falls into child porn and can be prosecuted as such”. He opened it up and exploded the view of the text.
This got a large laugh from the audience because the first two posts on the page were about me.
At this point I pointed out several links he should investigate and also some site meter info and gave him the disc. I also informed the room of the Absolute Zero blog.
A lot of information was shared and I found out there is a large amount of money going into protecting our kids from the pedofreaks.
The lawyer made a brief speech regarding the Law and definitions of pedophile or molestation crime.
He finished with this “Do I think we can do more? Hell yes. But because of the nature of the crime against kids, they do not know it has occurred right away, it might take months before they know. KIDS NEED TO BE AWARE OF WHAT IS A CRIME and report it to people like us in the room. Talk to our kids, information can save their lives.
I was treated to a quick tour of the Internet crime office and learned a few things.
I’ll elaborate a little later.

Bottom line, The Pedophiles inundating our blogsphere have a right to their opinion. It is up to us to expose that opinion and the purveyors of that sickness.
The ones like, Little green olives, my pedo attraction and the freak known as Vlad have created an illusion in their mind that this behavior is ok. We must shout it from the rooftops that it is not. Visit Perverted Justice. They do some good work.
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