Why Fight Pedophiles?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Upon joining this blog, I began asking myself why the fight against pedophiles is important and relevant to society. I browsed the openly-pedophile network of blogs and realized that their goal is to gain legitimacy in the eyes of non-pedophiles. In other words, they want to reveal their tendencies and not be automatically labeled as child abusers. At first glance, this doesn't seem all that menacing.

Nevertheless, there are a few crucial points and assumptions that render their cause objectionable. Their argument, that their attraction to children doesn't make them child sex offenders, rests on the assumption that not all pedophiles seek physical contact with children. While this could be true, we must examine what the ultimate goal is for pedophiles.

Pedophiles are attracted to children sexually. They are aroused and probably fantasize about intimate encounters with children. Therefore, it can be assumed that their ultimate goal is to have physical pleasure with a child. I'll use parallel reasoning to further illustrate this point. A chocolate lover is someone who is attracted to chocolate, in the sense of consumption. Does that make a chocolate lover a chocolate eater? Most likely. The desire to have chocolate will very likely lead to this chocolate lover having a piece of chocolate at some point. This is true of most human desires.

The human desires which don't always get fulfilled are few. For example, someone is who enraged about a violent crime perpetuated upon his family may have the desire to kill the person responsible. The desire to get revenge may be so strong that it is almost impossible to negate. However, the fear of retribution, namely being punished by the courts, forces the person to do otherwise.

How does this relate to pedophilia? At this time, it is illegal for an adult to have improper (as defined by state laws) physical contact with a minor. For this reason, many pedophiles resist the urge and keep it repressed. These pedophile bloggers are attempting to make their impulses into a particular social discourse by opening dialogue and, possibly, gaining acceptance of their condition. If this would occur, would children continue to be protected from sexual exploitation by pedophiles? Granted, pedophilia may never be legalized, but would empathy toward pedophiles evaporate their fear of the legal system?

I admit this is a worst-case scenario. However, I pose this question to the pedophile bloggers: How can you guarantee that pedophiles won't exploit and abuse our children?

I don't think they can. This is why the fight against pedophile-activists is a good and necessary one.

Besides, we don't want guys like this walking around our neighborhoods:
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