Sunday, June 11, 2006

While this site is under construction - here is the disclaimer for our site. In the future it will be provided as a link.

The information in this blog is ‘as is’ and confers no rights. This is a blog not a commercial enterprise. Information provided by the authors is opinion unless otherwise stated. We invite comment and opinion, discussion and information sharing. We do not expect everyone to agree with what we write but we do expect the following standards:

  • Respectful communication – flamers will be summarily deleted.
  • Any attempt to justify paedophilia or other exploitation of children or any attempt to rationalise these actions will be deleted
  • You are reading this of your own choice – if you don’t like it GO AWAY
  • Any and all threats of violence against the authors or their families will be treated as serious and law enforcement will be notified (you are not as hard to find as you think)

The authors are busy people, who don’t have time to moderate and would like to consider that literate responsible adults who wish to comment will follow the rules set out above. We have a delete button and we are not afraid to use it.

We hold no responsibility for content or products contained on external sites to which we have linked.

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