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Sunday, June 25, 2006

I seem to be having a problem lately with a certain little pest called Twilight. First of all, the poor kid thinks I'm a man. (rolls eyes) Secondly he feels that if we will just let him EXPLAIN, then we would all be understanding, and loving and tolerant and yadda yadda ya.

As if we haven't already heard it before. ahem

So I'll let Twilight himself explain our blog and our purpose, in his own words from his own blog. Of course he's describing US, seems kinda strange doesn't it?

The fact is that their thinking patterns are so different from ours as to be beyond our understanding. . . . . . . . I have decided to start up a movement to "out" these people and show them that they cannot hide from society- justice for their actions will be done. . . . . . . . While the ones haven't offended yet (or so they claim), it's surely only a matter of time.

So, okay Twilight, let's stop hiding your Mommy problems, your desparate little secrets and horrors of the soul. Let's get it out in the open, how about it?

Here's a story: When I was watching War of the Worlds (great movie) with my family, there was a scene that made me roll my eyes. It's when the fat, ugly dishevelled guy comes on-screen and starts giving Dakota Fanning wierd looks. I was thinking "Here we go again".

However, I was surprised and a little shocked when my Mother turned to me and said "they wouldn't put a paedophile in the movie, would they?"

The odd thing was, she sounded genuinely frightened at the prospect. Killer aliens she could handle, but she was acting as if the potential paedophile was Freddy Kruger. So is this what many people are really feeling when they look at us? Fear? Is that what my Mother would feel towards me if she knew my secret?

Yes Twilight I have listened to your words, and I found these to be so important I'll share them here for all to see. We here on Absolute Zero may just take a bit of your advice:

If we don’t do something about this it’s just going to continue. Maybe it will get worse, maybe it won’t, but it will never stop..........Because it’s our right. It’s our right to be able to say what we want...........we need to fight back withour words and our ideas.......

The obstacles in our way aren’t strong and they aren’t organized. The reason they win is because we let them win. But if we join together and oppose them, we can start something they can’t stop. That’s why I urge anyone reading this to speak, to shout if you have to- start a blog today, now. On it, say whatever you want, no matter how un-orthadox or strange it might seem.

They can force one of us to retreat, they can force 10 of us. But what about a hundred of us? What about thousands? What about a million?

Thank you Twilight Sky for making my work so easy. Now carry on with your campaign to harass me and try my patience. I have plenty of it and I'm laying in wait for you.
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