Alice Day Outings

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Evil Unveiled celebrates Alice Day, unveiling several members all from Newgon:

Christian Sleeman AKA Gyel_the_Omega

LostBoy AKA Iconoclast AKA David William Rexford

"I encourage pedophiles to march in gay pride parades either behind pedo-specic or pedo-friendly banners or as individuals carrying picket signs or flags with either slogans or logos such as BLogo on them."

Dave Bamford AKA David Middleton AKA Fatrat

"anyway im driffting of the subgect so i think the AOC should be lowerd to aroud 8-9"

Ben Mcgorrigan AKA Thagrote

"I've never had sexual contact with a child, but I think it is ethically acceptable to do so, within certain limits. E.g. I don't see anything wrong with conensual, safe sex between a 12 year old and an adult."

Jamesters AKA Jamie Stroud

"So this little girl and this older man fall in love with each other, but the older man knows that he'd risk getting into big trouble if they ever did anything sexual together, but one day he finally found a solution. He told the little girl, "You're 7 years old, right? But in doggy years that's make you 49 years old. That means I've found a loophole and we can finally have sex together... you'll just have to be in doggy position."

Matt AKA Matthew Powell

""I am anti-age of consent but agree that steps must be taken to protect/inform children before it is removed. In the mean time, I am in favour of lowering it to 13." "
Happy Alice Day!

Kill yourselves Pedophiles!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Had to post this as its the best thing you perverts can do. You pedophiles are filth and slime and you need to wipe yourselves off the face of the Earth!