I Was Challenged Part 1

Monday, July 31, 2006

Just a few days ago, during a comment war with the teenaged pedovore Jillium, otherwise known as DuckHump, he presented me with a challenge. He said
There is no reliable (i.e., empirical) evidence to back any assertion on paedosexuality's frequency in child molesters (that I have seen, at least).

As for its frequency in the general population, we most definitely do... feel free to check them out yourself.

For example, Hall 1995:

The following - Green 2002 & Hunter 1998 - also review studies proving paedosexuality is not uncommon.

http://tinyurl.com/zjhgf (Green, PDF file)
http://home.wanadoo.nl/ipce/library_two/files/interpr_sat_leg.htm (Hunter)

You haven't disproved these, and you won't.

Well, how can I not take him up on that, eh?

Today we're going to start with Green. And I'll give you a little background on this article. Richard Green was instrumental in lobbying for the removal of homosexuality from the DSM about 30 years ago. This paper is his lobby for removing pedophilia. He's not endorsing pedophilia, nor saying its all that common, he's merely arguing to have it declassified as a mental disorder and removed from the DSM.

Furthermore, he expresses grave doubts that a child could ever consent to sex. He says:
Consensual same-sex adult-adult sexuality does not suggest the element of harm to one participant as in child-adult sex or an age barrier to informed consent. But these concerns are within the domain of the law and penal enforcement. What follows here does not address whether pedophilia should be deemed criminal.

Green then proceeds to cite various historic times and cultures in which adult-child sex was not only accepted but encouraged. And continues on with the results from a study done by Briere & Runtz. He concludes by saying:
Sexual arousal patterns to children are subjectively reported and physiologically demonstrable in a substantial minority of normal people. Historically, they have been common and accepted in varying cultures at varying times. This does not mean that they must be accepted culturally and legally today. The question is: Do they constitute a mental illness?

So, not only do we need to go back to the study done by Briere, but we also might get some helpful information by reading peer reviews of Green's work. Let's start there shall we?
Berlin: In our society, to have a pedophilic sexual orientation can create both psychological burdens and impairments. Thus, it seems reasonable to view pedophilia as a disorder. In doing so, perhaps we can learn more about how to prevent it.
Berner: Marshall, Anderson, and Fernandez (1999) showed convincingly that assertiveness training with a group of pedophilic men not only improved their self-esteem, but also changed their performance on phallometric testing
Dixson: The paraphilias are bizarre and disturbing phenomena of abnormal human sexual preference. I understand Green’s misgivings about whether pedophilia is a mental disorder rather than a behavioral disorder
concerning erotosexual preference. But a disorder it most assuredly is. It does not matter how many tribes in New Guinea, or in other cultures throughout history, have allowed or encouraged sexual contact between adults and children. These cultural variations are not the equivalent of frank pedophilia.
Kreuger and Kaplan: We disagree with much of what Green sets forth as reasoning, which allows him to conclude that pedophilia is not a mental disorder.
If an individual with pedophilic arousal has not acted on his or her arousal, has no interpersonal difficulty, or is not distressed by it, then we would not consider that individual to have pedophilia and not consider him or her to be in need of treatment. In our combined 40 years of experience in treating such populations, we have, however, yet to encounter such an individual.
Langevin: DSM never claimed to be more than a guide for clinical, educational, and research purposes and specifically warns about treating its contents as a cookbook. Even if we assume that there is an exact parallel between adult–child sexual contacts in other cultures and our own, does that make it acceptable? Cultural relativism can be carried too far and there should be some cultural universals that we can strive for. One of these is basic human rights and the protection of children. A number of war-torn countries in the twentieth century have given 10-year-olds guns to wage battle. Should we endorse 10-year-olds going to war because some other cultures do it? Similarly, we need to protect children from sexual exploitation and allow them to mature at their own rate and in their own way.
Miner: Green, while presenting an interesting case for not classifying pedophilia as a mental disorder, fails to consider the similarities between pedophilia and impulse control disorders, which also are not necessarily defined by the nature of the fantasy or urges, but on the failure to refrain from acting on socially sanctioned or intrusive behaviors.
The fact that men in Polynesia in the eighteenth century engaged in sexual behavior with children does not mean that pedophilia should not be defined as a mental disorder. Pedophilia may be thought of as the extreme manifestation of a behavior that many “normal” people experience, which is, for the most part, the defining characteristic of many, if not all,mental disorders.
Spitzer and Wakefield: We argue that a pattern of exclusive or highly preferential adult – child attraction, where adult – adult attraction is impaired,is prima facie evidence of a dysfunction in at least some, if not all cases.
Green ends his paper by asserting that if pedophilia is a disorder, then it is common in many cultures and in the past. In fact, pedophilia as a mental disorder, as defined here and as clinicians use the diagnosis, is certainly not common. Furthermore, whether a condition is common or rare has little bearing on whether it is a normal variant or a disorder (e.g., gingivitis is relatively common, blue eyes are relatively rare).

Now to return to the widely quoted studies by Briere. I'm assuming that the pedovores, in their desperation to have something to hold on to, latched on to this study, not to maliciously deceive anyone, but simply to make them feel *ok*. So, since Jillium insists, here's what I think of that. Number one, the subjects were all recruited through a newspaper ad and were paid $40 to participate. That alone should be making some alarms go off. Could those people willing to be sexually explored for lack of a better word, for the price of a nice meal, perhaps be more willing to consider alternative lifestyles? No matter, the fact of it is that regardless of the ineffective controls used in this study, the results were altered and distorted to report the result that was desired and not the result that was received. In fact:
Green also uses the poor example of Briere and Runtz’s (1989) study of 193 university male students to suggest that 21% reported some sexual attraction to small children and 7% indicated that they might have sex with a child if not caught. The Briere and Runtz study is an abuse of statistics that distorts the typical psychological scale to arrive at their results, which were as follows:
Sexual Attraction to Some Small Children
Completely True
1 - 1%
2 - 1%
3 - 2%
4 - 3%
5 - 2%
6 - 12%
7 - 79%
Completely False

On this type of response scale, a 4 is usually an undecided midpoint, 1–3 have some degree of acceptance, and 5–7 indicate that it is unacceptable. Briere and Runtz add together categories 1–6 to get 21%, which misrepresents the actual responses of the students. Similarly, they have distorted the hypothetical likelihood of acting out with children at 7% which is, at best, 1% and represents 2 students of the total 193 respondents. Ron Langevin, Ph.D.,Yes, Virginia, There Are Real Pedophiles: A Need to Revise and Supervise, Not Eliminate, DSM

Now, Jillium, do you have any more questions for me? Would you like to give me some more references to check out for you? I don't mind at all. Really.

I Didn't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

After recently discovering
that the pedophile community is using (among other things) an editorial written for an alternative news source as a justification for tolerance.

And having exposed an obvious pedophile apologist who believes Michael Jackson should be excused by society because he didn't commit violence against his victims and paid them millions of dollars.....(though not of free choice)

I sarcastically made this remark

The next thing you know the pedovores will be editing Wiki's and using Ms. Amiel as a reference.

Ah, but little did I know. They're already using Ms. Amiel! Why, it's even in the pedo library!

Example in point, Tom O'Carroll, a long time pedophile activist and repeat sex offender, member of NAMBLA and pervert extraordinaire, quoted and linked to Barbara Amiel, a journalist, in defense of his position that

True concern for children would prefer to see some children participating willingly in pornography under monitorable conditions than to have others brutally exploited because of their status as runaways or mere chattels of their parents.

Then he has an editorial by Ms. Amiel. After reading what she had to say about Michael Jackson it should come as no surprise

Child pornography is produced because some people have a need to look at it. This need and its satisfaction will not be extinguished by Patten's prohibitions any more than homosexuality or the craving for the high has ever been extinguished by legislation. Human desires are largely indifferent to fines, although any instinct can be curbed by sufficiently draconian measures.

One is revolted at the idea of children posing for pornographic pictures, but while the use to which the pictures may be put in someone's mind is abhorrent, I can't really see that simply photographing a child exploits him.

In the end, I suppose, I dislike all legislation like this proposed new amendment to the Criminal Justice Act., because it is legislation against an essentially victimless crime. The living child exists only in the paedophile's mind.

Victimless Crime???

I'm simply at a loss for words. While I've been researching reputable studies and peer reviewed academics, the pedophile community is quoting criminals and journalists.

Lanning said on p.69

Many preferential sex offenders collect academic and scientific books and articles on the nature of their paraphilic preferences in an effort to understand and justify their own behavior. For the same reason pedophiles often collect and distribute articles and manuals written by pedophiles in which they attempt to justify and rationalize their behavior……..

I guess that says it all.

Coming Soon To A Park Or A School Near You (And Your Children):

Saturday, July 29, 2006

51-year-old Timothy Lee Boggs, a convicted child molester, is considered to be a "sexually violent predator" by the State of Fornicalia.

He recented completed a therapy program while inside Atascadero Prison, near San Luis Obispo.

The Fornicalia State Department of Mental Health attempted, for almost a year, to find a "suitable location or a willing landlord" for Boggs and, because of the year's delay, a judge ordered him freed by Friday, July 28th.

After having made 269 inquiries for Boggs' housing upon release, every venue turned down the state.

Here's the catch: after making the effort to find some sort of suitable housing location, having found none, and now being ordered by a state judge to release him, Boggs now has the ability to be dropped off in Sacramento County "wherever he asks." And that's that.

Listen to this, however:

Boggs' attorney, Ken Rosenfeld, has argued that his client no longer poses a danger to the community and that the state has no legal right to hold him any longer."

Later in an article from The Sacramento Bee:

At one point, officials had thought Boggs would be taken to his lawyer's office and dropped off, but Rosenfeld reacted to that notion angrily last week and insisted that he is not responsible for Boggs once he is released.

Saturday morning, The Sacramento Bee reports:

After months of public outcry, convicted child molester Timothy Lee Boggs quietly checked into a downtown Sacramento residence hotel Friday afternoon, hours after being released from Atascadero State Hospital's therapy program for sexually violent predators.

Boggs, 51, paid $640 in state-supplied funds for a month's stay at the Hotel Berry near the Greyhound bus station, and checked into a studio-size room with a bathroom. But it was unclear how long he would be permitted to stay, with one source saying hotel management had asked him to leave by early next week.

The desk clerk at the hotel refused to comment.

If Boggs is forced to move, it will repeat a scenario faced by other released sexually violent predators.


He has been fitted with a satellite tracking device that he must wear at all times, and also is being watched by a private security firm that is paid by the state. Friday afternoon, two men in dark slacks and tropical print shirts stood across from the Berry, keeping an eye on the building. Neither would comment.

Your Fornicalia tax dollars being spent for private security (two of them!) on behalf of a "sexually violent predator."

Back in the 1980s, Boggs was convicted of molesting two 9-year-old boys in separate events. This indicates a pedophile's clear age-range preference.

As conditions to release after having completed all four phases of his "treatment" at Atascadero, Boggs agreed to 13 pages of conditions for his release, including not using alcohol, not being near children and many others. Conditions for his release indicate he may have undergone chemical castration.

Law enforcement officials in Fornicalia don't want you to know, but some have privately admitted to me that they have no idea where 50% + of the "registered sex offenders" (who are mandated by law to notify local law enforcement agencies of their addresses and where they move, if they can move), are at any given moment in the state.

So, because RSOs are, by nature, strict law abiders, we can naturally assume that Mr. Boggs will adhere to his mandates, obey his conditions and refrain from offending. And, of course, he'll continue his well-intentioned obeyance once the GPS system is removed. Won't he?

One final note:

Isn't it intriguing how rapidly Boggs' attorney went NIMBY when he was asked to assist further with the release of his once-sterling client? How easy it is to "represent" any pedophile and how easy it is to "demand their release." But isn't it interesting that neither the attorney nor the judge would want Boggs anywhere near their own zip code -- though it's perfectly acceptable for you or me to be his next door neighbor.

Under Megan's Law, sex offenders must be listed by region on a Fornicalia website. To see any activity in your area if you live in the state, go to: http://www.meganslaw.ca.gov.


Walsh Act

Friday, July 28, 2006

H.R. 4472 is an interesting piece of legislation….It’s one of the very few that has bi-partisan support. The legislation is also known as The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 and was signed by President Bush on Thursday, the 25th anniversary of Adam Walsh’s death.

John Walsh has been a prominent public figure since the death of his son 25 years ago. He has dedicated his life to ensuring justice for those who offend against children and was influential in getting the legislation passed. The image below depicts John and Reve’ Walsh at the Thursday signing.

From the NCMEC:

The main highlights of the bill:
1) Creates a national public sex offender registry.
2) Provides for consistent sex offender requirements in all states.
3) Penalizes failure to comply with registration duties as a state and federal felony.
4) Enhances the ability of law enforcement to track sex offenders when they move, cutting down on the number of "missing" sex offenders in the system. It requires sex offenders to verify registration in person to law enforcement rather than by mail.
5) Makes important changes in the way law enforcement handles missing child reports. Reports must be entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center within 2 hours. It also prohibits the removal of a missing child report when the child turns age 18 before being recovered.
6) In response to the growing problem of commercial child pornography and the exploitation of children online, the bill increases the number of Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces across the nation.

More information here.

Full text of the Act

The legislation was celebrated in Washington as well as by child protection and law enforcement agencies nationwide. The NCMEC described the bill as the toughest and most important piece of legislation in the past 25 years in helping to save children’s lives.

Now let’s cross over and see how the pedophile community reacted:

PPE thinks

I betcha John Walsh is now wankering himself off..While he can enjoy some kind of SMBD sex torture killing scenes in the prisons with all of us being in it for his sick revenges on us all with the help of this asshole President Bush friend of his.

Silent Sufferer concurs, adding

Looking at the AP photo with the story, one can deduce that it appears to be some kind of psychotic game. Walsh giving a thumbs up like "Way to go! You made my day" and Bush with his silly smirk like "We couldn't get Osama, but we sure got them pedos."

Meanwhile, Poopyhead started a poll, asking community members to agree or disagree with his view

I've never seen a man enjoying his little boy's death as much as John Walsh.

Curtis thought it was time for a new approach

I knew of a murdered woman once.
Many years ago, a woman was raped and murdered. Her grief-stricken husband asked a conductor friend of his to put together a choral group to sing at her memorial service. I was in it.

But if something like that happened again -- a woman is brutally raped and murdered -- maybe rather than singing in her memorial service, I will agitate for laws that would prohibit straight men and women who love each other from having sex or getting married.

Makes about as much sense as what Walsh has been up to. But, you know, my voice is shot anyway. No self-respecting choir would have me anymore.

And Alive was downright offended:

America, land of the motherrf--king free...But the situation would have been the same if Kerry wone the presidential election, so I really can't blame it all on Bush (although that is tempting).

This is a major blow to our civil rights, and the most f--ked-up thing about it is that nobody outside of our community gives a f--k. To them, it's a reason for celebration, even as they dig their own graves, f--k, they're willing to live in a f--king police state just as long as they feel they are being harsh on us.

F--k mankind, f--k all politicians, f--k the American people who allowed this to happen, and to those who believe that the BL witchhunt is "bullshit", F--K YOU!

Interesting. People labeling themselves child lovers are enraged and offended by legislation specifically designed to protect children.

Parents jailed for sexually abusing their children

"Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters says Robin Kraft, 25, and her husband Paul continually performed sex acts in front of and with their children... Paul was indicted in March on 17 counts for rape and pandering sexually oriented matter involving a juvenile for raping his three-year-old daughter and displaying it over the internet."

"It was almost a daily activity, where these kids were forced to watch or participate in various sexual acts with their parents," said Joe Deters, Hamilton County Prosecutor.

"The images are some of the most disturbing law enforcement has seen and I have no doubt that [Paul Kraft] raped a three-year-old child," said Judge Kubicki in the courtroom (while addressing Paul following his conviction on 17 counts of rape and pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor.)

"I hope people get the message if you rape a child in this county you will go to jail for the rest of your life and if you kill one we will try to have you executed. I cannot be any more clear and consistent with that," said Prosecutor Joe Deters.

For their crimes, Paul was sentenced to 171 years in prison, and his wife, Robin, won't see the light of day without bars in front of her face for 40 years.

Thank you, Hamilton County. Things like this make me proud to be from Cincinnati. Not because of the crime- but for the penalties handed down. I wonder what kind of damage they have done to their children, all of whom were under the age of 5 during the abuse and "observation sessions" they were subjected to.

Tunnel Vision: Pathology of a Pedophile

Tunnel Vision - Pathology of a Pedophile: Experts Say Sexual Deviants Often Aren't Deterred By Consequences
John Zaremba, Patriot Ledger, Saturday, July 22, 2006.

Nine men had just been paraded in front of a judge and charged with trying to solicit children for sex online. Their faces were all over TV and the newspapers, and so were the prosecutors’ graphic descriptions of their conversations with undercover police.

To top it off, the district attorney made a bold statement that last weekend’s roundup should instill fear in Internet predators: The children they think they are courting may well be police officers.

The warning was ignored.

Within hours of the DA’s statement, men all over Massachusetts were logging on to their computers and falling for the same trap.

So what are the reasons given by experts that sexual deviants, such as paedophiles, aren't deterred by consequences?

Cognitive distortions

They have what’s called cognitive distortion. Some people call them thinking errors ... where they can basically rationalize or justify behavior.

Impulse over intelligence

Over the years, McLaughlin has used the same online screen name, and some have caught on. Several times, he has been online and a chat-room member recognized him and announced that there was a police officer in the room.

Even that didn’t stop people from approaching him.

‘‘Other people in the room would initiate chat with me and ask if it was true,’’ he said. ‘‘I would tell them it wasn’t, we would engage in conversation and I would arrest them.’’

McLaughlin is a detective involved in online sting operations and is a nationally recognized expert on crimes of child exploitation. When asked if he feels the publicity of the current stings will deter offenders, McLaughlin stated that fear will not keep these offenders away but that he will not give up this fight. He concluded the interview with this statement:

I would be willing to do an experiment. We’ll meet with these guys some place and on every entrance of the building we’ll put signs that say pedophiles arrested here. They’d drive right by the sign. They’d probably park under it.

More Cell Phones and Pedophiles

The owner of a cell phone that was found containing child pornography was sentenced on Wednesday.

Larry Pratt, 53, withdrew his motion to withdraw his guilty plea and was sentenced to eight years in prison. He was charged with 20 counts of child pornography.

Pratt left a cell phone containing the porn images at a Home Depot on West 117th Street and Berea Road. He was arrested in Toledo and admitted to downloading the photos from the Internet and storing them on his phone.

Pratt was also given a sexually oriented offender classification.

Pa. man accused of taking child porn photos with cell phone

The Associated Press

PITTSBURGH - A man was accused of using his cell phone to take photographs that constitute child pornography - pictures that were discovered when he lost the phone at a rib festival, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

Kenneth P. Jeffries II, 22, of Sharpsville, was charged with production of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

The charges came after two people found a cell phone on July 10 at the Mahoning Valley Rib Burn Off in Niles, Ohio, and later turned it over to police in to Howland, Ohio, prosecutors said. Investigators traced the phone to Jeffries.

One series of shots on the phone shows a young boy, about 10 years old, with his underwear being pulled down to his thighs, exposing his buttocks, prosecutors said.

When authorities searched Jeffries' house on Monday, he admitted taking the photos, prosecutors said. Jeffries told authorities he took the photos of the boy in Cleveland, they said.

Jeffries was in federal custody at the Allegheny County Jail. His attorney, federal public defender Thomas Livingston, was in court Thursday afternoon and did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Jeffries was charged by criminal complaint, giving federal authorities the ability to hold Jeffries while they seek a grand jury indictment.

If You Only Do One Thing Today:

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The California Organization of Police and Sheriffs, known as COPS, is looking for your support regarding Jessica's Law.

This proposed law stems from the February 23rd, 2005 kidnapping and subsequent brutal murder of nine year old Jessica Lunsford of Homosassa, Florida. A "registered sex offender" buried Jessica alive, following her rape, a mere 150 yards from her house.

Go here to sign the COPS petition.

Please, if you do nothing else today, do this.

Your support will be for the proposed Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act of 2006: Jessica's Law.

This act would:

- Ensure that all child molesters who molest children under the age of 14 are put into a prison with a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years or 25 years to life;

- Electronically monitor convicted sex offenders for life, if they are ever released from prison, through GPS tracking;

- Create a 2,000 foot "predator-free" zone around schools and parks to prevent sex offenders from living near where children learn and play.

Again: if you do nothing else today, click on that website and electronically sign and forward the petition.

You'll be glad you did.


A Prime Example

Here's a prime example of one of the main goals of the pedovore movement. To increase tolerance for their perversions and to be accepted into mainstream society as 'just one of the guys'. Reporting on Michael Jackson, journalist Barbara Amiel gives us a look at what pedophile apologia looks like:

Genius doesn't justify evil, never has, but in the face of his brilliance, shouldn't society show just a little more tolerance of Jackson's peculiarity? What, after all, does one do with an idiosyncratic person of many sexual quirks including a taste for young boys whose own gender, judging by his appearanace, gestures and conversation is at best ambiguous? Jackson sits right on the border that separates maleness and femaleness, blackness and whiteness, grown-up and child, and possibly sanity and insanity.

Perhaps Ms. Amiel believes we should just ignore it. Leave Michael on his NeverLand ranch to never grow up and continue his grooming process over multiple children and spouting off stupidities like "Why can't we just share a bed?" But she has more to say on the topic:

Is there really any doubt that he had children in his bed for his pleasure? And what was the damage to them? Child molestation of any sort is not a desirable thing, and I can't think of any culture that has viewed it so, or even viewed it as a neutral sexual orientation. But in the absence of violence, fear and physical coercion, in the total absence of penetration, what actual harm has he done? These children have received millions for their moments in his bed. Before they were told it was a crime, they couldn't wait to get back to Neverland.

Maybe Ms. Amiel should educate herself on the grooming process and the psychological effects on the child. Or maybe she should tell all the children who have been sexually exploited that if it wasn't violent they have nothing to complain about. Or perhaps if they could be paid off that would make it just fine and dandy. Perhaps the simplest solution is for her to pull her head up out of the sand and see things for what they are. You don't have to be a genius to know that the statement In the absence of violence, what actual harm has been done? is merely an attempt to justify. A most extreme cognitive distortion, from the outside looking in. Or maybe there's some latent tendencies there.......

The next thing you know the pedovores will be editing Wiki's and using Ms. Amiel as a reference.

It Actually Does Bear Repeating

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We'll return to our good friend Ken Lanning. There is no doubt what Lanning said. There is no doubt what Lanning meant. Only if you want to read that 'blue' means 'red' can you take this to mean anything other than what it says.
Understanding the Preferential Molester

Men sexually attracted to young adolescent boys are the most persistent and prolific child molesters known to the criminal justice system. Depending on how you define molestation, they can easily have hundreds if not thousands of victims in a lifetime.

Because the molestation of children is part of a long-term persistent pattern of behavior, preferential child molesters are like human evidence machines. During their lifetime, they leave behind a string of victims and a collection of child pornography and erotica.

And that's not all

Most preferential child molesters spend their entire lives attempting to convince themselves and others that they are not perverts. They try to convince themselves that they love and nurture children. Because most of them have hidden their activities for so long, when identified and prosecuted, they try to convince themselves that they will somehow continue to escape responsibility. This is why they often proclaim their innocence right up to the time of their trial. If, however, the investigator and prosecutor have properly developed the case, preferential child molesters almost always change their plea to guilty. The last thing they want is to have the public hear the details of their sexual activity with children. After pleading guilty, they attempt to convince the sentencing authority that their lives have been ruined and that they are "sick" and need treatment.

We know what Lanning said. Choose another scapegoat.

Pueblo man facing seven years for child porn

DENVER - A 24-year-old Pueblo man who pleaded guilty last week to having child pornography is facing more than seven years in prison.
Steven M. Dominguez admitted he had 2,515 images of child pornography on his computer, including sex acts between young children and between young children and adults.
He and federal law enforcement authorities agreed in a court filing that the images came from the Internet where they were “exchanged . . . by individuals interested in child pornography.”
“Did you do these things?,” U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn asked Dominguez.
“Yes, your honor,” he responded.
Dominguez and the prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Habib Nasrullah, agreed in a plea bargain that the judge should sentence Dominguez to 87 months in prison. The range in sentencing guidelines is between 78 and 97 months in prison.
Federal customs agents, who specialize nationwide in child pornography investigations, built the case against him through a task force that included Pueblo County sheriff's officers.
Agents received a tip about Dominguez's pornography activities from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The center had been contacted by a Web site on which members store and share photos.

Isn't that interesting? Lindsay Ashford might want to disagree with this story, considering that he has THIS to say:
Careful quantification contradicts statements like those of Casa Alianza that there are "24,000 web sites currently devoted to child pornography on the internet," as well as claims by Customs Agent MacMartin that he had personally seen more than 100,000 pictures and video segments , all obtained on line, of children being sexually exploited. It also contradicts police reports that 80,000 child pornography images are traded on line every week. These are lies!
Their exagerrated statistics and lies about the extent of child pornography on the internet has been the trojan horse to suspend privacy rights and the freedom of speech for everyone.
Sexually sick moral crusaders and totalitarian authorities have defined children's bodies as obscene. They aren't! At least until filtered through their own pathological psychosexuality. They do an immense amount of harm to the healthy sexual development of children, who now must deal with their bodies-defined-as-obscene, not to mention the widespread fear of non-sexual but pleasurable touching generated by the hysteria they have created.
Less than an average of ten new series per year have been circulated on the internet since 1984. Only 14 of these series include children engaged in sexual intercourse, 32 in non-penetrative genital contact and 39 in fellatio. Most of these series include genital display only.
It is estimated that $100,000, 000 per year are spent by police forces and moral crusaders to combat this practically non-existent child pornography industry. On an annual basis that is approximately $10,000,000 per victim and $75,000,000 per act of sexual intercourse.

And then we have his pal Taf-Kat, John Hodgson, from GirlChat. Poor Taf-Kat has had his share of problems, lost his wife for one thing when he was arrested for possession of child pornography. It was such a horrible experience for him, he's even made an online diary, and swears he'll never use child porn again. Filling his diary with the story of what happened and Lollicon images. Oh well some folks never learn:
He brought up some of the hc pictures up on the screen. It was very odd seeing those pictures, with three other men in the room. They were my private pictures, they were never meant to be seen by anyone who didn't want to see them. It seemed like a violation of my sexuality.

I haven't harmed anyone in my life and if I go to jail the only people who will suffer will be Penny and my children. And he claims he is working for child protection!

The interview went on for several hours. He is a vindictive person with a wild imagination and I don't know how he sleeps at night.

In the corner is a pile of boxes and books. I recognise my scrap-books filled with cut'n'paste pictures of little girls, modified by me to give the impression that the little minxes were "getting it on", oh how I'd love to have one more session with those books. I had turned their pages so often, week after week, year after year. Every page was burned in my memory, they were almost works of art, the skill I had developed with scissors and Pritt, I was a fucking genius!

Next to them, piled high, were the many CD's filled to bursting with my precious pictures, tens of thousands of them, all kinds, from innocent, fully clothed girls, through posed nudity, to the hardest cp you can imagine. Like the books, I was so familiar with every single image, they had been sorted and re-sorted, into age order, into filename order, all the series sorted, my favourite folder, my pigtails folder, my blow-job folder...if there was a different way to sort them, I had done it.

The police were misleading in their estimate of how many pictures there were on the disks, sure, there were 70,000+ images, but many of them were duplicates, and many were legal, maybe there was 15,000+ that were hc or featured nudity.

Oh right, Lindsay. There's no child pornography out there. It's all a great big lie drummed up by mean old bad parents who don't want your nasty hands on their little girls. I guess we should've asked you first if we had wanted the truth, eh?

BoyChat Analysis

Cognitive Distortions, this is at the heart of any discussion concerning pedophilia. The use of which we previously discussed HERE

To recap, Cognitive distortions may be defined as a set of beliefs, assumptions, or self-statements that are used to deny, justify, minimize, or rationalize deviant sexual behavior.

To illustrate the use of these cognitive distortions a recent study was done on the BoyChat.org pedophile messsage board. The purpose being to observe interaction between members of an online community that was sympathetic to individuals with pedophilic interests. The study written by L. Avin Malesky and Liam Ennis and published in Journal of Addictions and Offender Counseling April 2004 Volume 24

The study was done on messages posted over a 7 day period. The results revealed that at least one type of cognitive distortion was present in 27% of the posts and while many contained multiple types of distortions, euphemistic labeling was the most common i.e. substituting aggreeable expressions for those carrying negative connotations. Validation of pedophilic ideologies was present in over one fifth of the posts.

The social reinforcement of cognitive distortions may serve to compromise the therapeutic benefit of treatment. Participation in these message board exchanges might also serve to strengthen the distorted schemata of offenders, thereby making them more resistant to treatment.

These findings indicate that the professional who is involved in the treatment or community monitoring of sex offenders should thoroughly investigate his client's online behaviors and should include inappropriate Internet usage as a risk factor in relapse prevention.

It is incumbent upon treating and supervisory agents to become knowledgeable about computer misuse and access to potential areas of misuse that may place the client at an increased risk of reoffending.

Moreover, there is evidence suggesting that individuals who have been convicted of Internet-related, non-contact sexual offenses are likely to have committed undetected 'hands on' offenses as well. Clinicians who become aware of deviant Internet usage by a client should investigate the possibility that the individual has a history of hands-on offending.

Before continuing I would like to make note of the fact that pedophiles attempt to separate themselves from child molesters. The fact is that they don't believe the things they do with children are molestations. Another cognitive distortion. But let us continue....
The posts in this study were submitted by individuals who had specific sexual interests (i.e., young males), and were goal-directed in their pedophilic behavior. The nature of their distorted views are such that they are unlikely to be motivated to change their behaviors or patterns of sexual attraction. Existing research suggests that these characteristics may represent a heightened likelihood of future offending.

It is apparent from this study that cyber communities serve multiple functions, foremost of which appear to be as a social forum. Given that the establishment and maintenance of healthy adult relationships is often a goal of sex offender treatment, a clinical recommendation from this study is that Internet-related sex offenders should refrain from using the Internet and should instead, focus on developing and strengthening real-life prosocial adult relationships.

Finally, although it is common practice in sex offender treatment to refute and challenge all types of cognitive distortions, the results of this study indicate that there is a need to focus attention on the distortions referred to as Euphemistic Labeling. Sex offender treatment should, therefore, address the harm that is done to the victims as a result of the abuse as well as dispute the notion that the offender maintained a "romantic," egalitariain relationship with his victims.

Can you say Incognito?

Are those you believe to be paedophiles really paedophiles? Or are they police in disguise using the same ‘grooming’ techniques that these mentally ill individuals use to lure children for sex?

Do paedophiles know the difference? I believe not – and I also believe that the communities they have formed on the web to support each other, to rationalise their illness together will be the very tool for their destruction.

Rationalisation and support is what these individuals need – in a medical, psychiatric context – with 12 steps starting with –

  1. sexual attraction to children is a mental illness
  2. if I am sexually attracted to children I have a mental illness

Cyberspace has for all intents and purposes provided an anonymous outlet for paedophiles to meet, support one another and rationalise their illness. However the very act of support bolsters their collective egos and confidence – and children are the ones who are most hurt. By extension, any society which permits the children to be damaged is participating in its own downfall.

The law enforcement community are actively working to expose these individuals, prosecute where appropriate and to help them get medical assistance for their illness; and they will use all legal methods to prevent harm and exploitation to/of children. This may include impersonating a paedophile to discover who the individual behind the ‘anonymous’ handle really is.

So again I ask: Do you really know who the paedophile is that you are supporting and encouraging? Or are you being groomed?

U.S. Congress Approves Child Molester Database

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

WASHINGTON (AP) - Finding the nearest convicted child molester might be as easy as punching in a ZIP code on a computer keyboard, thanks to a bill that cleared Congress Tuesday.
The House passed and sent to President Bush legislation establishing a national Internet database designed to let law enforcement and communities know where convicted sex offenders live and work.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales applauded its passage. "America's children will be better protected from every parent's worst nightmare - sexual predators," he said.
The most serious offenders would be registered on a national database for a lifetime. All sex offenders could face a felony charge, punishable by 10 years in prison, for failing to update the information.
"This legislation would make it crystal clear to sex offenders, you better register, you better keep the information current, or you're going to jail," said Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis.

This is a great start. However, the offenders need to be caught first. Hopefully, we can all work toward that end.


Pedophile Trends

I've noticed certain trends in the posts, and comments, of the various pedophiles that we are combating. They've made it quite obvious that their goals are to legitimize, and legalize their twisted ways.

Here's some quick bullets reflecting what they have been saying and writing:

-I haven't acted on my urges, so I'm not a criminal.
*That's nice. When will that change? How bad will it be?

-I've read references that tell me that this is normal.
*They only cite each other, or Nazi experiments from WWII.

-I really love children, and would never hurt them.
*They don't view the emotional wreckage of sexual abuse as being "hurt."

-This "Absolute Zero bunch" are so funny! Blah blah bah, on and on about how they don't feel threatened by us, and they don't even take us seriously.
*It's amazing how many of the pedophiles blogs have devoted the majority of their postings to AZ. If they don't take us seriously, why are they devoting so much time to us? How many have quit (or have been arrested) since we started this project?

-The "anti-peds" are evil, hateful, "intolerant," etc.
*We are indeed intolerant of monsters. Evil? Hateful? Hardly. Look in the mirror. You are what kids are fearful of at night. You are the evil lurking in the dark shadows of childhood.

While the pedophiles lie to themselves (and others), they overlook one important fact: They will never gain acceptance, and Absolute Zero will work to ensure that.

Allen Lee Biddix

Monday, July 24, 2006

Allen Lee Biddix is 18. He's also a sex offender, and one of the newest members of the US Marshal's most wanted.
Allen Lee Biddix, 18, a registered sex offender, has been added to the District of South Carolina's Ten Most Wanted list.

Biddix is the subject of five Marion County warrants for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Investigators believe Biddix left Marion County on or about July 17th in the company of three female and two male juveniles.

I'm Back!

I think a lot of you already realize that my site went down a few days ago because some idiot hacked into it and deleted the whole site. The same idiot deleted my email account too. Probably some pervert who didn't like having the TRUTH told about him.

Anyway, my website is BACK now. You can see it at http://antipedophilemother.atspace.com. I"m not gonna let someone who doesn"t like my message to silence me! You can find my new email address there too.

Pedophiles and Intellectual Capacity

They meaning the pedovores (HT to Shoprat for the term), call us, among other things, ignorant - stupid - racists, bigots, nazi's - selfish - unenlightened - jealous - uneducated control freaks.

These accusations made on the part of a borderline psychotic community of societal outcasts have roots in various predictable places. One of which is repeating by rote the comments other members of their community have previously stated without thought to the truth, rationality or validity of the claim. A second reason is cognitive distortions which we previously discussed HERE and which act to provide a sort of psychological defense mechanism. We'll discuss this further in the near future, but for now I want to focus on a third reason: mental capacity, intellectual potential or rather a lack thereof.

I have said from the beginning that this is not a game, no tit-for-tat, no sticks & stones, nor liar-liar-pants-on-fire mission that we have undertaken here at Absolute Zero. We are here to tell the truth, period. I will now share with you the latest research findings regarding this very issue noted above. This information is from Quantitative Reanalysis of Aggregate Data on IQ in Sexual Offenders, coauthored by James Cantor, Ray Blanchard, Lori Robichaud and Bruce Christensen and funded by Canadian Institutes for Health Research Grant 94205. Published in Psychological Bulletin 00332909, July 2005, Vol. 131, Issue 4

This study concerned the intellectual capacity of sexual offenders and the analysis encompassed 75 reports and represented 25,146 individual people. Some of the issues addressed were those who offend against little girls vs little boys, intrafamilial offenders vs extrafamilial, offenders whose victims are adults vs those whose victims are children, and juvenile offenders vs adult offenders. There were many more issues addressed, but these are the topics of interest to us now. While multiple studies have shown a greater incidence of non-righthandedness and childhood head injury in pedophilic vs nonpedophilic men, this study corroborates what we all surely already knew or suspected.

The subjects for the analysis were divided into 4 distinct groups, noncriminals, nonoffenders (criminal but not sexual), sexual offenders against adults and sexual offenders against children. As we may have guessed, the pedophilic offenders were the least intelligent of all groups, with offenders of adults being more intelligent, and criminal nonsexual offenders being the highest ranking of these 3, yet only slightly higher than offenders of adults. Of course non criminals were the highest in intelligence rankings.

Of the pedophilic offenders the data was further broken down by age of the child, and the discovery was that the younger the child the lower the IQ
The unstandardized regression coefficient, indicated that for each decrease of 1 year in the definition of child, the samples' mean IQ dropped by approximately 2 IQ points.
So the offender of a 12 year old child vs a 2 year old may have as much as a 20 point difference in IQ.

The results of juvenile offenders echoed adult offenders across the board as far as sexual and non-sexual offences. There were virtually no difference between those offended against girls or boys. Likewise no detectable difference between intrafamilial offenders compared to extrafamilial.

While it has been proven that there is a higher incidence of non-right-handedness, and greater frequency of childhood head injury in pedophilic offenders, the authors state this:
Our most fine-grained analysis of victim age and offender IQ suggests that low IQ is a characteristic particular to pedophilia.

We suggest that a third variable--a perturbation of prenatal or childhood brain development--produces both pedophilia and low IQ. That is, low IQ correlates significantly with pedophilia, not because it causes pedophilia, but because both characteristics result from some common etiological factor.

I believe these findings give us reason to hope, not only in finding the cause for pedophilia but that these studies take us one step closer to finding a cure for this affliction.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Imagine a society afflicted by a scourge which struck down a quarter of its daughters and up to one in eight of its sons. Imagine also that this plague, while not immediately fatal, lurked in the bodies and minds of these young children for decades, making them up to sixteen times more likely to experience its disastrous long-term effects: life-threatening starvation, suicide, persistent nightmares, drug and alcohol abuse and a whole host of intractable psychiatric disorders requiring life-long treatment.

Thus begins Bill Glaser's notable paper Paedophilia: The Public Health Problem of the Decade. Glaser suggests that paedophilia has a more ubiquitous effect on society than any major plague ever has but the issue has not been adequately addressed. In part, this is due to our own reluctance to face the issue; we need a clear understanding of the problem in order to combat it.

For instance, Glaser suggests that the term ‘paedophile’ is problematic due to the fact that its Greek etymology suggests a love for children, rather on p.6 he concludes

Paedophilia is not a love of children but a lust for them. The sole aim of the paedophile is to sexually abuse children. Any display of care, affection or friendship towards the victim is always secondary to this.

Misunderstanding, problematic semantics, fear, and denial are all reasons why society has been unable to address the issue of child sexual abuse.

Therefore Glaser (p. 9) states:

The comparison of paedophilia to a plague is more than just a vivid metaphor. It suggests that lessons can be learned from the other great scourges and pestilences of human history.

The conclusion is drawn that, similar to other epidemics, paedophilia must be addressed in the following three ways:

-Definition of the problem

There are major gaps in our knowledge but recognition of the problem and what we don’t know is the first step society must take.

-Perception of risk
Foegle (1991) cited in Glaser (p 9) found

There are some who say that we are becoming unnecessarily panicky about child sexual abuse. The evidence is that we have not panicked enough. We are still like the village-dwellers in certain parts of India whose culture has encouraged them to fatalistically accept the ravages of smallpox, year after year, despite the existence of vaccination and other control methods.

-Social response

Many researchers (see here for instance) agree with Glaser’s view that while paedophilia cannot be ‘cured’, modern treatments are very effective. Various studies (Marshal et al 1993, Marshal & Pithers 1994, New South Wales Parliament ch 12) have found that recidivism rates can be reduced from approximately 35% to 3 – 6 % with treatment.

A good example of the effectiveness of this treatment can be found in this interview with self-confessed Australian paedophile ‘Tony’.

Tony was convicted on child sexual assault charges and ordered to undergo treatment. After 14 years of ongoing successful treatment, Tony moved to a rural location and chose to stop his therapy. He subsequently groomed and molested three little girls. When asked if his paedophilia could be viewed as an addiction, Tony responded

It is addiction yes. It is an addiction and um I see it as an addiction um I see it as a compulsive behaviour um which is a very devastating one for other people and um people can have a compulsive behaviour to wash their hands or to keep their room tidy where there’s less ah influence on other people but this one is not only frowned on by society, rightly so, it’s frowned on by the victims and it’s frowned on by me and I don’t understand why ah that experience in the beginning of my life has had such control of me.

Tony is back in treatment and ‘hoping’ never to offend again. As noted above, there is reason for Tony’s optimism. There is every reason to believe that continuing treatment will keep him from harming another person again.

The treatments do work.

The only thing we’re missing is willing participants before they offend in the first instance.

If you have paedophilic tendencies, do not be misled. Experts all agree that rationalizing and justifying this condition to yourself and others will only lead to despair.

Treatment is available and effective. Please seek this treatment now before you damage your own and many other lives. Contact me if you would like assistance in this matter.

Fish, M 2006, Can Treatment Change Paedophiles, BBC News, 28 June 2006.

Foege, WH 1991, 'Plagues: Perception of Risk and Social Responses' in In Time of Plague, Mack, A (ed), New York University Press, New York.

Glaser, B 1997 Paedophilia: The Public Health Problem of the Decade in Paedophilia : Policy and Prevention, James, M (ed), Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra.

Marshall, WL & Barbaree, HE 1988, 'The Long-Term Evaluation of a Behavioural Treatment Program for Child Molesters', Behaviour Research and Therapy, vol. 26, no. 6, p. 499.

Marshall, WL & Pithers, WD 1994, 'A Reconsideration of Treatment Outcome with Sex Offenders', Criminal Justice Behaviour, vol. 21, no. 1, p. 10.

Parliament of NSW, Standing Committee on Social Issues 1996, 'Sexual Violence: Addressing the Crime', Inquiry into the Incidence of Sexual Offences in NSW Part II.

My Silent War

Friday, July 21, 2006

I was inspired by Lindsay Ashford.... so begins My Silent Wars saga. His blog description
My Silent War...A personal, social and policical chronicle of childlove, the issues surrounding it, and what it really means to be a pedophile in this world
We here at Absolute Zero are most definitely not in a 'Silent' war. But we do want to silence yours. Now Blueribbon can join you, we'll be sending some more your way shortly.

A lesson to all you young baby lusters out there. When you're afraid to come out of the toybox, and you kinda, sorta have a feeling it might cause you some problems. Don't listen to obviously sick people like Lindsay Ashford. When he tries to lift you up, when he tries to tell you that you can make a change in the world. When he tries to tell you that you are ok, and the rest of the world isn't.... take a look at his life. Take a look at how he can't return to his own country, and how he must be ever on the move. Take a look at Kevin Brown who has practically destroyed his son's childhood for his selfish sexual desires. Take a look at Todd Nickerson, tired of living with his grandmother, had to remove his artwork from the internet because no one would hire him. When you see statements like these:
It is a common mistake in this society for someone to call a "child molester" a "pedophile". This is a huge mistake, but usually never gets corrected. The former refers to a person who abuses a child, and the latter refers to a person who is attracted to children. Most child molesters are not pedophiles, and most pedophiles are not child molesters.

Ask yourself where he got that information. Was it Lindsay Ashford perhaps? Ask yourself if you should perhaps find out the facts for yourself, instead of blindly following those people that I mentioned above. First, his statement is incorrect. But most importantly of all, it doesn't matter one iota what the actual definition means, as far as what people think of you. Words come to mean what society says they mean. Ever heard the term moonbat? What about blog? Those terms mean what society says they mean.
So what do we have now?
I haven't been myself lately - I've lost my resolve to be everything I can be and every thing I should be

I sit here today as a person with little faith

Every sex obsessed "Girl moment" I read undermines my faith in the childLOVE community further.

I was naieve to think my strength was unlimited, and I was ignorant to not notice when it ran out.

I know that I am losing my strength, my faith and my resolve, and the cracks are showing. If I continue as I am, I will in all liklihood be the next to break. And I can't let that happen.

After I have posted this - to my blog, to the forums I visit, and anywhere else that might be appropriate - I will close my browser window, and I will not check my E-mails, check my blog or any others, or visit any sites or read any articls about pedophilia/ChildLove/MAA-ness/amaros

Ahhh. Goodbye Silent War. Have no fear, I'll carry on just fine without you.

Another One Bites the Dust…

Blue Ribbon has thrown in the towel. He has decided that he is a coward and can no longer face the world as a pedophile. He is giving up his internet accounts.

Posted by Blue Ribbon:

“I will delete my Blogger account, my personal blog and my e-mail account within 48 hours. Absolutely Nothing has another anonymous administrator. He can take the blog down if he wishes. Sorry to be such a coward.”

Blue Ribbons friends are heart broken and are trying to stop him from quitting.

Silver Wolf’s response:
“Please don't give up the fight...
We need you... I NEED YOU... please don't quit just when I'm finally able to join battle by your side, brother...Peace, Love and AZ, I COME FOR YOU...”

Well, that sounds like a threat to me, Silver Wolf.

Another of Blue Ribbons’ friends, Dissident said:

“I've wanted to give up many times when I take a look at the formidable opposition against us. Don't give up hope...”

I'm glad to see that Blue Ribbon will be leaving, and hopefully not coming back. If that's the case, then we have succeeded in silencing another pedophile. Because that is our goal here at Absolute Zero:




Convicted molesters could face death

Thursday, July 20, 2006

WASHINGTON - Convicted child molesters would face the death penalty for killing their victims and a felony charge for failing to update their whereabouts with authorities under a bill the Senate approved Thursday.

The bill, designed to help police find more than 100,000 such sex offenders by creating an Internet-posted national database, also increases minimum sentences for those who travel between states.

The Senate approved the measure on a voice vote. The House is to consider it next week, and
President Bush is expected to sign the bill into law.

"Sex offenders have run rampant in this country and now Congress and the people are ready to respond with legislation that will curtail the ability of sex offenders to operate freely," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah., who authored the legislation with Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-S.D.

"We track library books better than we track sex offenders. This evens the score," said Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., a sponsor in the House.

Debate was tearful from the start as the Senate considered the bill named for Adam Walsh, the murdered son of "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh. He watched from the gallery as senators thanked him for years of lobbying for the bill. July 27 is the 25th anniversary of the abduction of Adam, 6, and his subsequent murder.

"This has to be bittersweet for him," said Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., choking up as he made a rare reference to his infant daughter Amy, killed in a 1972 car crash.

Child advocates have called the bill the most sweeping sex offender legislation to target pedophiles in years. It would:

_Establish a comprehensive federal DNA database of material collected from convicted molesters, and procedures for the routine DNA collection and comparison to the database when someone has been convicted of such an offense.

_Provide federal funding for states to track pedophiles using global positioning devices.

_Allow victims of child abuse to sue their molesters.

_Impose a mandatory minimum sentence for raping a child.

_Impose a mandatory 10-year penalty for sex trafficking offenses involving children and for coercing child prostitution.

The bill is H.R. 4472

Perverted Justice.Com Sting Nets 12 Arrests

By Marsha Thompson

Our WLBT News crew went undercover last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the national on-line group, Perverted- Justice.com. The operation was designed to catch on-line sexual predators. The sting was carried out in concert with the Hinds County Sheriff's Department and the Hinds County District Attorneys Office.

WLBT News set up shop at a Byram home. The scenario...a 12-13 or 14 -year girl old home alone, chatting with strangers on the internet. Strangers hoping for more than casual conversation. 12 men showed up at the doorstep.

A well-trained Perverted- Justice.com operative was on the computer posing as a 12, 13 or 14 year old girl home alone for the weekend.

Her identity could not be revealed but she told us."I think a lot of them fell that our national organization would not come to Mississippi."

Within minutes in a Yahoo on-line chat room local men start taking the bait. "One suspect trying to locate the home, chatted on- line with our decoy. He wanted the girl to come outside and start walking down the street."

Authorities considered that very risky. The woman posing as the young girl was actually a sworn Deputy Sheriff. Two Assistant District Attorney's monitored the activity. Hinds County deputies and reserves were in place to strike.

A 46 -year old man who's screen name is "revolver958" soon showed up at the door. He was read his rights then questioned by authorities and then placed under arrest. Here's a portion of our interview with Herman Weaver Langham of Florence. .......

"Did you come here to have a sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl?" No. What are you doing here then? I was coming here to talk to her and ask her why she's messing around on the internet. You told her you could get arrested if you have sex with her, so you knew what you were doing. Yes. You said you wanted to be friends, lovers and companions. You would teach her things. Did you bring condoms with you? Was your intent to have sex with her? No, it wasn't. Do you have any regrets? Yeah, I have regrets of helping somebody. I was going to warn that girl. What's your family going to think? My family is going to think....they ain't going to know what to think."

Sheriff Malcolm McMillin talked with WLBT News about the sting Monday morning.
McMillin says "What surprised me were the number of individuals who would be willing to take that risk to have sex with a child. We had a dozen in two days."

Lawmen say 46- year old Herman Weaver Langham, III is a married self- employed contractor from Florence. He was booked and charged with felony exploitation of a child. His chat logs were taken as evidence.Prosecutors say if convicted Langham could face 5-40 years behind bars.
The same scenario played out day and night at the Byram home. Men from Hinds Rankin and Madison, Gulfport and Neely, Mississippi were arrested by Hinds County deputies. Some brought guns, some presents.

A number of suspects allowed deputies to confiscate their personal computers, others were seized after search warrants were issued.

Child rape fugitive captured - Caught working at Carnival

A Hermitage man who has been wanted by police since February, when he cut off an electronic monitoring device and fled as he awaited trial on child rape charges, was captured in East Tennessee last night.

Jeremy Duffer, 35, was working for a traveling carnival in Rockwood, Tenn., when one of the workers walked up to an off-duty police officer and said a co-worker was acting suspiciously, Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron said.

"The Rockwood officer called for a Roane County deputy sheriff and the two of them approached this suspiciously acting carnival worker, who turned out to be Duffer," Aaron said.

Initially Duffer told them that his name was Paul Johnson. When the suspect offered to call his mother and have tell confirm his identify, the police said they would call the woman themselves.

"The mother finally told the deputy after 15 minutes that the man they were talking to was Jeremy Duffer."

Metro Police planned to pick up the fugitive from the Roane County Jail and bring him back to Nashville early this morning.

Since Duffer fled after posting bond, police have placed billboards with Duffer's picture throughout the city. He was the first fugitive to have his picture posted on a billboard in a program Metro Police recently began.

The former Hermitage game store worker is accused of raping a teenage boy he befriended at the store.

Aaron was asked if the man had been around children.

"Well, who do carnivals attract? Children of all ages." •

Just when I thought he couldn't get any dumber.......

For the last time BlueRibbon, my name is not Carolyn. Whoever it is that you're trying to 'expose' is not ME, nor anyone else at AZ

AZ claim that the information they use is from public records. You should be aware that Carolyn's WHOIS information for her .biz site is a public record too. We will not be using this to harass posters and I discourage people from doing that. What we want to do is inform employers that you are running a hate site. Since one of you appears to work with kids, running a hate site isn't appropiate.

Absolute Zero is not a hate site, as anyone who can actually comprehend what they read can tell you. And since you obviously CANNOT read and comprehend here it is again




You're getting in over your head, kid.
I suggest you back down and try to think. I know it's hard for you, but you should try. You should try real hard.

Idiot Pedophile Update

That brilliant freakopath BlueRibbon and his mentally challenged sidekick, the infamous Winston Smith aka Debatecrime aka Lepidopterist think they're real smart. In fact they think they know my name, and oh Hellpig's too! Let's see if I have this right *I* am Carolyn and Hellpig is Helen.
How can I explain this?
Carolyn, what I'm trying to say is that outing people just makes things worse. I want to have sensible debates, you want to out paedophiles. I guess that posting your real names might make you see how it feels.
posted by BLueRibbon at 12:04 AM

BlueRibbon, what I'm trying to say is that we don't want to have sensible debates with irrational people. There is nothing to debate on this issue. And as far as outing pedofreaks we haven't posted anything that isn't public record. Like I said previously, you are becoming more and more careless, one of your associate baby lusters should rein you in before you do more damage to the movement. Oh, but they don't have the mental capacity to understand.

Happy hunting to you Blueribbon, I'm right on your trail.

Here's another hint for you, my resources are much more powerful than Google dear boy. Get ready.

USC Geneticist Convicted Of Child Molestation

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

(CBS) LOS ANGELES A prominent geneticist who has been hailed as the "father of gene therapy" was convicted Wednesday for molesting a young girl whose mother worked with him at USC.

William French Anderson, 69, was convicted of one count of continuous sexual abuse with a child under 14 and three counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child. Anderson, who was arrested in July 2004, was the head of the USC Gene Therapy Laboratories.

Prosecutors said Anderson molested the girl, now 19, over a five-year period beginning when she was just nine or 10 years old. They met after the girl's family moved to South Pasadena from China and her mother began working for Anderson at the lab.

Crucial to the case was a recorded conversation between the victim and Anderson, who could be heard telling her, "I just did it, just something in me was just evil."

Read the full Story Here

Another one bites the dust...

A Gift for BlueRibbon

Danny Wyatt = Benjamin Rzadca

Google/Blogger is your friend

So, I've done a lot of Googling and a bit of searching on Blogger. It's seems that Hell Pig (HB) isn't very careful with her info. For example, she allows herself to be nick-linked to nicks with RL info in the profile. I could post her real name here, but I won't do that unless AZ do it to a paed blogger

I'm just rolling with laughter at you BlueRibbon. You think you know who the mighty Hellpig is? You think you know her name? You might want to check your facts dear, before you start posting something like that. But then, you know best, right?

Pedophile Politics

ALa, at Blonde Sagacity, posted about a new political party in the Netherlands whose main goal is to lower the age of consentual sex from 16 to 12. A judge recently ruled that there's nothing illegal about the party, allowing them to stay on the ballot, a decision I support, however... this is just disgusting.

Silent Lambs

I was reading an article today that disturbed me greatly. It would appear that Jehovah's Witnesses tend to hide sexual and physical abuse within their congregations. The stories I'm reading make the abuse and cover-up within the Catholic church look like, well, .... child's play.

In one case, Sara Poisson of Claremont, NH reported to the elders that her then-husband, Paul Berry, had physically abused some of her children. The elders allegedly told her that she "needed to be a better wife" and "needed to pray more." Poisson said that "Each time I spoke to the elders I was sanctioned in some way...Some privilege was removed because I had dared to usurp the authority of my husband." When her son was discovered at school with marks of abuse on his skin, she was told by a social worker to either have her husband leave the home or lose custody of her children. She did the former and was then shunned by the congregation. She finally went to police after discovering that her former husband had sexually abused her daughter from the age of 4 to 10. Stories of aggravated sexual abuse and torture were revealed in court. At Berry's trial, 29 fellow members of his congregation testified favorably about his character.

Officially, the Jehovah's Witness Church's stance is that "If there is a law that mandates reporting, that takes precedent over any confidentiality, whether in church policy or statute....The laws of this country, as well as people's moral values, tell you there are some things that should be kept private. That's why laws protect confidential communications between clergy and their flock....Parents are encouraged to do whatever they need to do to protect their child."

Unofficially, they allow sexual and physical abusers to go unreported to the police, with only stern warnings and minor sanctions. In 2001, a group was formed to stop this abuse. Silent Lambs is an organization aimed at prosecuting Jehovah's Witnesses who sexually and/or physically abuse children. Read the "Personal Experiences" section if you dare.

William H. Bowen, has been a Jehovah’s Witness for over 43 years, including serving as a ministerial servant, elder, educator, served on well over 100 judicial committees, worked in many administrative and managerial positions, and has given talks at circuit and district conventions. In 2000 he discovered information that proved a fellow elder had molested a child multiple times. When he reported the abuse, he was told to cover it up, from the local level all the way up to the headquarters of the Watchtower Society. The only move the Society was willing to make was to removing the offender as an elder, but specifically prohibited him from reporting it to the police. Instead, Mr. Bowen resigned, and went public with his experiences.

It sickens me to think that a religious organization would hide pedophiles and abusers in such an obvious and cruel way. Perhaps if we drew more attention to the problems within the Jehovah's Witnesses, as it has been done with the Catholic Church, these abuses would stop- or at least be taken to the police and dealt with properly.

BlueRibbon even Dumber than we thought

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here's a clue for you BLueRibbon, the ISP to which you are referring is already aware of the problem, and they know what the PROBLEM is

You seem to be getting more careless. Can you possibly get any dumber?

"Did you think perhaps you'd incite someone to try their hand at hacking BLueRibbon?"

Nope, but I hope I inspire our hundreds of readers to report you to your ISP ;)
Good luck when your ISP contacts you. ;)

"Why don't you go ask Daddy about it and see what he thinks. Oops, sorry I forgot he thinks you're a little pervert and he's afraid of letting you around your little brothers friends."

Well, my YF is still coming for a weekend break with me and my family. I'm looking forward to seeing him in his swimwear!

Maybe this was what Lanning (2001) was referring to when he discussed their compulsive behavior and state on p. 24
therefore make 'needy' mistakes that often seem almost stupid.

BlueRibbon and Malicious Intent

And so begins a sequence of unfortunate events..... yes another attempt at bully tactics, intimidation and malicious intent?

An AZ team member edited an entry at Wikia, correcting false sources and false information. This is what the TOS say:
Everyone can edit articles and other pages on Wikia. If you see something incorrect with a page just use the edit link and correct it.

If you don't want your writing to be edited mercilessly and redistributed at will, then don't submit it here.

But there are other TOS we should consider:

Users shall not harass other users or collect or publish personal information about them.

So what does BlueRibbon do? The ped that's trying to influence everyone about pedophilia with false information, which we've already discredited
Why he decides he'll try to stir the pot a little....he posts THIS on his nothing blog.

And in case you can't read it, it says:
User 64-18-108-70.adsl.catt.com thought it would be fun to destroy the Wikia article regarding MAAs. It takes about two minutes to revert the change, but to prevent further damage I have reported this person to their ISP. I'll post any updates later.

You can look up their details here

And he follows up in his comments with this statement
you have breached your ISPs TOS

Well pardon me if I snicker, but no where at Wikia, or the ISP does it say that only perverted little creeps can edit Wikia.

Did you think perhaps you'd incite someone to try their hand at hacking BLueRibbon? Do you realize the penalty for such a thing? Do you realize there have been other threats? Do you realize that you are being watched by those other than us? Do you care.........or is your needs so great that they outweigh your common sense?
Why don't you go ask Daddy about it and see what he thinks. Oops, sorry I forgot he thinks you're a little pervert and he's afraid of letting you around your little brothers friends. On the other hand, perhaps you'd like to talk to Crake....here's an interesting email we received from him
You guys are sick blood thirsty scum and murderoring bastards. That is a THREAT. I wouldn't let you near children! You're dangerous. "Flybys?" And you call pedos bad?

I got a hacker who's ready and and waiting to dismantle this site to kingdom come.

Oh Dear.

Oh and BTW BlueRibbon, as we think here about the wisdom of knowing who your friends are.....I was just wondering....y'all been missing anyone lately??

Indecent Obsessions?

Has anyone but me noticed that THEY doth protest too much?

Has anyone but me noticed that sex is so high on the agenda?

Has anyone but me noticed that normal people don't obsess over the subjects of their attraction in this manner?

Take for example

......we need to be around children the way most people need air to breathe.....BB

How can I not be obsessed? Nothing else is important in life. Little girls are my heroin, and I am an addict. Enigma

This boy is so special. I've worked VERY hard to make him my YF and I can't let my parents win. This boy is hope in what is a very miserable existance for me.... I really can't let him go BLueRibbon

You might find this interesting information from Defense attorneys experienced in dealing with these types of people. Here's what they have to say
Pedophilia is an obsession with children as sex objects. Overt acts, including taking sexually explicit photographs, molesting children and exposing one's genitalia to children, are all crimes. Pedophilia includes pornography involving children.

Pedophilia is considered a mental illness. If you have been charged with Pedophilia in Oklahoma City, it is imperative to have an experienced criminal defense law firm handle your case.

Lest we forget Danny Wyatt

If you've been reading Absolute Zero for awhile you may remember this POST

You make me the equivalent to a murderer then be forwarned there is nothing short of what your involving yourself in.
If your tired of pedophiles imposing themselves on you- deal with it- cause if you can't find a way to suck-it-the-fuck-up then your time will come in which you'll suffer like the little twerp you are.
Again if you want to equate me to the likes of a murderer, rapist, terrorist, you name it then expect the same when I come to find your ass
Fuck, having a bullet in your head isn't enough then maybe the real thing will help.
Originally posted here

It seems Danny Wyatt just can't ever really learn his lesson. (Does any pedophile ever????) Of course his name isn't really Danny Wyatt, its Benjamin Rzadca, a dishonorably discharged Marine, now on Missouri's registered sex offender list. Seems he returned to Christian Boy Love Forum back in May after serving his sentence, and had THIS to say. But then carried on with his violent language, and who knows what else? Dare we guess? Read all about it HERE

You know what they say...

...about how most child molesters aren't pedophiles? I hear it all the time, the pedophile's claim to fame on how child molesters aren't "their" people. How those that hurt children are "their" people.
Yeah, I wonder then what they say about people like Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller. He clearly had an attraction for young boys... it wasn't as if he was just stressed out one day and decided to rape one. No, Schwartzmiller was actively on the prowl, searching out new victims continuously. He would "groom" them while befriending their families, slowly working his way into their lives, getting primed for the strike. And it wasn't just one boy, it was many many boys over a span of his lifetime. His rap sheet reads like a late night horror story, with victims sprawled across five states, and as many as 80 different charges to his name. He's believed to have had thousands... yes THOUSANDS of victims. That's not "situational" it's continual... constant... prolific- and I must say, very pedophile like.
Of course, Dean Schwartzmiller isn't currently posing a danger to children, in fact, if convicted of these latest charges, he won't be threatening our children's well being and happiness for about 183 years. Still, the seeds of pain, anger, depression and victimization that he has already sewed into countless children will live on, and in some case will certainly spread.
Currently, the jury is being selected for his trial, where he is charged with 12 counts of child molestation and child pornography in connection with his alleged molestation of two San Jose boys.
Approximately 80 prospective jurors filed into Judge Edward Lee's courtroom this morning and another 80 are scheduled to show up this afternoon with the process being repeated on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lee will spend all three days hearing requests to be excused from prospective jurors who believe serving on the jury for the trial, which is expected to last more than a month, would pose a hardship to them. Following the hardship phase of jury selection, the remaining prospective jurors will fill out questionnaires about their knowledge of the Schwartzmiller case.

Just in case they can't find enough jurors... I happen to be free and completely believe that I can listen to testimony and reach a guilty verdict on all charges.

Profile of a Pedophile (Lindsay Ashford)

A couple of months back, pedophile movement ringleader Lindsay Ashford was whining about how a girl he met was going around his city telling people about who he is to warn them about the danger in their midst. I got to thinking and realized that she might be a great source of information about this pervert so I decided to write her and ask her about her impressions of him so that we could sort of get inside his head. See how he works so to speak. Jessica graciously wrote me back and told me what she knows about him. The following profile is based upon emails that I swapped with her.

Lindsay Ashford was born in 1968 and is an American. He told Jessica though that he is no longer allowed to enter the United States, so I guess we could say that he is some sort of an exile. In April when he met Jessica, he was living in Panama City but he might not be there anymore. After Jessica did the right thing and warned people there about him, his employer fired him. Since his employer had signed the lease on his apartment, he probably lost that too. He told Jessica a lot about how he missed the Czech Republic where he used to live, so maybe he went back there.

According to Jessica, Ashford comes across as a nice guy. He was very helpful and accomodating to her when she met him. He also comes across as being very smart, knowing a lot about literature, art and politics. This of course makes him all the more dangerous as he is socially adept and can con people into believing that he is an alright person. Even worse, he can use his friendly ways to make friends with kids. We know that he \'helps out\' poor kids. He \'adopted\' a family in Panama because the mother was an alcoholic and could not take care of her kids. It gives me goose bumps to think of what kind of care Ashford took of them.

Over and over Ashford says on his website that he does not have sex with kids. He told Jessica that was because it was illegal to have sex with kids but Jessica\'s opinion about that explanation can be expressed in a single word: \"bullshit\". Ashford used to do drugs which are also illegal but he does not seem to have any problem with that. If he can break one law, he can break other ones too. He also told Jessica that he knows first hand that kids like sex. He said he had sex for the first time when he was four and that he liked it. As Jessica summed up \"why would there be any reason for him not to follow through in what he believes is right?\" What a scary thought.

Jessica also said that Ashford likes to drink a lot. Does this bother you as much as it bothers me? We know that a lot of child molesters lower their inhibitions with drugs or alcohol before they molest children. Ashford might be able to control his urges a lot of times, but what about when he goes off on a drinking spree? What then?

Ashford was adamant with Jessica that he did not like the use of force with kids, so he is probably not the type to go out and commit violent acts against kids. Still, we know that even \'consensual\' sex between kids and adults scars them for life. And considering his friendly ways, he might even be able to convince little girls that what he is doing to them is OK, even that they like it or that its good for them. Yep, it sounds like Ashford is a perfect example of the \"Preferential Sex Offender\". And these are the sickos that abuse hundreds of children in a lifetime.

Do you have anymore information about Ashford or another one of his depraved friends? Let me know and I will publish that here too. The more information we have, the better we can fight these morons. Many thanks to Jessica for her help with this.

Clinical Data for this illness

Since discovering that Wikipedia can be edited to say anything without consequense, I thought I'd do a little digging into the Health Profession to see what they think. Hmmm. I don't believe these reports can be hacked.

I have only posted a small portion to whet your appitite. read the rest Here

Pedophilia is a paraphilia that involves an abnormal interest in children. A paraphilia is a disorder that is characterized by recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies generally involving: nonhuman objects; the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one's partner (not merely simulated); or animals, children, or other nonconsenting persons. Pedophilia is also a psychosexual disorder in which the fantasy or actual act of engaging in sexual activity with prepubertal children is the preferred or exclusive means of achieving sexual excitement and gratification. It may be directed toward children of the same sex or children of the other sex. Some pedophiles are attracted to both boys and girls. Some are attracted only to children, while others are attracted to adults as well as to children.

Pedophilia is defined by mental health professionals as a mental disorder, but the American legal system defines acting on a pedophilic urge as a criminal act.

The focus of pedophilia is sexual activity with a child. Many courts interpret this reference to age to mean children under the age of 18. Most mental health professionals, however, confine the definition of pedophilia to sexual activity with prepubescent children, who are generally age 13 or younger. The term ephebophilia, derived from the Greek word for "youth," is sometimes used to describe sexual interest in young people in the first stages of puberty.

The most common overt aspect of pedophilia is an intense interest in children. There is no typical pedophile. Pedophiles may be young or old, male or female, although the great majority are males. Unfortunately, some pedophiles are professionals who are entrusted with educating or maintaining the health and well-being of young persons, while others are entrusted with children to whom they are related by blood or marriage.

Pedophilia is one of the more common paraphilias; the large worldwide market for child pornography suggests that it is more frequent in the general population than prison statistics would indicate. Together with voyeurism and exhibitionism, pedophilia is one of the three paraphilias most commonly leading to arrest by the police.

The onset of pedophilia usually occurs during adolescence. Occasional pedophiles begin their activities during middle age but this late onset is uncommon. In the United States, about 50% of men arrested for pedophilia are married.

The frequency of behavior associated with pedophilia varies with psychosocial stress. As the pedophile's stress levels increase, the frequency of his or her acting out generally rises also.

Pedophilia is more common among males than among females. In addition, the rate of recidivism for persons with a pedophilic preference for males is approximately twice that of pedophiles who prefer females.

read the entire report Here