Truth or Consequences

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In a previous post we discussed the fact that all pedophiles exhibit cognitive thought distortions to some extent. It is well known that while there are no typical pedophiles per se, there are many characteristics that most of them do have in common, such as emotional immaturity, persistent denial, lack of empathy and anti-social traits. Perhaps this means that on some level they really do believe the things they say. Their lack of understanding and tendency to project onto others enables this inability to correctly interpret social cues, facial expressions and body language. In other words........they see what they want to see.....they believe what they want to believe.

One thing they do is write about their GM's or BM's (girl moments and boy moments). These usually concern a casual, passing encounter, on a bus or in a store, for example. They'll give long detailed descriptions of the child which culminates in a declaration of how they could tell how much the child wanted them. Probably because they put their finger in their mouth or scratched their crotch, and they blow it into unbelieveable proportions, worse than any junior high kids you've ever seen. (Remember those days?)
I have just encountered a GM of epic porportions that even the Naysayers would just have DIED to be in my shoes!!!!! Yes, I saw some panties, but WOW!!! NEVER LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..................she went to the swings and put one leg through the seat and spun around, giving me even more close examinations of the cotton. She knew all too well exactly where I was looking, and didn't mind one bit! In fact, I could tell she was very turned on by it
She was nine years old. Or then there's always JD420
I don't post any of my GM, usually, but hey. 's all good. The two before that involved people far younger - about 6m and about 18-20m, in inverse chronological order - so I'll spare ya
But I digress. Pedophiles not only have cognitive distortions but they like to spread them around. So today I'm going to clarify one of those:

Absolute Zero does not promote 'hunting down and killing known pedophiles'

Absolute Zero's mission is clear although overlooked by the pedophile community. So, once again I will break it down so there's no misunderstanding. While individual bloggers may say things that seem outrageous or angry, AZ collectively has one agenda and one agenda only. It is not up to pedophiles to approve of our methods or to question our motives. Our mission is and has always been the same:
  • Inform---Make people aware that you're out there and are in hot pursuit of your goals, aggressively, coersively and with blatant intimidation trying to force your will upon society.
  • Expose---Expose your true agenda, your word spin and your propoganda. How you say one thing but mean another. We'll expose to all who need to know, to whoever will listen, and we'll continue until.............
  • Silence---Naturally (those in America anyway) have a constitutional right to free speech....this 1st amendment right however does have limits, ie obscenity laws and threatening speech. The tangled web you weave is a threat to our children's safety and well-being. We will untangle your web with which you attempt to deceive and silence the spread of your lies.

  • "Why don't you just kill yourself!" not a threat.
    "I'll put a bullet through your head" a threat.
    "I will shut you up!" not a threat
    It is a promise
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