A Little Reason

Monday, July 03, 2006

It seems that some of the Pedophiles want a dialogue and reason. Will they listen to reason themselves?

They say they are not child-molesters but pedophiles. OK... I suppose it's quite possible to be a pedophile without being a child-molester if you have the desire to have sex with children but never -- ever -- give in to it. Sex with a child is, by definition, child molestation. If you are having sex with a child then you are, by the definition of the word, a child molester.

You say you love children. Then why do you hurt them? It is impossible to have sex with a child without hurting them. (If you say it doesn't hurt them, then you are either ignorant or a liar.) Perhaps you should ask some adults who were molested as children about that. (I know a few, and only one was molested by a relative, and they were all seriously messed up by it.) Logically, love and sex cannot co-exist in an adult/child relationship; the presence of one renders the other impossible for love does not thrive on hurting the beloved.

If you have the desires and never give in to them, then I salute you for your discipline and control. If you give in to them, you have nothing but my contempt.

You need to face the fact that some desires can never be fulfilled. That's just how life is. If you want to have sex with children, then you are, for whatever reason, malfunctioning. But you can choose not to give in.

Are you your body's master or is your body your master? You can choose to say no to your body. It isn't always easy, but it is the only right thing to do.

I love kids too, but have no desire to have sex with them. That's another thing. Sex and love are not interchangeable. It is quite possible to have sex without love and even easier to have love without sex. It is the purer, higher, and better love.
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