Thursday, July 06, 2006

I recently had an email discussion with Twilight_Sky, who's been a continuous thorn in my side I might add. And he's given me permission to post one of his blog entries here.

I was very impressed by it actually, it covered most of the things that needed to be dealt with. So I'll put his post here, and then add my comments.
Let’s take a look at some common paedophile myths. And no, I don’t mean the ones about us. I mean the ones made by us. Because unfortunatley, such a thing exists, and in profusion.

Here we go:

1. Not all parents are the scum of the Earth. I don’t care how bad your’s were, but a vast majority do not abuse their kids or treat them like slaves. This leads neatly to number 2……

2. In all likelehood, you do not have a stronger connection with a child than his or her parents. Let me say this straight: if the child had to toss one of you into a volcano, they would choose you without hesitation. Even if the parents are abusive or not particularly loving, the child will probably still have a deeper connection with them.

3. The child you are sexually attracted to probably does not feel the same way. At all. Depending on their age, they at most have a crush on you.

4. Likewise, the fact that a little girl once kissed you on the cheek (I have seriously heard someone say this) does not mean that all children want to have sex with adults.

5. Child lovers are not the only group of people in the world who are concerned with children’s welfare.

6. Yes, many non-childlovers who say that they’re concerned with children’s welfare are, in fact, telling the truth.

7. Most of the people enforcing age of consent laws are not tyrants who are out to enslave children. They are, despite what you want to believe, trying to protect children.

8. Non-paedophiles don’t hate us because we’re trying to start some kind of sexual revolution (for those of us in the childlove movement) or because they’re afraid we’ll “free” their children from some sort of oppression. They hate us because they think we’ll hurt children.

9. Nobody is jealous of us. At all.

10. We are not naturally gifted with some sort of affinity with children. It might seem like it on this end, but that doesn’t mean the feeling is mutual.

Now, go forth and be realistic!

Wow! Twilight, I must say I'm impressed. And I'm curious.....this was such a well thought out intelligent and perceptive post........... You obviously 'get it' so why do you not get why its not ok to go around lobbying for tolerance? They're not all like you Twilight!! Not by a long shot.

Here's some of the things you left out though............

1. Victims do suffer. Their lives are altered forever. And I'm not just talking about violent assault.

2. Children are not ready to be able to consent to sex. I'm not talking about a 14, or 15 year old child. They aren't mature enough either, but then they don't really fall under the pedophilia definition do they?

3. Child pornography is NOT a victimless crime.

4. Children would rather play with their baby dolls and tonka trucks that with your genitals.

5. Society will not ever relinquish its obligations and rights as parents to protect children from any Tom, Dick or Harry (potter)

I would love to hear any thoughts about this or (team members) feel free to update this list with others.
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