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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act of 2006 — Jessica’s Law

California has currently 63,000 registered sex offenders. One in every four sex offenders in California are currently missing.

How can we protect our children if we don’t even know where the sex offenders are?
That's why we propose the most comprehensive sex offender punishment and control reform that will be the toughest sex offender law in the nation. Jessica’s Law will:
Ensure that all child molesters who molest children under the age of 14 are put into a prison with a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years or 25 years to life. Closes all loopholes in California’s “one-strike” laws.
Eliminate all “good-time” credits for sex offenders ensuring that these sex offenders are required to serve their entire sentence and will not be released for good behavior.
Electronically monitor convicted sex offenders for life, if they are ever released from prison, through GPS tracking.
Create a 2,000 foot “predator-free” zone around schools and park to prevent sex offenders from living near where our children learn and play.
Please click on the fact sheet to see the other provisions of Jessica’s Law that will protect our children.
Current Law v. Jessica’s Law Fact Sheet

Our kids deserve the protection of the toughest sex offender and punishment law in the nation. Please join us today.
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