Can you say Incognito?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Are those you believe to be paedophiles really paedophiles? Or are they police in disguise using the same ‘grooming’ techniques that these mentally ill individuals use to lure children for sex?

Do paedophiles know the difference? I believe not – and I also believe that the communities they have formed on the web to support each other, to rationalise their illness together will be the very tool for their destruction.

Rationalisation and support is what these individuals need – in a medical, psychiatric context – with 12 steps starting with –

  1. sexual attraction to children is a mental illness
  2. if I am sexually attracted to children I have a mental illness

Cyberspace has for all intents and purposes provided an anonymous outlet for paedophiles to meet, support one another and rationalise their illness. However the very act of support bolsters their collective egos and confidence – and children are the ones who are most hurt. By extension, any society which permits the children to be damaged is participating in its own downfall.

The law enforcement community are actively working to expose these individuals, prosecute where appropriate and to help them get medical assistance for their illness; and they will use all legal methods to prevent harm and exploitation to/of children. This may include impersonating a paedophile to discover who the individual behind the ‘anonymous’ handle really is.

So again I ask: Do you really know who the paedophile is that you are supporting and encouraging? Or are you being groomed?

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