Problem With Paedophiles on the Net

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wonder why we have a problem with paedophiles on the net?

Ethel Quayle and Max Taylor are experts in paedophilia. In 2002, they wrote about the dangers presented by paedophiles using the net; it is argued that the net is used by paedophiles in the following harmful ways:

Traffic child pornography

Locate children to molest

Engage in inappropriate sexual communication with children

Communicate with other paedophiles

Pictorial child pornography available on the net can be used as a tool in child molestation.

The authors further highlight the problematic use of the internet by paedophiles:

In allowing paedophiles to communicate so freely with each other, the Internet reinforces the belief that such behaviour is valid and normal activity, and is an expression of ‘love’ for children rather than abuse. It is not clear whether such cognitive distortions exist prior to accessing others on the Internet, but it is clear that they are reinforced by such engagement. Not only does it offer the opportunity to justify paedophile activities, it also allows for a relatively safe environment in which pictures and text can be exchanged. Such material may form part of the paedophile’s collection, and in addition allow for the exchange of information about possible victims.

p. 867

Quayle, E & Taylor, M 2002 ‘Paedophiles, Pornography and the Internet: Assessment Issues’, British Journal of Social Work, no. 32, pp. 863-875.
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