I Didn't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

Monday, July 31, 2006

After recently discovering
that the pedophile community is using (among other things) an editorial written for an alternative news source as a justification for tolerance.

And having exposed an obvious pedophile apologist who believes Michael Jackson should be excused by society because he didn't commit violence against his victims and paid them millions of dollars.....(though not of free choice)

I sarcastically made this remark

The next thing you know the pedovores will be editing Wiki's and using Ms. Amiel as a reference.

Ah, but little did I know. They're already using Ms. Amiel! Why, it's even in the pedo library!

Example in point, Tom O'Carroll, a long time pedophile activist and repeat sex offender, member of NAMBLA and pervert extraordinaire, quoted and linked to Barbara Amiel, a journalist, in defense of his position that

True concern for children would prefer to see some children participating willingly in pornography under monitorable conditions than to have others brutally exploited because of their status as runaways or mere chattels of their parents.

Then he has an editorial by Ms. Amiel. After reading what she had to say about Michael Jackson it should come as no surprise

Child pornography is produced because some people have a need to look at it. This need and its satisfaction will not be extinguished by Patten's prohibitions any more than homosexuality or the craving for the high has ever been extinguished by legislation. Human desires are largely indifferent to fines, although any instinct can be curbed by sufficiently draconian measures.

One is revolted at the idea of children posing for pornographic pictures, but while the use to which the pictures may be put in someone's mind is abhorrent, I can't really see that simply photographing a child exploits him.

In the end, I suppose, I dislike all legislation like this proposed new amendment to the Criminal Justice Act., because it is legislation against an essentially victimless crime. The living child exists only in the paedophile's mind.

Victimless Crime???

I'm simply at a loss for words. While I've been researching reputable studies and peer reviewed academics, the pedophile community is quoting criminals and journalists.

Lanning said on p.69

Many preferential sex offenders collect academic and scientific books and articles on the nature of their paraphilic preferences in an effort to understand and justify their own behavior. For the same reason pedophiles often collect and distribute articles and manuals written by pedophiles in which they attempt to justify and rationalize their behavior……..

I guess that says it all.
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