Note to all pedofreaks

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Absolute Zero
This is the tolerance level of contributors to this blog when it comes to Pedophiles.
If you fit this description, this blog is designed against you.
“ A person that is sexually attracted to children.” PERIOD.
There must be a real problem with the wording, Let me help.
IF YOU ARE OVER 18 AND YOU FIND YOURSELF DROOLING AT THE SIGHT OF A 12yr OLD, YOU MIGHT BE A PEDOFREAK. There is no justification to warrant discussion. There is no grey area. IF YOU ARE ATTRACTED TO MINORS weather you have acted on it or not, IT IS A PROBLEM. SEEK HELP but NOT HERE.
If you are a victim of this atrocity, seek the help of law enforcement, school counselors or any type of professional organizations that are readily available.
If you are a perpetrator, acting on the attraction your days are numbered.
PEDOPHILIA will never be an accepted practice, and for all you high and mighty Pedofreaks that would try to argue a different point, DON”T BOTHER.
Seek professional help freaks, before its too late.
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