Scott David Uslan

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Police had been investigating the relationship between a registered sex offender in Port St. Lucia Florida (see his sex offender registration page here) and a 17 year old girl for months. Sadly, once he began harassing the girl to the point that they were able to arrest him, he was allowed to post bail.
The story gets worse, as 42 year old Scott Uslan entered the cafe where the 17 year old worked three days after his bond was posted, and shot and killed Brittany Carleo.
"Unfortunately this mad man was not kept behind bars where apparently he should have been kept, and unfortunately we have a young girl who is now dead," Vega said.

Two other cafe employees escaped out the back.

Uslan had been obsessed with Carleo since she started dating his son two years ago, and the teen eventually sought a restraining order against him, family members said.

"If he couldn't have her, no one else could have her," her aunt, Barbara Martin, told The Tribune for Sunday's editions.

The only part of this story that isn't sad is the fact that Uslan then shot and killed himself. At least that part limits the state's ability to release him unto the public yet again. - Florida Sex Offender Kills Teen, Self After Police Standoff
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