My Silent War

Friday, July 21, 2006

I was inspired by Lindsay Ashford.... so begins My Silent Wars saga. His blog description
My Silent War...A personal, social and policical chronicle of childlove, the issues surrounding it, and what it really means to be a pedophile in this world
We here at Absolute Zero are most definitely not in a 'Silent' war. But we do want to silence yours. Now Blueribbon can join you, we'll be sending some more your way shortly.

A lesson to all you young baby lusters out there. When you're afraid to come out of the toybox, and you kinda, sorta have a feeling it might cause you some problems. Don't listen to obviously sick people like Lindsay Ashford. When he tries to lift you up, when he tries to tell you that you can make a change in the world. When he tries to tell you that you are ok, and the rest of the world isn't.... take a look at his life. Take a look at how he can't return to his own country, and how he must be ever on the move. Take a look at Kevin Brown who has practically destroyed his son's childhood for his selfish sexual desires. Take a look at Todd Nickerson, tired of living with his grandmother, had to remove his artwork from the internet because no one would hire him. When you see statements like these:
It is a common mistake in this society for someone to call a "child molester" a "pedophile". This is a huge mistake, but usually never gets corrected. The former refers to a person who abuses a child, and the latter refers to a person who is attracted to children. Most child molesters are not pedophiles, and most pedophiles are not child molesters.

Ask yourself where he got that information. Was it Lindsay Ashford perhaps? Ask yourself if you should perhaps find out the facts for yourself, instead of blindly following those people that I mentioned above. First, his statement is incorrect. But most importantly of all, it doesn't matter one iota what the actual definition means, as far as what people think of you. Words come to mean what society says they mean. Ever heard the term moonbat? What about blog? Those terms mean what society says they mean.
So what do we have now?
I haven't been myself lately - I've lost my resolve to be everything I can be and every thing I should be

I sit here today as a person with little faith

Every sex obsessed "Girl moment" I read undermines my faith in the childLOVE community further.

I was naieve to think my strength was unlimited, and I was ignorant to not notice when it ran out.

I know that I am losing my strength, my faith and my resolve, and the cracks are showing. If I continue as I am, I will in all liklihood be the next to break. And I can't let that happen.

After I have posted this - to my blog, to the forums I visit, and anywhere else that might be appropriate - I will close my browser window, and I will not check my E-mails, check my blog or any others, or visit any sites or read any articls about pedophilia/ChildLove/MAA-ness/amaros

Ahhh. Goodbye Silent War. Have no fear, I'll carry on just fine without you.
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