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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Our new friend Baldur has 'critiqued' my post about the Lanning report here. Here's my response:

In response to this
I*Love*Green*Olives said

Most (90% to 98%) child molesters are "situational offenders" who
abuse children because of stress or because they need a "power fix".

Lanning said p. 5

Except for child prostitution, most sexual-exploitation-of-children cases in the United States involve acquaintance molesters who rarely use physical force on their victims.

Baldur said
There is no conflict. Situational offenders are those who are not primarily attracted to children, but offend due to other causes - they may be drunk or otherwise impaired, they may be horny and the child is the only person around, or they might just be sadistic. Most of these offenders also happen to be acquaintances of the children they offend with, and they are more likely to entice, cajole, or threaten a child than to use physical force.

The fact that you made this statement demonstrates your lack of understanding of this term. Situational offenders are the ones who use force. Preferential offenders (paedophiles) are the deceptive, manipulative ones who groom their victims.

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Clayboy said

Most abuse is perpetrated by "situational offenders"; people who are not inherently attracted to children but use them because they see it as a convenient outlet and they are desperate.

Lanning said p. 37

Although a variety of individuals sexually abuse children, preferential-type sex offenders, and especially pedophiles, are the primary acquaintance sexual exploiters of children.

Baldur said
OK, these do conflict - but Lanning's opinion here also contradicts his opinion elsewhere, as well as the opinion of other researchers.

Yes they do conflict because it's a lie. Lanning did not contradict himself-he updated an old typology in this study. Anyone who has read it and understood it would know that. However, my position here is not to verify the validity of the Lanning study. This post was written to debunk the lies you paedophiles have attached to it.

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Lestat said

Again, no, that is why child molesters that ARENT attracted to children molest children.

Lanning said p. 39

A high percentage of acquaintance child molesters are preferential sex offenders who have a true sexual preference for children (i.e., pedophiles).


Lindsay Ashford, in his Wikipedia article on paedophilia, linked to the Lanning report and said:

most perpetrators of it [child sex abuse] are in fact not primarily interested in children.[28]

Lanning said p. 70

They [pedophiles] believe what they want to believe.

Baldur said
Everyone believes what they want to believe. Some have evidence for it.

Indeed. That would be me.

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On the little girl lover forum, infinity said

Most of the people who sexually abuse kids are not peds, nor do they even have ANY sexual attraction to kids.

Lanning said p. 47

The majority of offenders who simultaneously sexually victimize multiple children are acquaintance child molesters, and most acquaintance child molesters who victimize multiple children are preferential sex offenders.

Baldur said
There is no conflict. Most child molestors are situational offenders who only offend against one child at a time. It is not surprising that the small minority who break the law with more than one child simultaneously are actually attracted to children. These are two separate groups, as the descriptions should make abundantly clear.

Once again, you are demonstrating a lack of understanding. What Lanning said is that most molesters are preferential (paedophiles) and that these same paedophiles are the ones molesting more than one child at a time.

In response to this

ILGO said it has been repeated over and over again that 70-90% of children who were abused were so done by family or other adult known to themselves and their parents.

He even shows a graph and a link to it. He's attempting to deceive you. The graph is concerning child neglect. Of COURSE it's going to be 90% parents.......DUH
What he doesn't link to within the same study is the graph which shows that of all child sex abuse cases only 2.6% are committed by parents.

Baldur said
I'm not familiar with the link or the study, but besides the fact that child neglect has been proven to be far more damaging than sexual abuse, and besides the fact that ILGO might have mistakenly linked the wrong graph, and besides the fact that numerous sources give the 80-90% figure, there is the simple fact that - once again - Daydreamer of Oz is equivocating. The statistic is that most offenders are family or friends - and Daydreamer only considers parents. The two groups are not the same.

Once again, lack of understanding. There was no 'mistake' here. ILGO deliberately quoted the statistics in a graph representing neglect and applied it to sexual abuse. The intent is clearly decpetion and manipulation. By attempting to shift the focus from my facts on sexual abuse to a different topic entirely (neglect) is yet another tiring attempt by a paedophile to shift blame.

And finally we have
I don't even need to go find my sources (which is handy, considering how sleepy I am at present) when Daydreamer sabotages herself repeatedly like this.

Yes, that's very handy. I dare you to prove me wrong.
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