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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

As many of the contributors know, my contribution to this web site is from a Christian’s perspective. I make no claim to perfection, only that I strive to be like the ‘One’ who is perfect. I see things in black and white. I use the bible as the yardstick to measure what is normal and acceptable simply because it has been the predominant standard in western civilization for several thousand years. Even looking into the eastern religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam, the bible is considered to be relevant and necessary. It has been said that I seem to be more reasonable and, therefore, can be addressed to argue one’s viewpoint. Do not misjudge me. I understand the separation of the person from the behavior, but the behavior topic covered in this web site is one that reviles me to the core and I truly have zero tolerance for it.

I believe we each make choices in life based on example, education, and personal experiences, but sometimes those choices lead us down roads that seem to have no way out. Perhaps they were small choices, like perusing a magazine rack of pornography, or watching a porn movie. It could have been as innocent as seeing a provocative advertisement, but the fact remains that the intent of that media was to titillate one’s desires, and it worked. Or, perhaps one was exposed to pedophilia as a child by a trusted confidant, or worse yet a child molester. Whatever the circumstance, the result is a life that is rooted in fantasy, and if allowed to go unchecked will move into real behavior. Clearly, any type of sexual misconduct is damaging to ones self, but the exceptional problem with pedophilia is it harms people who have not fully developed mentally, emotionally or physically.

One might say “it’s OK to look, but don’t touch”, or “who are they to tell me I can’t think a certain way”. My thought is this: if one continues to travel down that road mentally, one will eventually come to a cross road of opportunity, and choose to move from fantasies to reality. And it is at that point one marries himself with the behavior, thus becoming a criminal.

I have made two observations recently. It appears to me that the majority of viewers of this website who choose to defend this type of behavior are still children themselves (less than 18years old). So let me pose a question to those of you who consider yourselves intellectually superior to the adults who “have no idea what you are going thru”.

For more than six thousand years, irrespective to race or religion, the peoples of this world have considered what you do as deviant and repulsive. When it was accepted by a particular society (e.g. the Roman Empire), the society soon met its ruin. And though it still exists within the shadows of society, this behavior has always been associated with criminality and ultimately destruction. So here is the question:

If non-acceptance has been the standard by which all have lived and existed for over 6000 years, how can you then assume that you are right, and the trillions of people throughout history have been wrong? Do you see the problem?

This is my second observation: You are aware of the sickness that resides in your heart and mind; however, you have become accustomed to it, even embracing that which is destroying you. You are seeking to fill a void in your heart that cannot be completely filled. It is like drinking chocolate malt. It provides temporary satisfaction, but in the end, your desire is only magnified. This is what will lead you to destruction.

There is an answer, a solution, a way out. But the last question I have for you is what will you do? As I said in a previous comment, will you seek help, because you can’t do this on your own, or will you shrink back and allow it to destroy you? Make the right choice this time.
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