Risk factors and warning signs

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I got these from a pamphlet at my local military Family Services Center. These are some of the key risk factors and warning signs that one's children may be at risk of attack from child predators (however much they profess their 'love' of children).

-Single parent with young children.
-Desperate for outside help.
-Demanding work schedule.
-Habitual reliance on child care.
-Male friends that demonstrate an above average interest in one's children.
-Male friends that routinely arrange, or ask for, "alone time" with one's children.
-Male extended family members that demonstrate the above two factors.
-Female friends or extended family members that appear to be jealous of your children.
-One's child suddenly demonstrates dislike, or fear of a family friend.

These are "no brainers," but many may be in similar situations and not even have a clue that they are at risk. Parental vigilance is crucial. Supervise your kids, talk to your kids, and don't have absolute, blind faith in family friends. Your kids are right: There is such a thing as monsters; they're called pedophiles.
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