A Prime Example

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Here's a prime example of one of the main goals of the pedovore movement. To increase tolerance for their perversions and to be accepted into mainstream society as 'just one of the guys'. Reporting on Michael Jackson, journalist Barbara Amiel gives us a look at what pedophile apologia looks like:

Genius doesn't justify evil, never has, but in the face of his brilliance, shouldn't society show just a little more tolerance of Jackson's peculiarity? What, after all, does one do with an idiosyncratic person of many sexual quirks including a taste for young boys whose own gender, judging by his appearanace, gestures and conversation is at best ambiguous? Jackson sits right on the border that separates maleness and femaleness, blackness and whiteness, grown-up and child, and possibly sanity and insanity.

Perhaps Ms. Amiel believes we should just ignore it. Leave Michael on his NeverLand ranch to never grow up and continue his grooming process over multiple children and spouting off stupidities like "Why can't we just share a bed?" But she has more to say on the topic:

Is there really any doubt that he had children in his bed for his pleasure? And what was the damage to them? Child molestation of any sort is not a desirable thing, and I can't think of any culture that has viewed it so, or even viewed it as a neutral sexual orientation. But in the absence of violence, fear and physical coercion, in the total absence of penetration, what actual harm has he done? These children have received millions for their moments in his bed. Before they were told it was a crime, they couldn't wait to get back to Neverland.

Maybe Ms. Amiel should educate herself on the grooming process and the psychological effects on the child. Or maybe she should tell all the children who have been sexually exploited that if it wasn't violent they have nothing to complain about. Or perhaps if they could be paid off that would make it just fine and dandy. Perhaps the simplest solution is for her to pull her head up out of the sand and see things for what they are. You don't have to be a genius to know that the statement In the absence of violence, what actual harm has been done? is merely an attempt to justify. A most extreme cognitive distortion, from the outside looking in. Or maybe there's some latent tendencies there.......

The next thing you know the pedovores will be editing Wiki's and using Ms. Amiel as a reference.
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