Pedophile Trends

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I've noticed certain trends in the posts, and comments, of the various pedophiles that we are combating. They've made it quite obvious that their goals are to legitimize, and legalize their twisted ways.

Here's some quick bullets reflecting what they have been saying and writing:

-I haven't acted on my urges, so I'm not a criminal.
*That's nice. When will that change? How bad will it be?

-I've read references that tell me that this is normal.
*They only cite each other, or Nazi experiments from WWII.

-I really love children, and would never hurt them.
*They don't view the emotional wreckage of sexual abuse as being "hurt."

-This "Absolute Zero bunch" are so funny! Blah blah bah, on and on about how they don't feel threatened by us, and they don't even take us seriously.
*It's amazing how many of the pedophiles blogs have devoted the majority of their postings to AZ. If they don't take us seriously, why are they devoting so much time to us? How many have quit (or have been arrested) since we started this project?

-The "anti-peds" are evil, hateful, "intolerant," etc.
*We are indeed intolerant of monsters. Evil? Hateful? Hardly. Look in the mirror. You are what kids are fearful of at night. You are the evil lurking in the dark shadows of childhood.

While the pedophiles lie to themselves (and others), they overlook one important fact: They will never gain acceptance, and Absolute Zero will work to ensure that.
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