Pueblo man facing seven years for child porn

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

DENVER - A 24-year-old Pueblo man who pleaded guilty last week to having child pornography is facing more than seven years in prison.
Steven M. Dominguez admitted he had 2,515 images of child pornography on his computer, including sex acts between young children and between young children and adults.
He and federal law enforcement authorities agreed in a court filing that the images came from the Internet where they were “exchanged . . . by individuals interested in child pornography.”
“Did you do these things?,” U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn asked Dominguez.
“Yes, your honor,” he responded.
Dominguez and the prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Habib Nasrullah, agreed in a plea bargain that the judge should sentence Dominguez to 87 months in prison. The range in sentencing guidelines is between 78 and 97 months in prison.
Federal customs agents, who specialize nationwide in child pornography investigations, built the case against him through a task force that included Pueblo County sheriff's officers.
Agents received a tip about Dominguez's pornography activities from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The center had been contacted by a Web site on which members store and share photos.

Isn't that interesting? Lindsay Ashford might want to disagree with this story, considering that he has THIS to say:
Careful quantification contradicts statements like those of Casa Alianza that there are "24,000 web sites currently devoted to child pornography on the internet," as well as claims by Customs Agent MacMartin that he had personally seen more than 100,000 pictures and video segments , all obtained on line, of children being sexually exploited. It also contradicts police reports that 80,000 child pornography images are traded on line every week. These are lies!
Their exagerrated statistics and lies about the extent of child pornography on the internet has been the trojan horse to suspend privacy rights and the freedom of speech for everyone.
Sexually sick moral crusaders and totalitarian authorities have defined children's bodies as obscene. They aren't! At least until filtered through their own pathological psychosexuality. They do an immense amount of harm to the healthy sexual development of children, who now must deal with their bodies-defined-as-obscene, not to mention the widespread fear of non-sexual but pleasurable touching generated by the hysteria they have created.
Less than an average of ten new series per year have been circulated on the internet since 1984. Only 14 of these series include children engaged in sexual intercourse, 32 in non-penetrative genital contact and 39 in fellatio. Most of these series include genital display only.
It is estimated that $100,000, 000 per year are spent by police forces and moral crusaders to combat this practically non-existent child pornography industry. On an annual basis that is approximately $10,000,000 per victim and $75,000,000 per act of sexual intercourse.

And then we have his pal Taf-Kat, John Hodgson, from GirlChat. Poor Taf-Kat has had his share of problems, lost his wife for one thing when he was arrested for possession of child pornography. It was such a horrible experience for him, he's even made an online diary, and swears he'll never use child porn again. Filling his diary with the story of what happened and Lollicon images. Oh well some folks never learn:
He brought up some of the hc pictures up on the screen. It was very odd seeing those pictures, with three other men in the room. They were my private pictures, they were never meant to be seen by anyone who didn't want to see them. It seemed like a violation of my sexuality.

I haven't harmed anyone in my life and if I go to jail the only people who will suffer will be Penny and my children. And he claims he is working for child protection!

The interview went on for several hours. He is a vindictive person with a wild imagination and I don't know how he sleeps at night.

In the corner is a pile of boxes and books. I recognise my scrap-books filled with cut'n'paste pictures of little girls, modified by me to give the impression that the little minxes were "getting it on", oh how I'd love to have one more session with those books. I had turned their pages so often, week after week, year after year. Every page was burned in my memory, they were almost works of art, the skill I had developed with scissors and Pritt, I was a fucking genius!

Next to them, piled high, were the many CD's filled to bursting with my precious pictures, tens of thousands of them, all kinds, from innocent, fully clothed girls, through posed nudity, to the hardest cp you can imagine. Like the books, I was so familiar with every single image, they had been sorted and re-sorted, into age order, into filename order, all the series sorted, my favourite folder, my pigtails folder, my blow-job folder...if there was a different way to sort them, I had done it.

The police were misleading in their estimate of how many pictures there were on the disks, sure, there were 70,000+ images, but many of them were duplicates, and many were legal, maybe there was 15,000+ that were hc or featured nudity.

Oh right, Lindsay. There's no child pornography out there. It's all a great big lie drummed up by mean old bad parents who don't want your nasty hands on their little girls. I guess we should've asked you first if we had wanted the truth, eh?
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