Profile of a Pedophile (Lindsay Ashford)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A couple of months back, pedophile movement ringleader Lindsay Ashford was whining about how a girl he met was going around his city telling people about who he is to warn them about the danger in their midst. I got to thinking and realized that she might be a great source of information about this pervert so I decided to write her and ask her about her impressions of him so that we could sort of get inside his head. See how he works so to speak. Jessica graciously wrote me back and told me what she knows about him. The following profile is based upon emails that I swapped with her.

Lindsay Ashford was born in 1968 and is an American. He told Jessica though that he is no longer allowed to enter the United States, so I guess we could say that he is some sort of an exile. In April when he met Jessica, he was living in Panama City but he might not be there anymore. After Jessica did the right thing and warned people there about him, his employer fired him. Since his employer had signed the lease on his apartment, he probably lost that too. He told Jessica a lot about how he missed the Czech Republic where he used to live, so maybe he went back there.

According to Jessica, Ashford comes across as a nice guy. He was very helpful and accomodating to her when she met him. He also comes across as being very smart, knowing a lot about literature, art and politics. This of course makes him all the more dangerous as he is socially adept and can con people into believing that he is an alright person. Even worse, he can use his friendly ways to make friends with kids. We know that he \'helps out\' poor kids. He \'adopted\' a family in Panama because the mother was an alcoholic and could not take care of her kids. It gives me goose bumps to think of what kind of care Ashford took of them.

Over and over Ashford says on his website that he does not have sex with kids. He told Jessica that was because it was illegal to have sex with kids but Jessica\'s opinion about that explanation can be expressed in a single word: \"bullshit\". Ashford used to do drugs which are also illegal but he does not seem to have any problem with that. If he can break one law, he can break other ones too. He also told Jessica that he knows first hand that kids like sex. He said he had sex for the first time when he was four and that he liked it. As Jessica summed up \"why would there be any reason for him not to follow through in what he believes is right?\" What a scary thought.

Jessica also said that Ashford likes to drink a lot. Does this bother you as much as it bothers me? We know that a lot of child molesters lower their inhibitions with drugs or alcohol before they molest children. Ashford might be able to control his urges a lot of times, but what about when he goes off on a drinking spree? What then?

Ashford was adamant with Jessica that he did not like the use of force with kids, so he is probably not the type to go out and commit violent acts against kids. Still, we know that even \'consensual\' sex between kids and adults scars them for life. And considering his friendly ways, he might even be able to convince little girls that what he is doing to them is OK, even that they like it or that its good for them. Yep, it sounds like Ashford is a perfect example of the \"Preferential Sex Offender\". And these are the sickos that abuse hundreds of children in a lifetime.

Do you have anymore information about Ashford or another one of his depraved friends? Let me know and I will publish that here too. The more information we have, the better we can fight these morons. Many thanks to Jessica for her help with this.
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