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Friday, July 28, 2006

H.R. 4472 is an interesting piece of legislation….It’s one of the very few that has bi-partisan support. The legislation is also known as The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 and was signed by President Bush on Thursday, the 25th anniversary of Adam Walsh’s death.

John Walsh has been a prominent public figure since the death of his son 25 years ago. He has dedicated his life to ensuring justice for those who offend against children and was influential in getting the legislation passed. The image below depicts John and Reve’ Walsh at the Thursday signing.

From the NCMEC:

The main highlights of the bill:
1) Creates a national public sex offender registry.
2) Provides for consistent sex offender requirements in all states.
3) Penalizes failure to comply with registration duties as a state and federal felony.
4) Enhances the ability of law enforcement to track sex offenders when they move, cutting down on the number of "missing" sex offenders in the system. It requires sex offenders to verify registration in person to law enforcement rather than by mail.
5) Makes important changes in the way law enforcement handles missing child reports. Reports must be entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center within 2 hours. It also prohibits the removal of a missing child report when the child turns age 18 before being recovered.
6) In response to the growing problem of commercial child pornography and the exploitation of children online, the bill increases the number of Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces across the nation.

More information here.

Full text of the Act

The legislation was celebrated in Washington as well as by child protection and law enforcement agencies nationwide. The NCMEC described the bill as the toughest and most important piece of legislation in the past 25 years in helping to save children’s lives.

Now let’s cross over and see how the pedophile community reacted:

PPE thinks

I betcha John Walsh is now wankering himself off..While he can enjoy some kind of SMBD sex torture killing scenes in the prisons with all of us being in it for his sick revenges on us all with the help of this asshole President Bush friend of his.

Silent Sufferer concurs, adding

Looking at the AP photo with the story, one can deduce that it appears to be some kind of psychotic game. Walsh giving a thumbs up like "Way to go! You made my day" and Bush with his silly smirk like "We couldn't get Osama, but we sure got them pedos."

Meanwhile, Poopyhead started a poll, asking community members to agree or disagree with his view

I've never seen a man enjoying his little boy's death as much as John Walsh.

Curtis thought it was time for a new approach

I knew of a murdered woman once.
Many years ago, a woman was raped and murdered. Her grief-stricken husband asked a conductor friend of his to put together a choral group to sing at her memorial service. I was in it.

But if something like that happened again -- a woman is brutally raped and murdered -- maybe rather than singing in her memorial service, I will agitate for laws that would prohibit straight men and women who love each other from having sex or getting married.

Makes about as much sense as what Walsh has been up to. But, you know, my voice is shot anyway. No self-respecting choir would have me anymore.

And Alive was downright offended:

America, land of the motherrf--king free...But the situation would have been the same if Kerry wone the presidential election, so I really can't blame it all on Bush (although that is tempting).

This is a major blow to our civil rights, and the most f--ked-up thing about it is that nobody outside of our community gives a f--k. To them, it's a reason for celebration, even as they dig their own graves, f--k, they're willing to live in a f--king police state just as long as they feel they are being harsh on us.

F--k mankind, f--k all politicians, f--k the American people who allowed this to happen, and to those who believe that the BL witchhunt is "bullshit", F--K YOU!

Interesting. People labeling themselves child lovers are enraged and offended by legislation specifically designed to protect children.
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