This is Why We Fight....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Alan says.... "Why do anti's always assume that pedophiles or child molestors are having intercourse with children?

I mean how does oral sex harm a child? Cuddling? Kissing? Fondling? Body Rubbing?

I am not active with children nor have I ever but how do those things hurt a child?"

THIS is why we fight pedophiles. Pedo's think that there is nothing wrong with them and that we should accept them as normal and actually beneficial to children.

I've got news for you sick perverted scum out there, we will never accept you. We will never think or believe that you are 'normal'. We will never stop fighting you.

WE are the ones who are beneficial to children. YOU are harmful to children.

These pedo's, even the ones who do not believe in touching a child, are all sick in the head. So they do not see anything wrong with themselves and they continue to whine and ask us why we don't like them. They will never understand why we fight.
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