Demosthenes, the Great Orator

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Demosthenes.....who imagines himself like unto the ancient Greek orator and a particularly venomous rejoinder has a lot to say. Oh, but where to begin?
If there's anything that I've learned, it's that those going around trying to convince everyone else are more often than not simply trying to convince themselves that they are right without ever realizing that they even doubt it.

OH, so I suppose that would explain this:
You CAN NOT DO WHAT YOU WANT!!! It's simply not possible. You can NOT separate yourself from paedophile because it's what you ARE. The ONLY thing that you will accomplish with this is declaring yourself to be a child rapist.

And of course there's that:
I always did it for the emotional pleasure more than the physical pleasure. Even today I get more out of that sort of thing emotionally than I do physically. For me, it has always been more about the emotions involved in an intimate situation and sexual exploration than about the physical pleasure involved, though I certainly enjoy the physical pleasure.....perhaps that saying that I used when I was young about being a lesbian trapped in a guy's body had some merit

Lots of quickies:
Molestation is only that if the other person doesn't want it.
I am unapologetic

Am I intolerant? Indeed I am

The majority of child molesters are your people, not mine.
Oh really?
The number of actual molesters (consensual contact does not count) that are paedophiles are very low and it has nothing to do with their being paedophile. If it was an issue caused by paedophilia, then it wouldn't be your people who molested children most of the time.

Shame? I am very proud of who and what I am.

my love for children made me special

What we are is a blessing, not a curse. The curse is what they put upon us.. but their reign is short-lived and our day will come.

...the 10 and under crowd for my own in-home modelling shots, they haven't been indoctrinated in "decent, virtuous, and moral" like a 14 year old tends to be.

These people (and by this I mean the frothing at the mouth, ignorant by choice, hate mongers like Dreamer and her ilk), however, will never see us as equals because they don't have the insight or compassion of base humanity. They are the sub-humans, and the children that they treat as such are better people than they can ever hope to be..

I am able to see a world that they can not conceive of. Some of them hate me for it, others are jealous

You spread lies which are neither supportable by facts nor defendable by morals

Incorrect, but let us continue.....
You hate us because as is human nature, you hate what you fear.

You fear us for a number of reasons, including a lack of understanding (which you are willful in) and the fact that your hate will be your own undoing.

be realistic. an adult in a romantic attachment w/ a child, in which the child may & often does have powerful reciprocal feelings, is in a position to inflict all kinds of harm

i think people shld be asking themselves, if they cannot appreciate the ways in which children may not be emotionally ready for sex, whether they themselves are emotionally ready for it.

I don't deny that it can be harmful or exploitive. My biggest concern is what the source of the harm and exploitation are inside of healthy adult-child romantic relationships. The source in this usually boils down to a lack of understanding and knowedge on the part of the child, and the lack of the adult in the relationship recognizing that problem.

Children are not more easily manipulated or exploited due to some mystical quality of being a child, they are more easily manipulated or exploited due to a lack of experience and knowledge

The current climate of "protecting children" does nothing but set the stage for them to be naive, ignorant, inexperienced, unknowledgeable, and easily manipulated.

We've all heard the stat that 90% of child-molesters aren't even pedophiles.

AoC should be not a blanket law but a case-by-case law. It should be set up as such that when any person can be determined to be physically (read: biologically ready as well as able to do it without enduring physical harm) capable, they are of legal age for penetrative sex. It also need to be written OUT of the law that anything non-harmful short of penetrative sex be illegal.

You bring this war of yours, and yes, I do mean your war, to our doorstep and expect is to go quietly into that good night.

If fifty people told you paper wasn't paper but you knew it was would you shut up and agree it wasn't paper

Nope, the same way we won't shut up and agree that what you want is good for children
I would be over-joyed if an ammendment on the AoC was made responsibly, but if it was just abolished it woud be tantamount to letting loose a monster on all the children (boys and girls) in whose lives I have been an important role.
So, even you Demosthenes, realize that your brothers are a threat to our children?
I must agree on one point, though. Debatecrime does not help our cause. I may be militant, but he is a loose cannon that usually manages to serve the purpose of forcing the rest of us to follow in his wake and clean up the mess.

Finally, the truth.
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