Let's Just Break That Down

Saturday, July 01, 2006

When I opened Absolute Zero, paedophiles scurried around trying to work out how to respond. Apparently all of them put together couldn't think of a solution. JD420 advised them:
Dominate by terror, hold them personally responsible for the effects of the counterphilanthropic advocacy they promote, track them in search and destroy missions, make alliances in the community until the ranting lunatics are reviled and excluded, and show them up every chance you get with better debate skills and a stronger message. ...it's what's worked so far. Oh, and most importantly - do not submit. Seek, destroy, befriend, and occupy turf.
No... dominate them with fear, then isolate them..

When confronted here as to why he's desperately trying to track me down, he responds:

Because the only declarations of intent of harm I've seen, physically, with my own eyes, are those which are against my family - my people.

Well I've just proven that isn't true. They think they can come on and give people the nice guy routine and no one will have the evidence to prove what they're really doing to people.

For any of you who missed it, I am the latest target in one of their search and destroy missions. Sort of funny isn't it? They want to 'search and destroy' us but when you offer to meet up to discuss the matter, they disappear!

Paedophiles, know this: Your pathetic attempts at threats do not scare me or anyone else here.

Why don't you stop hiding on your dismal blogs that no one reads and your pervert forums...get out here like a man and tell the world your plans for me. Oh, that's right, you're too scared.
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