Consider Yourself On Alert

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I saw my first Amber Alert today on the way to work. There was a message about a child abduction on the electronic sign over the highway. That shook me out of my morning stupor.

While it's fortunate such a rapid response system exists, it's tragic that child abductions are so common as to require such a system in the first place.

Luckily, this morning's abduction ended quicky and peacefully. After all, Florida is the place where Jessica Lunsford, Sarah Lunde and Carlie Brucia met untimely ends after sex offenders abducted, molested and murdered them.

Sex offenders are limited in where they may live; they are not permitted to be near residences with children or near schools, for example. But the Internet opens up the world to them and allows them to anonymously pursue their sick predilections wherever they choose.

I don't blame the Internet for the way people use it. I blame the people who misuse it. And while stopping paedophiles on here is a lofty task, I'm sure we can give them hell if we try.
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