Prevention 101

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's quite simple really.

Don't do the crime and then you'll have nothing to complain about.

"Online molesters do not appear to be stalking unsuspecting victims but rather continuing to seek youths who are susceptible to seduction"

From: "Online Predators and their Victims"

How many people remember the days of Rookiee? He explained best how it all works. How he and his pedo pals didn't lie about what they were, how old they were, or what they were after. The other pedofreaks explain which victims they target. The importance of this study is that it confirmed what we already knew and that many people who don't understand what the dregs of society are up to don't..... The stereotypical image of an internet predator doesn't fit with reality. Take a look here if you have any doubts about that. In fact.....this is what the study said:
“Most Internet-initiated sex crimes involve adult men who are open about their interest in sex,” Wolak adds. “The offenders use instant messages, e-mail and chat rooms to meet and develop intimate relationships with their victims. In most of the cases, the victims are aware that they are talking online with adults.”
"most online sex offenders are adults who target teens and seduce victims into sexual relationships. They take time to develop the trust and confidence of victims, so that the youth see these relationships as romances or sexual adventures. The youth most vulnerable to online sex offenders have histories of sexual or physical abuse, family problems, and tendencies to take risks both on- and offline, the researchers say."
We talked about how they choose their victims here
The paedophiles themselves tell us that they specifically target and prey upon disadvantaged families.

Bill Evans explains:
How many times have you seen posters here talk about having y/fs from happy, loving homes? Those boys don't need to turn to someone outside the family for support. I have had a couple of y/fs from those sort of homes, but we never had the kind of close friendship I usually develop with kids from dysfunctional familes.
The kids from good homes are just along for the fun, but kids from dysfunctional homes, or no home, want a whole lot more...
Or as Descartes put it:
BLs who have no criminal record can work with boys, but probably not the boys that they would dream of working with. The BLs who have boy-filled lives aren't taking a bunch of adorable boys on fun camping trips in the woods.
They are working with boys who are extremely poor, who have serious physical and/or emotional problems and who are far from being the object of most BLs' fantasies.
Exploiting a Minor is a Major Offense Project Safe Childhood

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

To Stitches, Jacey, Day and Carisma, To Tampa and Sues and Llort and Rez. To of you who have always supported me through all these horrible monsters posts and words.
Words that tear your heart apart.

and words that heal a woman, together-we heal.

To those that support the work that so many Anti-Pedophile Activists do. Those who realize that
we are in this for a purpose. Not revenge, not because of ignorance. But to stand up for children and really love them, is to stand up and say "Our children are not for sale!" "Our children need loving and safe parenting!" This is a shout.. a scream have you.. from a long time survivor..IE THRIVER who happens to have a voice that you pedophiles can never silence.

But the knowledge of the the vast under workings of the pedophile strategy to market pedophilia as just "another sexual orientation" is enough to fight forever against that message.

I applaud all those who listen. Truly listen.... and hear the screams of those suffering and still suffering through-out life because of a sick perverts' penis.

Thank you. And I hope to see every one of you next year so we can again celebrate the victories we have shared in the

fight for children never to be abused!

If it weren't so tragic

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"And I watched as they invented a whole new problem.....isn't that cool? If you're running out of things to do to sex offenders invent a new problem.......we have internet predators -- oh my goodness -- it's an epidemic -- these internet predators oh my gosh they're reaching their hands right through the screen and grabbing your children. Except that the federal government commissioned studies on the incidence of internet predators and they came up with exactly the opposite of what the government wanted to hear -- that it really isn't that much of a problem -- that mostly it's teen on teen goofing around and that most of the men on the internet are not lying about their age. And the girls who are falling for this are girls who unfortunately come from dysfunctional families and are reaching out to anyone for that love....But that's not what the legislators wanted to hear, so the American Public didn't hear it either."

This suppressed study - available here - and kept top secret from the American public on the world wide web.... tells quite a different story than Cheryl and Derek Logue's distorted interpretations. It says that 97% of solicitations were by strangers, 48% by minors, 24% were regarded as "very or extremely upsetting or frightening" and 49% were not reported. The study also concluded that the offenders only pretended to be teenagers 5% of the time and still "identities are easy to disguise on the internet so the solicitors may not have been the age or gender they claimed to be"

While we know that children who have previously been abused make the easiest targets, Cheryl seems to regard it as acceptable as long as it is they who are the targeted victims.
"most online sex offenders are adults who target teens and seduce victims into sexual relationships. They take time to develop the trust and confidence of victims, so that the youth see these relationships as romances or sexual adventures. The youth most vulnerable to online sex offenders have histories of sexual or physical abuse, family problems, and tendencies to take risks both on- and offline, the researchers say."
Some recommendations include:
"Be clear about why sex with underage adolescents is wrong. Offender and potential offenders need to hear a clear message that nonforcible sex with underage adolescents violates the social responsibility adults have toward youth for objective mentoring and custodianship"
Contrary to Tikibug's assertion that the government has no right to tell someone when they are old enough to have sex, and Walter Howard's claim that children "need to be taught how to love" This study says:
"Youths need candid, direct discussions about seduction and how some adults deliberately evoke and then exploit the compelling feelings that sexual arousal can induce. Even young adolescents should be given basic information about the inappropriateness of romantic advances from adults. This information should include reassurances that it is normal to have strong sexual feelings but wrong for adults to provoke or exploit these feelings, especially with youths who are inexperienced in coping with sexual desire and intimate relationships"
Another key finding;
"A considerable number of online child molesters also possess child pornography and child pornography production is an important element in many cases, including situations where offenders solicit victims to produce sexual images of themselves"
Nationwide, federal prosecutors have indicted 2,289 defendants in online child solicitation and pornography cases this year. But I suppose Cheryl Griffiths would agree with the bold idiocy of Zman when he said
They could be protecting the country with their hacking skills or something, yet they want to go after defenseless child predators

The Justice Department's Project Safe Childhood has launched a new National Public Awareness Campaign. They've produced some amazing videos, not only aimed at educating potential targets of predators but also aimed at those who offend, a very nice warning of the consequences of preying on vulnerable children.
To stop this problem from becoming more pervasive than it is, we need three elements coming together. We need education, we need prevention, and we need enforcement. Project Safe Childhood pulls all those elements together to make sure we are keeping America's children safe.

Skating Close to the Line

Friday, December 12, 2008

Andrew "SOSEN-has-a-ZERO-recidivism-rate" Spedden is on his way back to prison:

"Andrew Spedden lost his last chance in court today.

County officials tried to find another place to help Spedden with his sexual addictions, after his therapists discharged him for having inappropriate sexual contact with a man in his counseling group. But no group would accept the 36-year-old city man, due to what a judge said was Spedden's inability to control his actions and his manipulative behavior.

So now Spedden will receive his therapy behind bars, in a state prison, while he serves a 1 1/2- to three-year sentence for violating his parole on child pornography charges.
"You always want to see how close you can skate to the line," Lancaster County Judge James Cullen told Spedden. "In doing that, you skate over it."

Pushing the boundaries and manipulative behavior - nothing new for a SOSEN member or a pedophile for that matter.

Will he sing?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Harold Spurling aka Aztram who was charged with more than 60 sex-related crimes, including 15 counts of first-degree sexual assault has been offered a plea deal!

Jeffrey Brisson aka The Night Raven charged with more than 140 sex-related charges, including 38 counts of first-degree sexual assault was not!

Together the two were charged with assaulting at least 11 children, ages 3 months to 14 years old and possessing the equivalent of 42 80-gigabyte computers filled with child pornography.....including their own homemade videos of themselves having sex with children - over the course of years and years and years.

I wonder what the terms of Harold's deal were? They haven't been released yet. He has until January 28 to decide. Now personally I believe the only choice he should be allowed is between methods of execution. But I'm not the one offering a deal so HEY, at the very least I'll just bet he's asked to sing a song, don't you?

I just wonder how much information he's got. I just wonder how many people could go down over this. I just wonder how much information was stored in those computers of theirs.

Pedophiles don't exactly have childrens interests at heart. Otherwise I would imagine someone who just loved children would be grateful to Wikisposure. However, it's just business as usual. They'll post the news article on BoyChat, but won't allow them to say that Harold Spurling was one of their most respected pedo-members Aztram. Perhaps some of them are worried about the secrets he can tell. If so they'll surely not say it, instead we just hear the usual mumbo-jumbo distorted crap -- most of it sounds like it could have come right out of Sosen. Or a certain little podcast or two.

Zlurker, visiting from GirlChat. Who does this remind you of? The belief that the government has no right to tell parents they can't give permission for their children to have sex?
But, again, infants and toddlers are incapable of giving consent.

Though I am not very interested in infants, I dispute that. It is true for some "activities", but not for all "activities". I would also add that for some "activities", the parent's consent on behalf of the infant or toddler should be enough.
Toothless Bill Evans
the vast majority of cops are lying, bullying cunts who have no hesitation in "creating" their own evidence if they want to "get" someone.
The Dadbeater
They have no evidence against Spurling other than the statement of a 14 year old boy.

The raid was incited by extremist vigilantes who have a history of entrapment, deceit and potential fraud. The question is not whether the alleged acts are ethical. The question is whether they ever occurred.
We all have our private lives, but I hope this guy "Spurling" had the sense not to show his face on those videos if it was indeed him... I'm sure he's a really good guy.
I remember reading previously about this very suspiciously organised case and recall that an anonymous informant was mentioned, which could very well turn out to be bogus and could fatally damage the prosecution case against them. That would be very interesting indeed.
The law is not on your side in the United States, and it takes millions of dollars to even try to make it apply fairly to you.

Whatever. Fuck the U.S.A.

As an aside, I just had the most boy-filled week I can ever remember having in all my life this past week. This, after the filth told me I'd never be near a child again for the rest of my life after I was busted. HAHA. Last laugh is on me. Some of them were naked too. hehehe :)
As 2008 winds down I'd like to offer a huge HT to Wikisposure for their role in helping to get these two men off the streets and away from children. Let's have a little reminder here of how this all started over on the old boyloveblog. Pedophiles intentionally antagonizing and drawing attention to themselves. What did he think was going to happen? I'm sure Dylan Thomas, Jim Finn, Aztram et al are very grateful too. So for old times sake and all.......Be careful what you wish for guys.

“I think this hysteria regarding childhood sexuality rests firmly
on a general fear and hatred of sex itself.
Otherwise, why would people think sex isn't for children?”
.........Harold Spurling

Beyond the Bounds of Decency

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I seem to be having a little disagreement over on a news story. It seems that an RSO advocate, a demented woman going by the name Jan Fewell has decided to take it upon herself to look up people she feels could possibly be Romeo & Juliet cases on the sex offender registry, then look up the court records, obtain the victims name and call them on the phone to ask them if they were really sexually assaulted or not. Yes indeed, she's recruiting activists from the victim pool.

I am in shock. I am in shock not only that she did it, but she's defending it. She's defending it by trying to claim that I don't know the difference between a victim and a teenager who had consensual sex with their boyfriend. I'm claiming that she doesn't know if the person she calls is a victim or a teenager who had consensual sex with their boyfriend.

I have no more words in me for this type of behavior. This goes beyond anything I've ever witnessed in my life. It surpasses Cheryl Griffths claim that CSA victims are lower than the offender. That being said, I think we should bring back the voice of the victim. They are the reason we are here after all. THEY are the voices who matter the most.

This is the first voice that touched me. The one who inspired me, the one who helped me most to understand. Sometimes brutal - sometimes raw - sometimes poetic, it is the voice of so many children who don't have the ability even as adults to speak out about their experiences. It is the voice of a courageous woman, a hero. A woman often misunderstood by many but always honest with herself - and with us.

What kind of legacy will you leave behind?

I have the power and the goodness to overcome depression.
I have all it takes to be me and value my self.
I am valuable to myself which is all that really matters.
No one can take that away from me.

Child abuse did not steal my soul
God saved it.

They did however try to
and try to and try to and try to
All of them, who harvested the skin off my body
who stole the innocence I once was
supposed to be -as a little girl-
I was supposed to enjoy the world-and now-
my world is too young to be gray and frail and..... dying.
but it is
I can scream,
it won't stop
I can run far away,
it won't stop.

Life begins and ends.
You leave chunks behind when you die-
some bigger or smaller than others-
those chunks live on in all sorts of ways.
They can be people or a lover's memory or newspaper clippings.
Photographs, letters, an archive, or a family reunion.

Legacies of you.
Pieces of time remain- still frozen-
a laugh
a smile
a hug
a word
that you gave someone,
remains forever.

... like a scar.

Posted by ~**Violet Leaves**~

Thursday, November 23, 2006

And now for another voice. One I only came in contact with a few short months ago during the SOA fiasco. This one just as powerful but in a different sort of way. Violet tells you what it feels like and lets you work out your own conclusions. This voice is straight up "this is how it is". Two voices, each with the same message. Take your pick. They are both the voices of experience and no amount of denial or rationalization or minimization in the world will change these simple truths.

Here's the victim's chair, if you want one.

Yes, I'm a survivor of CSA. By several people. I've been in therapy off and on for almost 30 years. I'm a LOT better. However, here are things I will likely have to live with for the rest of my life.

1. There are pictures of me circulating, WHILE I was being abused. I don't know if they're on the internet yet, but they are out there, and I know this for a fact, since a) I was actually there (duh) when they were being taken, and b) I saw a copy of one over 10 years after it was taken. Take your pic off the registry? Take MINE out of the hands of the people who have them.

2. I have trust issues, because 2 of the people I was abused by were people I loved. I am in a very healthy relationship, and have been for some time, but we have had to have lots of very deep talks, and he knows that the slightest change in his behavior can trigger me. Luckily, since I have had therapy, and am with a man who adores me and tries his very best to understand me, I can quickly say "back off" and we both know what this means. It means that I am afraid that he is going to turn into "the monster," the same way my abusers would turn from being what they were in public situations to what they really were, behind closed doors. That's not likely to go away. Ever.

3. There are certain physical characteristics of two of my abusers that were the same, and will trigger me if I encounter them. I have gone through extensive treatment to try to defeat this, such as desensitization therapy, to no avail. Over 30 years later, a certain physical characteristic I see in someone can make me have to go literally vomit in the bathroom (if I can make it that far). That makes it hard to even go to the grocery store, etc. Yeah, RSOs have it rough.

4. I still have to see one of my abusers at funerals, and such. I remember at the last one, thinking, well, shit, if SHE would just die, that would be the last funeral I'd have to be physically ill at (not hers, the one BEFORE hers).

5. I worry every single day about the children of my abusers. They were never remorseful. It makes me wonder, and it makes me worry.

6. I've seen one person, in my whole life, who seems remorseful about this, and that is Met. I've never seen it before or after. I don't have nearly the guilt about this as I used to, but it's still there, and when I see RSOs blame their victims over and over, I worry about the thousands of victims in this world who have to read that crap, and have their guilty feelings reinforced. For most of us, it doesn't matter how many times we're told "It's not your fault," it's an emotion, and it's not a logical ideal that we can just get on board with.

7. Just the names. All 5 have very common names. Every time I hear the names, it echoes through my head over and over, and I have to do some very active and purposeful chanting in my head to get it to stop.

8. I still have problems with food and sleep. One of my abusers brainwashed me by giving me only the amount of food and sleep I needed to stay alive. My stomach was never full, and I was always tired. Nowdays, try to interrupt me when I'm eating or sleeping and I become FURIOUS. Luckily, through counseling, I can swallow that fury and not lash out at innocent people who have no idea what they've done, but the fury is still there, and it is anything but pleasant.

9. For years and years, I equated love with sex. You can imagine where that led me in my teen years, and older. That's getting a lot better, but that, in itself, is a life sentence for most of us, and has caused many deaths due to risky behavior because of that equation.

10. See this list? Another list of 10. Why's that? Well, when you are not in control of your life and are being abused for a long period of your childhood, you overcompensate in other ways.

So, there's just a part of my life. I figure I have another 40 years left to keep working on it, and you guys love to scream "YOU NEED HELP!" Well, yes, I still need help, and I've gotten help. Unlike some of you would like to believe, we don't just go to a therapist for a little while, get our certification, and then just go about our lives as if nothing ever happened.

Why should you be able to?

A Habit that Cannot be Broken

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pedophiles are obsessed with their pedophilia, it's so important to them that they're prepared to put their entire life into jeopardy for it, it's what they live for.

BoyMoment poster Gryffin AKA Robert Hochulski is no exception to this, but we'll get to that later. Let's start with Harold Spurling AKA Aztram and Jeffrey Brisson AKA The Night Raven:

Police started investigating Brisson and Spurling Jan. 4 after a city middle-school staff member received an anonymous flier providing information that the two were using the Internet to engage in "pedophile activities." Officers were able to confirm that the flier wasn't a hoax by determining that one of the addresses listed on the sheet was that of a 14-year-old boy now living in Middletown.

The warrant indicates that, during an interview with police Jan. 29, Brisson admitted the boy may have seen a Hustler magazine at their home when he came to visit. Both men declined to allow police to examine their computers that day.

Police contacted the 14-year-old boy and he admitted that both men had committed sexual acts with him and Brisson had often shown him pornographic videos and photos of children when he came to visit, according to a warrant. The teen said the victims in the shots appeared to be as young as 5 to 9 years old. He said Brisson had committed a sexual act with him the last time he was at the apartment Jan. 18.

Armed with arrest and search warrants, police arrived Jan. 30 to find the two refusing to allow them entry into their apartment. Once inside police found a 3-month-old girl in the home, which was filled with animal feces and urine, according to the warrant.
The day before Law Enforcement served a search warrant on Harold and Jeffrey, they had been brought in for questioning regarding their online pedophile activity. The next day when their house was searched, they were found with videos they'd recorded of themselves sexually abusing children earlier that day. Even though, they were perfectly aware that they were being watched and suspected, molesting children was so important to them that they continued to do it regardless.

Or how about Jon Schillaci AKA Dylan Thomas, an F.B.I. Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitive, whose idea of keeping a low profile on the run included running a pedophile radio show and operating as the webmaster to BoyChat.

We'd talked about Robert Hochulski AKA Gryffin earlier this year when he was profiled by the Wikisposure Project. Due to the attention brought to Robert, he'd been fired from the Boys and Girls Club, appeared to have lost his position coaching the RiverRock Baseball League and his employer had been notified of his online activity.

Robert was very well aware that he was being watched too... but did that stop him?

Of course not.

From Robert's Wikisposure article:
Robert "Bob" Hochulski was formally charged by the United States District Court. ..."On or about November 25, 2008, in the Western District of New York, the above named defendant did knowingly and unlawfully possess matter containing images of child pornography that were produced using materials which had been mailed and shipped and transported in interstate and foreign commerce." It was noted in the affidavit that child pornography was found on both the computer at the community center and his two home computers.
For pedophiles, their perversion is everything to them. The only way to stop them is to force them to stop.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Meet Bob

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Meet Bob.

Robert Hochulski


Bob Hutch

You may wonder what's so different about this pedophile compared to all the others. He seems to be doing the same things they are doing. Posting on pedophiles forums and message boards like BoyMoment and BLISS. But considering that he's a moderator on the BoyMoment forum board, we know this isn't just a 'passing interest' in pedophilia.

So what is his other face? His 'sheep's face' so to speak. Well you see Bob Hochulski is a prominent member of his community, he coached young boys and worked as a staff member for the Town Boys and Girl club of Buffalo, he was a little league coach, and he's the after school program director at a neighborhood community center.

Robert Holchuski is in charge of administering a federal grant of nearly $400,000 to direct an after school kids program at the Northwest Buffalo Community Center

I wonder if they were aware of Bob's "wolf face" I wonder if they knew he said
My AOA is 12 to 16, but I find pre-teen boys funny and cute and a joy to be with.

But i really love a teenagers ability to express themslves honestly and their need to loved.

Oh yeah, a teenaged boys body is sooo hot

Or this
I love their ability to return love, to make fun of themselves and me without malice, to hear them talk honestly about their feelings, to see them grow and mature, their ability to have a meaninful relationship.

Oh yeah, i also love their bodies, their muscles, the smooth abs, and chest, their faces which never hide their emotions, their butts

I love everything about teenaged boys [luvya]
Do people in Bob's community know about him? Someone asked him that question. His reply is chilling
Never told anyone, but I'm sure people suspect as I have been involved with teens for over 30 yrs
Personally I think the parents of boys he comes in contact with would want to have this information. In fact I'm sure of it.

See his wikisposure page for more details. If you know a child who is in one of Bob's programs, you might think about informing his parents about this dangerous man. You might save more than one child, you might even save your own.

Graphics courtesy of Jacey

'Totally completely permanently out of the toy box'

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Warlan Bassham AKA Jensman is a dangerous pedophile and long standing member of GirlChat.

Warlan will use any means at his disposal to gain access to children from offering private music lessons at his church to perving on girls at the mall and hanging out at dance recitals.

While he is very careful to add disclaimers to all his posts, he doesn't mind giving this kind of advice:

"The myth that vaginas in young girls are just slightly smaller versions of full size ones in women has led to a lot of pain. Penetration is possible between adult and prepubescent child, yes, but NOT IN THE VAGINA. I think you get what I'm saying."

Like many of his cohorts, Warlan is delusional enough to imagine that it really wouldn't be that bad if he came 'out of the toybox'. He explains:
Here's what would happen if I came totally completely permanently out of the toy box: (I'm already out to a very few trustworthy selected people, but that's not the same thing.)

First, some people would not believe me. They would say I was going through some sort of emotional crisis and that I would be sure to 'outgrow' my delusions about myself and return to my usual, normal self eventually. A very few of these would NEVER give in and believe me, no matter how long it went on.

Second, some parents of girls I was close to in the past would freak out and start trying to reinterpret past events in light of this new information about me. A few such parents might even decide that I had molested their children, and might even try to have me arrested. However, most, I believe, would realize that I had never touched, had never been a threat to touch, and that their children's lives were enriched by knowing me. Whether they would then be able to extrapolate from that insight to an open-hearted understanding of some more general truth about most true pedophiles, is a matter for conjecture, and my conjecture would probably be no more accurate than anyone else's.

There would probably be some effort to have me thrown out of some social organizations I belong to. I think, or at least hope, that most of these efforts would fail.

Some misguided mothers would probably 'throw their daughters at me,' in attempts to get me in serious trouble, if for no other reason. [This would not work, by the way.]

I don't think I would lose my job. In fact, I doubt that there would be any serious impact on my in my workplace-- as we are all kind of loners there and everyone allows space for everyone else, even in extreme cases.

I would probably be hounded out of my home by my neighbors. But that would be all right, because I don't much like my neighborhood anyway! In fact, I would probably move to a different country.

Thanks to the Wikisposure project, we will now find out if Jensman's predictions are correct. Please visit Jensman's wiki today to get more information on this dangerous pedophile.

Great work, PJ!

HT to Jacey for the graphic :)

Remember Winston Smith!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Once upon a time there was this blogger.....

And so begins the story of Matthew Woodward aka Winston101Smith, Debatecrime, Lepidopterist, Nympholepticose and many other names.

You see Matt is a filthy pedophile. Not only that, he's a rather stupid, militant filthy pedophile I had the misfortune of 'meeting' when he decided to make a target of my daughter.

Daydreamer of Oz was a blogger, just a blogger minding her own business and writing her opinions about whatever struck her fancy at the time. She didn't know about people like Matthew Woodward...........a crazed filthy pedophile proud of his perversion. Until she became his target that is. Until he decided to inflict his ugliness upon her -- an unwanted intrusion into her life. Matt changed everything.

He had a plan you see -- He was going to change the world! He was going to do this by pushing himself upon people who didn't want him. When he didn't receive the result he wanted -- immediate acceptance for pedophilia, he would intentionally try to arouse emotional responses from his targeted victims. Those who had encountered pedo terrorists before simply bashed him around a bit and were done with him. Those who hadn't, tried to explain to him why his desires were unacceptable. Sometimes he was met with fury, sometimes shock, sometimes dismay -- but always in the end he was banned.

Not one to accept defeat so easily, Matt would call on his pals at GirlChat to bail him out "I'm under attack!" he'd whine. Winston's pedo-posse would always ride in to save the day -- a coordinated attack. They mistakenly believed they could "open one mind at a time" and it would therefore be worth it.

I visited a blog by the daydreamerofOz character - who is a female - and I posted something which was not a flame. The next I knew they were up in flames and due to my posting inoffensive messages on other blogs of people who hate us naturally, they all seem to have banded together to form the ridiculous and false site Absolute Zero
These blogwars are a good place to get some experience in presenting our arguments, and will also convince a few people to change their beliefs
Even extreme irony, even when it is pointed out right in front of them, even in their non-frothing moments, even under threat of pain or death. Some people are just fucking stupid, and the best responses are to either avoid them and not waste one's own time, or to disable them or kill them.
I'm starting to feel like we should stop wasting our time being nice, and just do whatever it takes to win. We need to ram it down their throats and force them to accept us, not plead with reasoned arguments. These people do whatever they're told and parrot whatever they're told to believe. They'd be just as happy to endorse pedophilia if that was the strongest message they were receiving. They have no brains or minds of their own. They want controlling, and it's about time we gave them some.

99% of (non-pedo) humanity is lowlier than slime, once they pass puberty. We are the superior race. There is no negitiating with backward apes. The only way to have the world we want is to shut them up once and for all
we're supposed to be promoting love, not hate. Maybe we should listen more to what the anti-pedos are saying about us rather than just knocking it all off as "well, they hate us, so fuck'em"
Rookie, you ignorant slut! ;)

When she (like others have before her) made the decision to make their blogs a one way street accepting only sycophants and rejecting anything said by us or said in our favor whilst joining the campaign to force our opinions off the blogosphere she became an enemy

Stitches77-- I really don't have anything to comment about with regard for her. I think she's mistaken to be so supportive of her daughter without checking into the facts for herself, but that's MOM and she's going to listen to her daughter over everyone else no matter what happens. Can you really blame her?

She's the bitch that brought up such a whore!!!!!!

Are you reading this, sick bitch????
Dreamer of Oz is a coward and a bully, too scared of what would happen if she didn't censor us and allowed us to be heard alongside her that she refers to anything that she receives as hate mail.

I must agree on one point, though. Debatecrime does not help our cause. I may be militant, but he is a loose cannon that usually manages to serve the purpose of forcing the rest of us to follow in his wake and clean up the mess. Slvrspun's only problem was taking the last step and adding "or kill them", and Minstrel's only problem was using the word "bitch" to refer to this hate monger

Trolls usually come to you -- in this case, we came to HER. She obviously doesn't want to hear anything from us, and I think it is smart for all parties involved to oblige her.
Anyway, I believe we should continue to send her comments, as many people as possible, as often as needed. Why???

There are three possible options:

1) She continues to censor us; for which everything she says about us will not be anymore than crying wolf and not showing the evidence. Yes, people can do that for a loooooong time and suceed; but eventually it gets boring for the audience. So the more she claims "hate letters, hate letters, hate letters", the more paranoid and void of arguments she will look, even to fellow antis, and they will desert her.

2) She gets tired and stops the censorship. ===> we win.

3) She gets tired and abandons the project, seeing that we will NOT stop from at least trying to express the truth. I disagree with Minstrel (and Heinlein) in this: often truth needs to be repeated, even over and over. If she only gets fan mail, she might not get tired - if she gets opposition, even if she censors it, her liver is going to suffer a little. And I like the prospect of antis' livers to suffer.

End result whatever happens: we win!!
She is just a nasty bitch that likes to use the lie that she is being bullied as a weapon against anyone she hates. Much like the way all evil women have been taught to behave.
Perhaps the most intriguing part of it all is that you posted this hate-group rhetoric on a public blog and really expected nothing but support. I see that you are a mother of 2. I do feel incredibly sorry for your children, and I wish them the best luck in overcoming a toxic home environment run by someone who such a vocal advocate of hate and prejudice.

Very cute that you moderate comments, by the way. Censorship is but a stepping stone along the path to fascist dictatorship. Sieg Heil, madame.
We Paederotics have learned from the lessons of history all we really have to do is wait them out -- the fools! Did they really delude themselves into thinking it was only about sex? Projection much? While they and their third spouse are shopping the children back and forth in between busy schedules and big screen televisions we're the ones those children will turn to.
If your tired of pedophiles imposing themselves on you- deal with it- cause if you can't find a way to suck-it-the-fuck-up then your time will come in which you'll suffer like the little twerp you are.

I'm not a hater, but a hater of haters.

Again if you want to equate me to the likes of a murderer, rapist, terrorist, you name it then expect the same when I come to find your ass.
let's just catch one and rape the bastard silly with a truncheon and then set fire to their balls, followed by castration and a penectomy torture for an extended period of time. it would make me smirk :>/)
Socrates said that his purpose in life was to be like a mosquito in a hot summer noon: to bother society in the comfort of its self-deceiving lies and wake up its most alert elements. The sleeper gets incredibly annoyed, and chases and chases the mosquito around them. The mosquito, meanwhile, has the wildest fun of their life, with their sound, and biting and standing on the sleeper, and sucking the blood thereof.

Of course, the danger is, sometimes the sleeper kills the mosquito... as Athens did to Socrates...

But I will not stop being the mosquito.

I do have fun doing it, really.
I know the antis are assholes and they have an infuriating way of ignoring logic and reason in favor of their own prejudices.

You have created virulent new enemies for us through your lack of politesse.

I am in favor of bringing the battle to the antis instead of letting them bring it to us. I think the best defense is a strong offense. I think we need to attack them in ways that will force them to reconsider their prejudices. But not this way. From my perspective it looks like you, LGsinmyheart, and a couple of others broke away from the pack and decided to do something rash and unplanned, and now it's going badly for you and you're looking for help.

Disengage. You've stirred up the hornet's nest to the point that you're only making it worse for yourself by continuing to jab at it.
They had some great loss of an adult love as a child, or had it withheld from them completely, and now they are jealous of any child that does have it. The most disturbing part of it all is that while they are actively parading around and shouting about the evils of us, the truth is that they harbor secret hatred of children for having the love that they feel that they deserve, and us for giving it to children whom they wholely undeserving.

As far as playing games with them goes, however.. well, some of us are just watching them scurry around and letting them have enough rope to hang themselves with. When that particular subset of our numbers are ready, the real fun and games will begin.
These assholes are lying. Others have discussed this before - even Winston's initial post was polite and informative. These Antis are liars, like all Antis before them - we cannot trust a word they say
As for calling people like that "bitch" and "asshole" and "brainless shit-head" and so on, in messages posted here:

"Words were made for use, and the fault lies in deserving them." - Thomas Paine
You might not want to hear it, but you guys are LOSING on Blogspot because the antis have the market cornered on public relations. What can you do to present your side of the story any better? You heard them. They're not interested in debate. Neither is the average Joe who's browsing through

Why not register a non-profit organization called something like American Council for Sexual Values? It's a nice friendly name that sounds like it'd have a message a lot of antis want to hear. Of course, there's no explicit mention of just what kind of "sexual values" this organization would be advocating. Use it as a mouthpiece for studies done by folks like John Money, Judith Levine, Rind et al., and so forth. It's cheap to set up a non-profit organization, and as such, it could receive donations. Those donations could be used to fund political action committees, buy advertising on network television and newspapers, you name it. Nothing blatantly pro-pedophilia, of course. Just press releases such as "Studies show effect of sex during childhood can be positive." and "Correlation found between late age of first sexual experience and trouble with relationships in adult life." Get it into the public's consciousness that way, and that'll open the door a crack.

It's all about appearances. Instead of waiting for them to approve of our naked, honest appearance as we are (hell will freeze sooner), we must make them see us the way we want them to.

Is it dishonest? Yes. Is it manipulative? Yes. Is it mind control? Yes. Is it all the things we accuse them of doing against us? Yes. But we can't say we believe in our cause and then say we have to leave certain options off the table. If we really believe in what we're doing, if we really believe it's for the good of the children, then just as they will use any means at their disposal, so must we. If we want to win, we'll have to do what works, not what's fair or nice.
Daydreamer, you seem to be interested in politics and the injustices that are happening in this world.
I am also.
Please don't close your mind because something is relatively new to you and/or sounds anything other than what you are used to see or think.
Read Girl Chat for a while and you might see some quite interesting conversations there, and you'll also see we, for most of us, if not all of us there, are not necessarilly for sexual exploitation of children.
These are all people who want to claim the title "childlover" or girllover". Would you trust your child around that? Rookiee tried to reign them in, "this is not the way to gain acceptance" but it didn't stop them. They invited us to check them out. We did. We were horrified by what we found.

Children can consent to being touched. This is obvious, except maybe to a daydreamer from Oz. If you ask a child "Do you want me to spank you?" she'll say no. Why? Because spanking doesn't feel good. Duh. Of course, most parents who spank their kids don't bother to get their consent in the matter, and even if the child says no, she'll most likely get spanked anyway. Now take a child who hasn't been taught by adults that pleasure is bad and dangerous. If you ask her "Do you want me to fondle you?" she'll say yes (assuming she likes you, of course!). Why? Because it feels good. Duh. If she hasn't been brainwashed with arbitrary ideas of "right" and "wrong," then of course she's going to assume that what feels good is right, and what feels bad is wrong. Makes sense, right? If only grownups could leave well enough alone.

If we're not loving children for self-serving reasons—and I don't believe most of us are—then we're loving them because we feel it's "for their own good." And there we have it: we're in the same boat as their parents. The only difference is that we have different ideas about what's in a child's best interest.

I told Rookiee back in the day
"Cough up Winston and I'll go away. Harbor him and pay the consequences"
Winston, just like Rookiee pushed the wrong buttons on the wrong person. He wanted attention. He should've listened to Rookiee when he said "Be careful what you wish for guys"

Of course, as always, there's a lesson to be learned here. Some might say it would be to not accost strangers on the internet. Some might say pedophile terrorism reached it's peak and we must remain watchful for the latest tactics. Some might say there's no going back after you open a can of worms. Either way - I win, they lose. They need to stay inside their pedo den and keep their filthy pedo mouths shut. And as always, Remember Winston Smith!

Visit Wikisposure to read more about this filthy pedophile Matthew Woodward

Graphics by Jacey

Deep Thoughts 5: Walter Howard

Tmaximus95 -- Webmaster of Sosen

I'm going through Amnesty International and I'm trying to find a country that will accept me and I'm just getting the hell out of here because I can see things only getting worse.

This is pathetic. The rest of the planet, the rest of the civilized countries are laughing at the American people and condemning us for our acts against our own common constitution and even common sense. And it's pathetic.

I gotta get the hell outta here because I'll do something really heinous and force them to kill me.

'Pillar Number One of the Sex Offender Laws'

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ask any sex offender activist what the recidivism rate of sex offenders is, and they'll tell you something like this:

Tikibug AKA Mary Duval:
Our own government even has documentation on the Bureau of Justice recifidism is 5.9 percent but is anyone telling you all facts? Please educate yourselves Thanks
Or how about SO Clear Media's "President and CEO" Tom Madison:

A number, around 3-6% next to some rubbish about how everyone is "ignorant" to the "REAL FACTS" about sex offenders.

Recently, Mary had Dr. Erik Fox on her show, Erik explains some of his credentials below:

Ok, so Dr. Fox is an expert regarding sex offenders, Kevin wants everyone to be all clear on that, then...

So the recidivism rate is likely higher than 22%, or roughly 1 in 4 sex offenders re-offending over a 15 year time period.

But has Dr. Fox got it all wrong?

Dr. Karl Hanson author of Sex Offender Recidivism: A Simple Question (2004), another expert in the field of sex offenders, had this to say about the recidivism rate of sex offenders:

Sarah Tofte of Human Rights Watch even said it:

If three out of four sex offenders don't recidivate, then obviously one out of four do.

Well then, what happened to "Pillar Number One" of the "sex offender myths"? where does that fit in to all of this?

Dr. Fox explains that too...

Sounds familiar?

Maybe because we've talked about this before, here, here, here and here. We've been trying for nearly a year, to "educate" the sex offender activists in the same fact that someone they want us to be perfectly clear is an expert in the field, is telling them.

Do they listen... to us? to Karl Hanson? to Sarah Tofte? or even now Dr. Erik Fox?

They've used the Department of Justices' 3.5% statistic as the foundation to their activism, yet it's in their best interest if they want to make change to be honest. Will they now change the numbers they use - I'm not holding my breath, but let's see what happens...

"Could've should've would've"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Robert is a member of Sosen. He's a troubled man from his own account. He is a pedophile who has molested many children though it was never discovered by authorities.

Robert29 was busted for possession of child pornography on his laptop while crossing the border into Canada and is now a registered sex offender who struggles with his desires for children to the point he recently considered castration as an option. He said:
I'm not a DOCTOR but I have told this forum every thing in my life about my sexual problem I have with underage kids and my porn problem. and since 2005 win i got arrested for porn I have been trying everything to get over this problem I'm even on Risperdal and fluoxetine used to treat pedophilia and it helps some I don't have the fantasies and desires like i did before but i still HADE them 2-3 times a week i have not looked at underage porn in over 3 years but i still fantasies about it so i have been looking for something to help me with the fantasies i have looked into castration but i don't think i have to go that far so i started looking for some thing to lower my sex drive and i found this web site about liquorice (licorice) and testosterone and found out that licorice (glycyrrhiza glabra) can lower your testosterone and libido so i ordered licorice supplement from natures way and for just over 2 weeks i have been taking 3 450mg capsules a day and it seems to be helping me with my fantasies for about the past 9 days i have not been thinking of sex like before I'm not saying it must be the licorice BUT that's the only thing i have changed in a month and in 2 weeks ill update the forum on how I'm doing with it
Clearly this was a desperate cry for help, but what's even more alarming is the lack of response or concern he received. Some of his many statements he's made while at Sosen include:
we started to find teenage boys for that we hade sex with about 6 boys we all so hade a computer and i was looking at child porn just about every night
I was never a danger to any child i was arrested back in 2005 for teenage porn i hade on my laptop
i never did anything to a child and i never wont to but do to porn on the net im sentenced for life
I have posted a lot of fax about myself fax that i can prove by people i know and people i new wen i was a teen some are victims these fax can put me in jail for a long time and i have been a member for over 1 year and i have not been arrested
I'm not saying what i did is ok i have done other things with teens the courts don't know about what i am saying for what i was charged with why am i senates for life wen its ok for people on drugs to be around kids
I have ben diagnostic with PEDOPHILIA........some of you wen you did your sex crime that was it a one time thing you never think of doing it again PEDOPHILIA i think of it all the time.
i did report being on yahoo im msn im and paltalk and thay also have all my e-mail addresses so if thay have any problems thay can come and talk to me im not hiding anything
And yet, interestingly enough, when someone did report him to the authorities, he came back to tell them about it and to admit that no, he had not registered all his email addresses. His responses from the old-timer Sosenites i.e. Rod Wagner and Zman were to tell him not to ever let the authorities search his computer again. Only one voice, a new one spoke up to say:
Every time someone reoffends it hurts our cause, not to mention another victim. I hope that you have no anger towards those who "told". Since you are innocent (and even if you weren't), I hope you are grateful to those people who cared enough to say something. At first I was like, gee, you can't talk on this forum without someone telling on you, but then I realized that that is a prison mentality. If someone on this forum prevents a new victim by ratting me out, then that is great. Do it anonymously, but just do something to help us stay straight. And if there are moles on our website who are doing the telling, as long as it is a legit "concern" then I wouldn't be mad at them either. They are trying to stop someone from being a victim at our hands and that is a good thing no matter who it comes from.
Why was the CEO pretend 'child advocate' not addressing this herself? I suppose it's because Sosen is not a 'support and education' network. It is an activist group. Their mission is to change laws. Linda Pehrson:
This is not an offender therapy group. My husband falls into the "grooming" type of offense. Been there done that, bought the T shirt. It is not my job to worry in this group if an offender is lying to himself..That is between him and his therapist we are here to fight the insane hysteria and dracion SO laws.
Successful activists know and understand that in order to bring about change......whatever it may be, you must first change society's opinion of whatever the topic is. Sosenites only believe in ramming victim bashing denial down society's throat and expecting people to love them for it. Here's another example. Robert29 asked the question
how many of you have stopped to think

1 Hade i not got arrested how far word i of gone?

2 How many Victims word i have?

3 word i of STOPPED with out going to jail?

Me I think of these Qs all the time hade you read my story you will see I do have more then 1 Victim and it was more then just cp I never did anything with anyone under 13yo but the porn i was in to was 8-12years old and if i did not get arrested in Canada for cp ill probley have More victims and the ages might be under 13
Robert even further clarified for them what he meant and states that since he's been caught he wouldn't do it again for two reasons, neither of which have any recognition of damage to his victims.
IF you never got arrested do you think it wod of just ben a one time thing or do you think you might of did it more?
me yes it was more then a one time thing it went on for about 9-10 years and i know if i did not get arrested it probley wod of went on thear is 2 things that changed me
1 Jail is not a place for anyone to be and i do not wanna go back
2 MY loved one I dont wanna let them down like i did
Robert got a few responses. Derek told him "Could've should've would've", Zman plead the fifth, and nkrso told Robert that he didn't even HAVE a victim at all, it was only child porn that's all. One voice, so different than the usual Sosen mumbo-jumbo interjected... Static. He encouraged Robert to bring this up in treatment and although the precedent had already been set in Sosen for how these things would be handled - 'ignore it or delete it' - he didn't follow normal procedure and let nkrso's statement slide. No he addressed it. As it should be:
Nkrso- It's easy to say that when someone "merely" views CP, they aren't victimizing anyone. But, the truth is that the child is actually being victimized all over again every time the CP is viewed. Your opinion on this is something you definitely want to discuss with your therapist. If you have a good one, he/she will show you how seeing CP that way is actually just minimizing abusive behavior. I'm not picking on you- everyone is at different points on the "treatment path" and I'm just trying to point you in the right direction. It's thoughts like that that make it easier to start down the path toward re-offense.
That was the voice of a man who Derek said never "fit in" at Sosen. Derek is beside himself simply because Static has chosen to voice his opinion here as though there is some vast conspiracy in the works. And yet, I'm gonna play nice and be perfectly honest here. "Static and Stitches" aren't in cahoots. He's simply a man here stating his views, and I'm simply a woman who is listening, sometimes agreeing and perhaps sometimes not. But there's one thing about it, he's not bashing victims of crimes, he's not minimizing or denying on their behalf and he's certainly not whining and moaning about imaginary Nazi's.

He's simply trying to help RSO's in the way that he believes will be most effective. The difference in his way and Derek's way, or Linda's, Tiki's, Tmax or Tom's is that their way has been done for years and it's never gotten them anywhere. Trying to keep non-offending victims or their advocates out of their forum is a sure fire way to assure they'll stay in there, long after they've been bored to tears. It's time to clean up the House of Sosen. It's time to clean up the 'art of RSO advocacy'. It can and will be done or else Sosen will cease to exist. Personally I think it's too late but you never know, maybe someone will wake them up before it's too late.

Ricky's Mom says it was "just horrifying"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Karen Fletcher pleaded guilty to violating federal obscenity law based on several stories she wrote for her Web site, “Red Rose Stories,” which depicted the rape, murder and torture of children.

She had 29 members each of whom paid a monthly fee to be able to read those stories.

Karen will spend 5 years on probation. U.S. District Judge Joy Flowers Conti had told Ms Fletcher that she would've considered incarceration had it gone to trial...

“If anyone would have read the story and acted upon it, a little child could have suffered devastation that you would have had to live with for the rest of your life”

The prosecutor, Stephen Kaufman said “The individuals willing to pay money to subscribe to this Web site clearly have a very strong sexual interest in children — not just a sexual interest, but a violent sexual interest”

Ms Fletcher commented that she had been abused and just like the enabling women we keep running across she doesn't mind the harm to children which her words aid and abet
I may still be afraid of the monsters, but at least in the stories, they prey on someone else, not me.
We know of some of those people, don't we? Those who would be interested in these stories, those that need a picture in their minds, and those who go on to rape.

Robert Metz:
Investigators found 20,000 images of child and infant pornography on Metz's computer. One of the images depicted Metz performing a sex act on Amber when she was an infant. Others showed babies being sodomized and defecated or urinated on.

Williams and her two sisters spoke today at the federal court sentencing of their father, Robert Metz, who was ordered to spend 40 years behind bars for trading in child pornography. All three now-adult daughters said Metz had raped them when they were children.

The FBI arrested Robert Leslie Metz in 2007 as part of an investigation begun by Australian Federal Police, which forwarded information about Kissimmee resident Tony Guerra, according to an affidavit on file in U.S. District Court.
Tony Guerra:
A FORMER Disney amusement park worker who persuaded an Australian man to tape the sexual abuse of his six-year-old daughter and six-month-old granddaughter and distribute it on the internet has been jailed for more than 10 years.

He liked to hear children scream and recommended pedophiles go to Disney to look for girls.
Reported in Relapse prevention with Sex Offenders
"the longer sexual fantasies are maintained and elaborated on, the greater the chance that the behavior will be acted out in real life"
We know and understand this though don't we? We understand the dangers of pedophiles encouraging each other, we understand this extremely simple concept. But here we have a woman.....Tikibug aka Ricky's Mom .....who believes for some strange reason that she has an understanding adequate enough to "educate America". Let's take a look at Karen Fletcher's plea agreement, what was included in her stories, and then we'll look at what Tikibug "Miss Prevention" herself has to say about it.

Among the stories were the following, which underlie Counts One through Six of the Indictment:
  1. "melinda. txt" in which an eight -year-old girl is kidnapped and raped; the rapist (a woman) becomes the doctor to the eight-year-old; the doctor then kidnaps her with her two-year-old sister who is also raped;
  2. "4men2. txt" in which a f ive-year-old girl is raped by an adult male as his wife assists; the five-year-old girl is also forced to perform oral sex on wife;
  3. "katie. txt" in which a six-year-old girl is kidnapped, drugged, and raped; piercing rings are applied to victim's chest and vaginal area;
  4. "redonnashow.txt" in which an eight-year-old girl, nine-year-old boy, and four-year-old girl are tortured and raped as "slaves"; eight-year-old "slavew girl is tortured, raped, and forced to eat feces;
  5. "jandj .txtM in which a two-year-old girl is raped and tortured; a four-year-old girl is raped as mother is tortured - both mother and daughter are murdered;
  6. "M&M.docU in which a five-year-old "slaven girl is tortured and raped; a six-year-old "slave" girl is raped.
The defendant, Karen Fletcher, agrees that each of the six stories satisfies the following test for obscenity enunciated in Miller v. United States, 413 U.S. 15, 24 (1973)

But what does Mary Duval say about this? She believed it was "horrifying". Oh, not that the woman wrote it and publisihed it, but that she would be punished for it. She supports Karen writing these stories, just like the pedophiles on GirlChat and BoyChat, she believes that the stories might be a substitute for making children scream.

I have news for her......These were not stories about child sexual abuse. These were stories describing child and baby torture, rape and murder in a way to arouse sadistic pedophiles. They were written to feed into the thinking errors that pedophiles have that children like being abused. Mary Duval should hang her head in shame.

WOW! She has the same opinion as AZTRAM! He also compared Karen's 'suffer the children' fantasies to Stephen King! Let's see if we can clarify this for her. When Stephen King writes his fiction he's not trying to pass off monsters as a good thing to be. He's not trying to feed into the fantasies of monsters and rabid dogs. WTF is wrong with you Tikibug? Do you REALLY believe this crap? Or do you speak impulsively without thinking?

I believe that Ricky's Mom is so deep into denial that ANY mention of a sex crime is something she feels compelled to defend. Here's some facts for you wacked out nut jobs. I have never attacked Ricky. I have said repeatedly that I do not blame Mom's for fighting for their sons. But I HAVE attacked the rhetoric of the pedo enabling behavior and statements of "Ricky's Mom" and others. Contrary to popular RSO belief we do not go around "attacking any sex offender just because they are a sex offender". We are clarifying their lies and deceptions and if Tiki had an ounce of honest decency in her body we wouldn't have to be doing this. As long as her mouth is moving and these things continue to spew forth from her, I'll be here telling people what the fuck she's up to.

And while I'm on a roll here, the word PASTOR is not pronounced pasture. The word coerced does not have an H in the middle of it, and the word pedophile is in the Websters Dictionary right between pea-brained abuser and pissed-off anti. It is a common use word and they can tell their child-rapist in denial friend Walter that anyone can use that word without being a medical doctor. So he'll have to set his "practicing medicine without a license lawsuit" aside for now.

Karen Fletcher said
Let the stories paint a picture in your mind...
Ricky's Mom agrees. This to her equals prevention. Since she's all about 'prevention' let us look at her other forms of prevention that she supports.

I find that very interesting. Especially considering that it is not only accepted prevention techniques but also accepted by the very organizations that Ricky's Mom supports.

More than 80% of sexual abuse cases occur in one-adult/one-child situations.

Reduce the risk. Protect children.
  • Think carefully about the safety of any one-adult/one-child situations. Choose group situations when possible.
  • Create and lobby for policies reducing or eliminating one-adult/one-child situations in all youth-serving organizations, such as faith groups, sports teams, and school clubs. These policies should ensure that all activities can be interrupted and observed.
  • Make sure outings are observable, if not by you, then by others.
  • Find a way to tell the adults who care for children that you and the child are educated about child sexual abuse. Be that direct.
Why would she implement prevention techniques? This is the behavior Ricky's Mom believes is acceptable. Remember, this is a mother saying this:

This is also the mother who said the man who brutally raped a four year old should never get out of prison.....he should be shot she says. The same woman who signed the RSOL petition to abolish life imprisonment, civil commitment, the death penalty and age of consent laws..........allowing pedophiles to legally have sexual contact with prepubescent children. Ricky's Mom is not about prevention. The only thing she's about is justifying the behavior of people who harm children all to get her "baby" off the registry. She needs everyone she can get she says. Well go for it Mary. I'll be right here every step of the way watching you and telling people what's what. Because seriously now, to deny my first amendment right to counter your lies well..........that would just be 'horrifying" wouldn't it?

Deep Thoughts: Rod Wagner

Friday, November 14, 2008

Incest and friends of the family make up approximately 98% of all sex offenses. There has been estimated that 60 million individuals in this country that has experienced child sexual abuse. 50%, 30 million will go on to abuse a child. This is the crux of the problem, and we are NOT addressing it.
-Rod Wagner

Denial Therapy for Blame Gamers

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"The problem is, MOST child sex crimes or child abuse is caused by someone the child knows and trusts such as a family member. It is also mostly due to parental neglect. IF a child is NOT left alone or unattended, such as walking to and from school or the park then they could not and would not be abducted."
--Donna Kistler - Blame Gaming SmartAss

So speaks Donna Kistler, aka "Mrs. K"

It seems to me she's ineffectively combined two separate arguments and tried to make them one. Either most child sex crimes are committed by family members and acquaintances OR they are mostly committed by strangers. Donna can't have it both ways.

If they are committed by strangers then it's the parents fault. If they are committed by someone the victim knows then it's whose fault? Oh yes, the parents. Since we know for a fact that the vast majority of child sexual abuse is committed by someone known to the victim I fail to see how Donna's argument that MOST child sexual abuse is due to negligence on the part of the parent is a logical argument. We know there are many bad parents in this world, just like there are many scumbags of all sorts. Many times however it is not necessarily neglect on the part of the parent. We know these things without saying them......people like Donna don't. She's looking for a scapegoat. Did you see her mention once the responsibility of the people who actually commit the crimes? No, but you see her minimizing on their behalf. Why would that be? Why would she take away ALL responsibility for the actions of the offender?

Perhaps it's to defend her husband attempting to abduct a child, why he just couldn't have done that if the parents had been with her at that school now could he? See? It's not his fault.
It's time parents start being parents and watching their children. What exactly would you do differently if you knew a sex offender were in your neighborhood?? Watch your child better?? Why not watch them better NOW???
How do you watch your children BETTER if it's close acquaintances known and trusted by the victim who are committing the crimes? Perhaps it would be better to KNOW that the guy next door raped a 6 year old child 10 years ago when their child wants your child to have a slumber party at their house? ....... or when he agrees to walk your child to school for you? After all Donna did say it was best to trust someone to watch out for your child when you couldn't be the same breath she says most sex abuse is committed by someone known to the victim...........and using a stranger danger argument. It makes your head spin. We can't know ahead of time who will do these atrocious things, but we can use what information we have to give us clues of who definitely not to get close to. Most child sexual abuse is not due to abductions. Most child sexual abuse is not necessarily violent. Most child sexual abuse causes severe damage due to the psychological harm it causes the victim.

A frequent blame gamer argument is that they are reformed and no more likely to commit a crime than anyone else. And yet when someone believes them and trusts them and they betray that trust and molests a child, the blame gamers say it's the parents fault. This happened recently with the Dylan Thomas story, he convinced a family he was reformed after spending ten years in prison and all he wanted was a second chance and to finish his doctorate. They offered him that chance..........they believed him. He repaid them by molesting their 5 year old son. Tsand said it was the parents fault.

The fact of the matter is that it's no one's fault but the perpetrator. Personally I think it's quite stupid to believe them when they say they'd never do it again. I don't believe in gambling with children to find out. On the other hand though, no one forces these freaks to molest children. They CHOOSE to do it. Enablers don't recognize that, they minimize and rationalize on behalf of men who have committed serious crimes while making derogatory statements about their victims recovery.

Rod Wagner said:
"With 60 million victims of child abuse in this country, I'd say the vast majority "got over it." Whether it be war zones or whatever happens in this life, people learn and get on with life."
Tikibug said:
"We're not weak. I was a victim twice and I am not no snot nosed teary eyed little victim."

I've come to know many victims of child sexual abuse through the work that I do, and I've yet to meet a weak "snot nosed teary eyed" one. They are strong, they are courageous and they stare little shits like the bug in the face and say "fuck you, you're enabling pedophiles with your rhetoric."

Tiki laughed at a friend who didn't feel comfortable putting her little girl on a church bus with only a male driver on board. She said she was hysterical. And yet if the woman HAD done that and her child was molested the bugthang would have blamed the mother for being negligent. "She should have known better". Since Mary is all about "prevention" then she would know one of the main things you do to protect your children is to limit their contact with adults when there is no one else around.

I'm sure she would agree with Donna's philosophy, that it's always someone else's fault besides the actual abuser, and no one needs to know that they have a propensity to sexually assault others. They both signed the Reform Sex Offender Law Campaign, meant to abolish the registry, the death penalty, civil commmitment and life imprisonment in addition to age of consent laws which Tikibug has stated explicitly that she supports. Why?

Why is Donna out telling people THIS:
I am standing proudly by my husband and supporting him in his recovery process.... HE NEVER had a charge on a child plus, his crime was over 20 years ago when he was very young and high on drugs.
Or This
They also need to learn that more child molestation cases are NOT done by strangers.

Its about time society realize that children are in more danger of being killed by a drunk driver and drugs than by a sex offender. Reality is, too many children are left unattended by their parents and when something bad happens they want to blame everyone else without taking responsibility for their negligence.
Or this
A drug deal can go happen ANYPLACE, including a drug free school zone! Aren't you worried that your child will be given a drug or perhaps shot in the crossfire of a drug deal gone bad? Maybe we should post pictures of parents who neglect their children instead.
a sex offender as we all know could be someone who stopped along the turnpike walked off the side of the road and urinated!
Fact is the highest percentage of sex crimes are done by someone the child or family know and trust. Most often within the childs own home by a family member.

Realistically, IF a child is being watched and not left unattended the chances of any criminal activity happening to them would drop to an ALMOST non existent level. However, the majority of people don't take the time to watch their own children
Why would Donna say these things? Why would she say not to worry because strangers don't abuse your children then claim it's mostly by strangers due to parental neglect? It's because she's merely repeating mantra's and she lacks understanding of what she's saying. This is a woman, just like Tikibug, who is so deep into the denial process that she doesn't even realize what she's said. Not only can she not organize her thoughts properly, or the facts but she doesn't even understand those who speak out against her. Tikibug and her "circle" as she calls them believe we are attacking her son and no matter how many ways you explain it they will not ever understand because they are all so mentally disturbed. Here's a quick fact AGAIN, What I have to say about Tikibug has nothing to do with her son. I do not blame her for fighting for him one bit, what I have a problem with is her fighting for and associating with pedophiles and unrepentant, unremorseful, violent, distorted sex offenders who are USING and exploiting her and she's not only allowed it, she's fighting for them tooth and nail.

Linda Pehrson claims she doesn't fight for pedophiles and yet she ignores members of her own forum who are obviously on the verge of hurting someone and then tops it all off by naming Walter Howard as her webmaster. WTF was she thinking?

These women, who Walter and Kevin believe will save them all, are women who all claim to have been victims as children and yet show no compassion or understanding of the lifelong problems from psychological abuse that many victims may have. I wonder if they are so quick to defend those who sexually assault others because of their own psychological damage. Who knows? What I DO know is that Donna's husband is someone who is the epitome of the reason for the registry. He IS the one who should be on a registry. She can't argue her case by telling the truth. So she points to imperfect parents, and she points to public urinators and Romeo and Juliet cases. But she doesn't tell you that her husband broke into a womans home and raped her in the night, that he attempted to do that to two other women and spent 15 years in prison for it. And she sure doesn't tell you that he was released from prison on July 26, 2004 and on July 19, 2005 he tried to pick up a 9 year old child outside an elementary school.

It just wouldn't fit with the blame gamers plan would it?