Ricky's Mom says it was "just horrifying"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Karen Fletcher pleaded guilty to violating federal obscenity law based on several stories she wrote for her Web site, “Red Rose Stories,” which depicted the rape, murder and torture of children.

She had 29 members each of whom paid a monthly fee to be able to read those stories.

Karen will spend 5 years on probation. U.S. District Judge Joy Flowers Conti had told Ms Fletcher that she would've considered incarceration had it gone to trial...

“If anyone would have read the story and acted upon it, a little child could have suffered devastation that you would have had to live with for the rest of your life”

The prosecutor, Stephen Kaufman said “The individuals willing to pay money to subscribe to this Web site clearly have a very strong sexual interest in children — not just a sexual interest, but a violent sexual interest”

Ms Fletcher commented that she had been abused and just like the enabling women we keep running across she doesn't mind the harm to children which her words aid and abet
I may still be afraid of the monsters, but at least in the stories, they prey on someone else, not me.
We know of some of those people, don't we? Those who would be interested in these stories, those that need a picture in their minds, and those who go on to rape.

Robert Metz:
Investigators found 20,000 images of child and infant pornography on Metz's computer. One of the images depicted Metz performing a sex act on Amber when she was an infant. Others showed babies being sodomized and defecated or urinated on.

Williams and her two sisters spoke today at the federal court sentencing of their father, Robert Metz, who was ordered to spend 40 years behind bars for trading in child pornography. All three now-adult daughters said Metz had raped them when they were children.

The FBI arrested Robert Leslie Metz in 2007 as part of an investigation begun by Australian Federal Police, which forwarded information about Kissimmee resident Tony Guerra, according to an affidavit on file in U.S. District Court.
Tony Guerra:
A FORMER Disney amusement park worker who persuaded an Australian man to tape the sexual abuse of his six-year-old daughter and six-month-old granddaughter and distribute it on the internet has been jailed for more than 10 years.

He liked to hear children scream and recommended pedophiles go to Disney to look for girls.
Reported in Relapse prevention with Sex Offenders
"the longer sexual fantasies are maintained and elaborated on, the greater the chance that the behavior will be acted out in real life"
We know and understand this though don't we? We understand the dangers of pedophiles encouraging each other, we understand this extremely simple concept. But here we have a woman.....Tikibug aka Ricky's Mom .....who believes for some strange reason that she has an understanding adequate enough to "educate America". Let's take a look at Karen Fletcher's plea agreement, what was included in her stories, and then we'll look at what Tikibug "Miss Prevention" herself has to say about it.

Among the stories were the following, which underlie Counts One through Six of the Indictment:
  1. "melinda. txt" in which an eight -year-old girl is kidnapped and raped; the rapist (a woman) becomes the doctor to the eight-year-old; the doctor then kidnaps her with her two-year-old sister who is also raped;
  2. "4men2. txt" in which a f ive-year-old girl is raped by an adult male as his wife assists; the five-year-old girl is also forced to perform oral sex on wife;
  3. "katie. txt" in which a six-year-old girl is kidnapped, drugged, and raped; piercing rings are applied to victim's chest and vaginal area;
  4. "redonnashow.txt" in which an eight-year-old girl, nine-year-old boy, and four-year-old girl are tortured and raped as "slaves"; eight-year-old "slavew girl is tortured, raped, and forced to eat feces;
  5. "jandj .txtM in which a two-year-old girl is raped and tortured; a four-year-old girl is raped as mother is tortured - both mother and daughter are murdered;
  6. "M&M.docU in which a five-year-old "slaven girl is tortured and raped; a six-year-old "slave" girl is raped.
The defendant, Karen Fletcher, agrees that each of the six stories satisfies the following test for obscenity enunciated in Miller v. United States, 413 U.S. 15, 24 (1973)

But what does Mary Duval say about this? She believed it was "horrifying". Oh, not that the woman wrote it and publisihed it, but that she would be punished for it. She supports Karen writing these stories, just like the pedophiles on GirlChat and BoyChat, she believes that the stories might be a substitute for making children scream.

I have news for her......These were not stories about child sexual abuse. These were stories describing child and baby torture, rape and murder in a way to arouse sadistic pedophiles. They were written to feed into the thinking errors that pedophiles have that children like being abused. Mary Duval should hang her head in shame.

WOW! She has the same opinion as AZTRAM! He also compared Karen's 'suffer the children' fantasies to Stephen King! Let's see if we can clarify this for her. When Stephen King writes his fiction he's not trying to pass off monsters as a good thing to be. He's not trying to feed into the fantasies of monsters and rabid dogs. WTF is wrong with you Tikibug? Do you REALLY believe this crap? Or do you speak impulsively without thinking?

I believe that Ricky's Mom is so deep into denial that ANY mention of a sex crime is something she feels compelled to defend. Here's some facts for you wacked out nut jobs. I have never attacked Ricky. I have said repeatedly that I do not blame Mom's for fighting for their sons. But I HAVE attacked the rhetoric of the pedo enabling behavior and statements of "Ricky's Mom" and others. Contrary to popular RSO belief we do not go around "attacking any sex offender just because they are a sex offender". We are clarifying their lies and deceptions and if Tiki had an ounce of honest decency in her body we wouldn't have to be doing this. As long as her mouth is moving and these things continue to spew forth from her, I'll be here telling people what the fuck she's up to.

And while I'm on a roll here, the word PASTOR is not pronounced pasture. The word coerced does not have an H in the middle of it, and the word pedophile is in the Websters Dictionary right between pea-brained abuser and pissed-off anti. It is a common use word and they can tell their child-rapist in denial friend Walter that anyone can use that word without being a medical doctor. So he'll have to set his "practicing medicine without a license lawsuit" aside for now.

Karen Fletcher said
Let the stories paint a picture in your mind...
Ricky's Mom agrees. This to her equals prevention. Since she's all about 'prevention' let us look at her other forms of prevention that she supports.

I find that very interesting. Especially considering that it is not only accepted prevention techniques but also accepted by the very organizations that Ricky's Mom supports.

More than 80% of sexual abuse cases occur in one-adult/one-child situations.

Reduce the risk. Protect children.
  • Think carefully about the safety of any one-adult/one-child situations. Choose group situations when possible.
  • Create and lobby for policies reducing or eliminating one-adult/one-child situations in all youth-serving organizations, such as faith groups, sports teams, and school clubs. These policies should ensure that all activities can be interrupted and observed.
  • Make sure outings are observable, if not by you, then by others.
  • Find a way to tell the adults who care for children that you and the child are educated about child sexual abuse. Be that direct.
Why would she implement prevention techniques? This is the behavior Ricky's Mom believes is acceptable. Remember, this is a mother saying this:

This is also the mother who said the man who brutally raped a four year old should never get out of prison.....he should be shot she says. The same woman who signed the RSOL petition to abolish life imprisonment, civil commitment, the death penalty and age of consent laws..........allowing pedophiles to legally have sexual contact with prepubescent children. Ricky's Mom is not about prevention. The only thing she's about is justifying the behavior of people who harm children all to get her "baby" off the registry. She needs everyone she can get she says. Well go for it Mary. I'll be right here every step of the way watching you and telling people what's what. Because seriously now, to deny my first amendment right to counter your lies well..........that would just be 'horrifying" wouldn't it?
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