'Totally completely permanently out of the toy box'

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Warlan Bassham AKA Jensman is a dangerous pedophile and long standing member of GirlChat.

Warlan will use any means at his disposal to gain access to children from offering private music lessons at his church to perving on girls at the mall and hanging out at dance recitals.

While he is very careful to add disclaimers to all his posts, he doesn't mind giving this kind of advice:

"The myth that vaginas in young girls are just slightly smaller versions of full size ones in women has led to a lot of pain. Penetration is possible between adult and prepubescent child, yes, but NOT IN THE VAGINA. I think you get what I'm saying."

Like many of his cohorts, Warlan is delusional enough to imagine that it really wouldn't be that bad if he came 'out of the toybox'. He explains:
Here's what would happen if I came totally completely permanently out of the toy box: (I'm already out to a very few trustworthy selected people, but that's not the same thing.)

First, some people would not believe me. They would say I was going through some sort of emotional crisis and that I would be sure to 'outgrow' my delusions about myself and return to my usual, normal self eventually. A very few of these would NEVER give in and believe me, no matter how long it went on.

Second, some parents of girls I was close to in the past would freak out and start trying to reinterpret past events in light of this new information about me. A few such parents might even decide that I had molested their children, and might even try to have me arrested. However, most, I believe, would realize that I had never touched, had never been a threat to touch, and that their children's lives were enriched by knowing me. Whether they would then be able to extrapolate from that insight to an open-hearted understanding of some more general truth about most true pedophiles, is a matter for conjecture, and my conjecture would probably be no more accurate than anyone else's.

There would probably be some effort to have me thrown out of some social organizations I belong to. I think, or at least hope, that most of these efforts would fail.

Some misguided mothers would probably 'throw their daughters at me,' in attempts to get me in serious trouble, if for no other reason. [This would not work, by the way.]

I don't think I would lose my job. In fact, I doubt that there would be any serious impact on my in my workplace-- as we are all kind of loners there and everyone allows space for everyone else, even in extreme cases.

I would probably be hounded out of my home by my neighbors. But that would be all right, because I don't much like my neighborhood anyway! In fact, I would probably move to a different country.

Thanks to the Wikisposure project, we will now find out if Jensman's predictions are correct. Please visit Jensman's wiki today to get more information on this dangerous pedophile.

Great work, PJ!

HT to Jacey for the graphic :)
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