Remember Winston Smith!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Once upon a time there was this blogger.....

And so begins the story of Matthew Woodward aka Winston101Smith, Debatecrime, Lepidopterist, Nympholepticose and many other names.

You see Matt is a filthy pedophile. Not only that, he's a rather stupid, militant filthy pedophile I had the misfortune of 'meeting' when he decided to make a target of my daughter.

Daydreamer of Oz was a blogger, just a blogger minding her own business and writing her opinions about whatever struck her fancy at the time. She didn't know about people like Matthew Woodward...........a crazed filthy pedophile proud of his perversion. Until she became his target that is. Until he decided to inflict his ugliness upon her -- an unwanted intrusion into her life. Matt changed everything.

He had a plan you see -- He was going to change the world! He was going to do this by pushing himself upon people who didn't want him. When he didn't receive the result he wanted -- immediate acceptance for pedophilia, he would intentionally try to arouse emotional responses from his targeted victims. Those who had encountered pedo terrorists before simply bashed him around a bit and were done with him. Those who hadn't, tried to explain to him why his desires were unacceptable. Sometimes he was met with fury, sometimes shock, sometimes dismay -- but always in the end he was banned.

Not one to accept defeat so easily, Matt would call on his pals at GirlChat to bail him out "I'm under attack!" he'd whine. Winston's pedo-posse would always ride in to save the day -- a coordinated attack. They mistakenly believed they could "open one mind at a time" and it would therefore be worth it.

I visited a blog by the daydreamerofOz character - who is a female - and I posted something which was not a flame. The next I knew they were up in flames and due to my posting inoffensive messages on other blogs of people who hate us naturally, they all seem to have banded together to form the ridiculous and false site Absolute Zero
These blogwars are a good place to get some experience in presenting our arguments, and will also convince a few people to change their beliefs
Even extreme irony, even when it is pointed out right in front of them, even in their non-frothing moments, even under threat of pain or death. Some people are just fucking stupid, and the best responses are to either avoid them and not waste one's own time, or to disable them or kill them.
I'm starting to feel like we should stop wasting our time being nice, and just do whatever it takes to win. We need to ram it down their throats and force them to accept us, not plead with reasoned arguments. These people do whatever they're told and parrot whatever they're told to believe. They'd be just as happy to endorse pedophilia if that was the strongest message they were receiving. They have no brains or minds of their own. They want controlling, and it's about time we gave them some.

99% of (non-pedo) humanity is lowlier than slime, once they pass puberty. We are the superior race. There is no negitiating with backward apes. The only way to have the world we want is to shut them up once and for all
we're supposed to be promoting love, not hate. Maybe we should listen more to what the anti-pedos are saying about us rather than just knocking it all off as "well, they hate us, so fuck'em"
Rookie, you ignorant slut! ;)

When she (like others have before her) made the decision to make their blogs a one way street accepting only sycophants and rejecting anything said by us or said in our favor whilst joining the campaign to force our opinions off the blogosphere she became an enemy

Stitches77-- I really don't have anything to comment about with regard for her. I think she's mistaken to be so supportive of her daughter without checking into the facts for herself, but that's MOM and she's going to listen to her daughter over everyone else no matter what happens. Can you really blame her?

She's the bitch that brought up such a whore!!!!!!

Are you reading this, sick bitch????
Dreamer of Oz is a coward and a bully, too scared of what would happen if she didn't censor us and allowed us to be heard alongside her that she refers to anything that she receives as hate mail.

I must agree on one point, though. Debatecrime does not help our cause. I may be militant, but he is a loose cannon that usually manages to serve the purpose of forcing the rest of us to follow in his wake and clean up the mess. Slvrspun's only problem was taking the last step and adding "or kill them", and Minstrel's only problem was using the word "bitch" to refer to this hate monger

Trolls usually come to you -- in this case, we came to HER. She obviously doesn't want to hear anything from us, and I think it is smart for all parties involved to oblige her.
Anyway, I believe we should continue to send her comments, as many people as possible, as often as needed. Why???

There are three possible options:

1) She continues to censor us; for which everything she says about us will not be anymore than crying wolf and not showing the evidence. Yes, people can do that for a loooooong time and suceed; but eventually it gets boring for the audience. So the more she claims "hate letters, hate letters, hate letters", the more paranoid and void of arguments she will look, even to fellow antis, and they will desert her.

2) She gets tired and stops the censorship. ===> we win.

3) She gets tired and abandons the project, seeing that we will NOT stop from at least trying to express the truth. I disagree with Minstrel (and Heinlein) in this: often truth needs to be repeated, even over and over. If she only gets fan mail, she might not get tired - if she gets opposition, even if she censors it, her liver is going to suffer a little. And I like the prospect of antis' livers to suffer.

End result whatever happens: we win!!
She is just a nasty bitch that likes to use the lie that she is being bullied as a weapon against anyone she hates. Much like the way all evil women have been taught to behave.
Perhaps the most intriguing part of it all is that you posted this hate-group rhetoric on a public blog and really expected nothing but support. I see that you are a mother of 2. I do feel incredibly sorry for your children, and I wish them the best luck in overcoming a toxic home environment run by someone who such a vocal advocate of hate and prejudice.

Very cute that you moderate comments, by the way. Censorship is but a stepping stone along the path to fascist dictatorship. Sieg Heil, madame.
We Paederotics have learned from the lessons of history all we really have to do is wait them out -- the fools! Did they really delude themselves into thinking it was only about sex? Projection much? While they and their third spouse are shopping the children back and forth in between busy schedules and big screen televisions we're the ones those children will turn to.
If your tired of pedophiles imposing themselves on you- deal with it- cause if you can't find a way to suck-it-the-fuck-up then your time will come in which you'll suffer like the little twerp you are.

I'm not a hater, but a hater of haters.

Again if you want to equate me to the likes of a murderer, rapist, terrorist, you name it then expect the same when I come to find your ass.
let's just catch one and rape the bastard silly with a truncheon and then set fire to their balls, followed by castration and a penectomy torture for an extended period of time. it would make me smirk :>/)
Socrates said that his purpose in life was to be like a mosquito in a hot summer noon: to bother society in the comfort of its self-deceiving lies and wake up its most alert elements. The sleeper gets incredibly annoyed, and chases and chases the mosquito around them. The mosquito, meanwhile, has the wildest fun of their life, with their sound, and biting and standing on the sleeper, and sucking the blood thereof.

Of course, the danger is, sometimes the sleeper kills the mosquito... as Athens did to Socrates...

But I will not stop being the mosquito.

I do have fun doing it, really.
I know the antis are assholes and they have an infuriating way of ignoring logic and reason in favor of their own prejudices.

You have created virulent new enemies for us through your lack of politesse.

I am in favor of bringing the battle to the antis instead of letting them bring it to us. I think the best defense is a strong offense. I think we need to attack them in ways that will force them to reconsider their prejudices. But not this way. From my perspective it looks like you, LGsinmyheart, and a couple of others broke away from the pack and decided to do something rash and unplanned, and now it's going badly for you and you're looking for help.

Disengage. You've stirred up the hornet's nest to the point that you're only making it worse for yourself by continuing to jab at it.
They had some great loss of an adult love as a child, or had it withheld from them completely, and now they are jealous of any child that does have it. The most disturbing part of it all is that while they are actively parading around and shouting about the evils of us, the truth is that they harbor secret hatred of children for having the love that they feel that they deserve, and us for giving it to children whom they wholely undeserving.

As far as playing games with them goes, however.. well, some of us are just watching them scurry around and letting them have enough rope to hang themselves with. When that particular subset of our numbers are ready, the real fun and games will begin.
These assholes are lying. Others have discussed this before - even Winston's initial post was polite and informative. These Antis are liars, like all Antis before them - we cannot trust a word they say
As for calling people like that "bitch" and "asshole" and "brainless shit-head" and so on, in messages posted here:

"Words were made for use, and the fault lies in deserving them." - Thomas Paine
You might not want to hear it, but you guys are LOSING on Blogspot because the antis have the market cornered on public relations. What can you do to present your side of the story any better? You heard them. They're not interested in debate. Neither is the average Joe who's browsing through

Why not register a non-profit organization called something like American Council for Sexual Values? It's a nice friendly name that sounds like it'd have a message a lot of antis want to hear. Of course, there's no explicit mention of just what kind of "sexual values" this organization would be advocating. Use it as a mouthpiece for studies done by folks like John Money, Judith Levine, Rind et al., and so forth. It's cheap to set up a non-profit organization, and as such, it could receive donations. Those donations could be used to fund political action committees, buy advertising on network television and newspapers, you name it. Nothing blatantly pro-pedophilia, of course. Just press releases such as "Studies show effect of sex during childhood can be positive." and "Correlation found between late age of first sexual experience and trouble with relationships in adult life." Get it into the public's consciousness that way, and that'll open the door a crack.

It's all about appearances. Instead of waiting for them to approve of our naked, honest appearance as we are (hell will freeze sooner), we must make them see us the way we want them to.

Is it dishonest? Yes. Is it manipulative? Yes. Is it mind control? Yes. Is it all the things we accuse them of doing against us? Yes. But we can't say we believe in our cause and then say we have to leave certain options off the table. If we really believe in what we're doing, if we really believe it's for the good of the children, then just as they will use any means at their disposal, so must we. If we want to win, we'll have to do what works, not what's fair or nice.
Daydreamer, you seem to be interested in politics and the injustices that are happening in this world.
I am also.
Please don't close your mind because something is relatively new to you and/or sounds anything other than what you are used to see or think.
Read Girl Chat for a while and you might see some quite interesting conversations there, and you'll also see we, for most of us, if not all of us there, are not necessarilly for sexual exploitation of children.
These are all people who want to claim the title "childlover" or girllover". Would you trust your child around that? Rookiee tried to reign them in, "this is not the way to gain acceptance" but it didn't stop them. They invited us to check them out. We did. We were horrified by what we found.

Children can consent to being touched. This is obvious, except maybe to a daydreamer from Oz. If you ask a child "Do you want me to spank you?" she'll say no. Why? Because spanking doesn't feel good. Duh. Of course, most parents who spank their kids don't bother to get their consent in the matter, and even if the child says no, she'll most likely get spanked anyway. Now take a child who hasn't been taught by adults that pleasure is bad and dangerous. If you ask her "Do you want me to fondle you?" she'll say yes (assuming she likes you, of course!). Why? Because it feels good. Duh. If she hasn't been brainwashed with arbitrary ideas of "right" and "wrong," then of course she's going to assume that what feels good is right, and what feels bad is wrong. Makes sense, right? If only grownups could leave well enough alone.

If we're not loving children for self-serving reasons—and I don't believe most of us are—then we're loving them because we feel it's "for their own good." And there we have it: we're in the same boat as their parents. The only difference is that we have different ideas about what's in a child's best interest.

I told Rookiee back in the day
"Cough up Winston and I'll go away. Harbor him and pay the consequences"
Winston, just like Rookiee pushed the wrong buttons on the wrong person. He wanted attention. He should've listened to Rookiee when he said "Be careful what you wish for guys"

Of course, as always, there's a lesson to be learned here. Some might say it would be to not accost strangers on the internet. Some might say pedophile terrorism reached it's peak and we must remain watchful for the latest tactics. Some might say there's no going back after you open a can of worms. Either way - I win, they lose. They need to stay inside their pedo den and keep their filthy pedo mouths shut. And as always, Remember Winston Smith!

Visit Wikisposure to read more about this filthy pedophile Matthew Woodward

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