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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"The problem is, MOST child sex crimes or child abuse is caused by someone the child knows and trusts such as a family member. It is also mostly due to parental neglect. IF a child is NOT left alone or unattended, such as walking to and from school or the park then they could not and would not be abducted."
--Donna Kistler - Blame Gaming SmartAss

So speaks Donna Kistler, aka "Mrs. K"

It seems to me she's ineffectively combined two separate arguments and tried to make them one. Either most child sex crimes are committed by family members and acquaintances OR they are mostly committed by strangers. Donna can't have it both ways.

If they are committed by strangers then it's the parents fault. If they are committed by someone the victim knows then it's whose fault? Oh yes, the parents. Since we know for a fact that the vast majority of child sexual abuse is committed by someone known to the victim I fail to see how Donna's argument that MOST child sexual abuse is due to negligence on the part of the parent is a logical argument. We know there are many bad parents in this world, just like there are many scumbags of all sorts. Many times however it is not necessarily neglect on the part of the parent. We know these things without saying them......people like Donna don't. She's looking for a scapegoat. Did you see her mention once the responsibility of the people who actually commit the crimes? No, but you see her minimizing on their behalf. Why would that be? Why would she take away ALL responsibility for the actions of the offender?

Perhaps it's to defend her husband attempting to abduct a child, why he just couldn't have done that if the parents had been with her at that school now could he? See? It's not his fault.
It's time parents start being parents and watching their children. What exactly would you do differently if you knew a sex offender were in your neighborhood?? Watch your child better?? Why not watch them better NOW???
How do you watch your children BETTER if it's close acquaintances known and trusted by the victim who are committing the crimes? Perhaps it would be better to KNOW that the guy next door raped a 6 year old child 10 years ago when their child wants your child to have a slumber party at their house? ....... or when he agrees to walk your child to school for you? After all Donna did say it was best to trust someone to watch out for your child when you couldn't be the same breath she says most sex abuse is committed by someone known to the victim...........and using a stranger danger argument. It makes your head spin. We can't know ahead of time who will do these atrocious things, but we can use what information we have to give us clues of who definitely not to get close to. Most child sexual abuse is not due to abductions. Most child sexual abuse is not necessarily violent. Most child sexual abuse causes severe damage due to the psychological harm it causes the victim.

A frequent blame gamer argument is that they are reformed and no more likely to commit a crime than anyone else. And yet when someone believes them and trusts them and they betray that trust and molests a child, the blame gamers say it's the parents fault. This happened recently with the Dylan Thomas story, he convinced a family he was reformed after spending ten years in prison and all he wanted was a second chance and to finish his doctorate. They offered him that chance..........they believed him. He repaid them by molesting their 5 year old son. Tsand said it was the parents fault.

The fact of the matter is that it's no one's fault but the perpetrator. Personally I think it's quite stupid to believe them when they say they'd never do it again. I don't believe in gambling with children to find out. On the other hand though, no one forces these freaks to molest children. They CHOOSE to do it. Enablers don't recognize that, they minimize and rationalize on behalf of men who have committed serious crimes while making derogatory statements about their victims recovery.

Rod Wagner said:
"With 60 million victims of child abuse in this country, I'd say the vast majority "got over it." Whether it be war zones or whatever happens in this life, people learn and get on with life."
Tikibug said:
"We're not weak. I was a victim twice and I am not no snot nosed teary eyed little victim."

I've come to know many victims of child sexual abuse through the work that I do, and I've yet to meet a weak "snot nosed teary eyed" one. They are strong, they are courageous and they stare little shits like the bug in the face and say "fuck you, you're enabling pedophiles with your rhetoric."

Tiki laughed at a friend who didn't feel comfortable putting her little girl on a church bus with only a male driver on board. She said she was hysterical. And yet if the woman HAD done that and her child was molested the bugthang would have blamed the mother for being negligent. "She should have known better". Since Mary is all about "prevention" then she would know one of the main things you do to protect your children is to limit their contact with adults when there is no one else around.

I'm sure she would agree with Donna's philosophy, that it's always someone else's fault besides the actual abuser, and no one needs to know that they have a propensity to sexually assault others. They both signed the Reform Sex Offender Law Campaign, meant to abolish the registry, the death penalty, civil commmitment and life imprisonment in addition to age of consent laws which Tikibug has stated explicitly that she supports. Why?

Why is Donna out telling people THIS:
I am standing proudly by my husband and supporting him in his recovery process.... HE NEVER had a charge on a child plus, his crime was over 20 years ago when he was very young and high on drugs.
Or This
They also need to learn that more child molestation cases are NOT done by strangers.

Its about time society realize that children are in more danger of being killed by a drunk driver and drugs than by a sex offender. Reality is, too many children are left unattended by their parents and when something bad happens they want to blame everyone else without taking responsibility for their negligence.
Or this
A drug deal can go happen ANYPLACE, including a drug free school zone! Aren't you worried that your child will be given a drug or perhaps shot in the crossfire of a drug deal gone bad? Maybe we should post pictures of parents who neglect their children instead.
a sex offender as we all know could be someone who stopped along the turnpike walked off the side of the road and urinated!
Fact is the highest percentage of sex crimes are done by someone the child or family know and trust. Most often within the childs own home by a family member.

Realistically, IF a child is being watched and not left unattended the chances of any criminal activity happening to them would drop to an ALMOST non existent level. However, the majority of people don't take the time to watch their own children
Why would Donna say these things? Why would she say not to worry because strangers don't abuse your children then claim it's mostly by strangers due to parental neglect? It's because she's merely repeating mantra's and she lacks understanding of what she's saying. This is a woman, just like Tikibug, who is so deep into the denial process that she doesn't even realize what she's said. Not only can she not organize her thoughts properly, or the facts but she doesn't even understand those who speak out against her. Tikibug and her "circle" as she calls them believe we are attacking her son and no matter how many ways you explain it they will not ever understand because they are all so mentally disturbed. Here's a quick fact AGAIN, What I have to say about Tikibug has nothing to do with her son. I do not blame her for fighting for him one bit, what I have a problem with is her fighting for and associating with pedophiles and unrepentant, unremorseful, violent, distorted sex offenders who are USING and exploiting her and she's not only allowed it, she's fighting for them tooth and nail.

Linda Pehrson claims she doesn't fight for pedophiles and yet she ignores members of her own forum who are obviously on the verge of hurting someone and then tops it all off by naming Walter Howard as her webmaster. WTF was she thinking?

These women, who Walter and Kevin believe will save them all, are women who all claim to have been victims as children and yet show no compassion or understanding of the lifelong problems from psychological abuse that many victims may have. I wonder if they are so quick to defend those who sexually assault others because of their own psychological damage. Who knows? What I DO know is that Donna's husband is someone who is the epitome of the reason for the registry. He IS the one who should be on a registry. She can't argue her case by telling the truth. So she points to imperfect parents, and she points to public urinators and Romeo and Juliet cases. But she doesn't tell you that her husband broke into a womans home and raped her in the night, that he attempted to do that to two other women and spent 15 years in prison for it. And she sure doesn't tell you that he was released from prison on July 26, 2004 and on July 19, 2005 he tried to pick up a 9 year old child outside an elementary school.

It just wouldn't fit with the blame gamers plan would it?
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