'Pillar Number One of the Sex Offender Laws'

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ask any sex offender activist what the recidivism rate of sex offenders is, and they'll tell you something like this:

Tikibug AKA Mary Duval:
Our own government even has documentation on the Bureau of Justice recifidism is 5.9 percent but is anyone telling you all facts? Please educate yourselves Thanks
Or how about SO Clear Media's "President and CEO" Tom Madison:

A number, around 3-6% next to some rubbish about how everyone is "ignorant" to the "REAL FACTS" about sex offenders.

Recently, Mary had Dr. Erik Fox on her show, Erik explains some of his credentials below:

Ok, so Dr. Fox is an expert regarding sex offenders, Kevin wants everyone to be all clear on that, then...

So the recidivism rate is likely higher than 22%, or roughly 1 in 4 sex offenders re-offending over a 15 year time period.

But has Dr. Fox got it all wrong?

Dr. Karl Hanson author of Sex Offender Recidivism: A Simple Question (2004), another expert in the field of sex offenders, had this to say about the recidivism rate of sex offenders:

Sarah Tofte of Human Rights Watch even said it:

If three out of four sex offenders don't recidivate, then obviously one out of four do.

Well then, what happened to "Pillar Number One" of the "sex offender myths"? where does that fit in to all of this?

Dr. Fox explains that too...

Sounds familiar?

Maybe because we've talked about this before, here, here, here and here. We've been trying for nearly a year, to "educate" the sex offender activists in the same fact that someone they want us to be perfectly clear is an expert in the field, is telling them.

Do they listen... to us? to Karl Hanson? to Sarah Tofte? or even now Dr. Erik Fox?

They've used the Department of Justices' 3.5% statistic as the foundation to their activism, yet it's in their best interest if they want to make change to be honest. Will they now change the numbers they use - I'm not holding my breath, but let's see what happens...
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